Welcome to Beavers Hobby Channel.. This is a review of Rapid Monster 132 Skala, RC car.. I have noticed that lately the cars on this channel have gotten pretty expensive, so lets take a look at something more down to earth. Heres, A 20 car sent to me by Hobbymate. So thank you very much. On the box. It said Rapid Monster, but the name on each website is different. So if you see the same style of car, then its the same as this one. nalazi se 2 bodies to choose from. The one I have looks like the JLB Racing Cheetah in Blue. And the other one is the Cybertruck in green. Lets open the box and See whats inside. Heres the manual a screwdriver to open up the battery doors, a charger and also spare screws for the car battery door.. This screw is very small, so they kind of know that were going to lose. It thats why they give us a lot of spares., some traffic, cones and barrels to setup a course. And heres the car and the radio.. The car is RWD and theres no differential, which is to be expected in this price. Range. Steering is simple snapping to full lock with centring spring.. The suspension is simple, as well with the motor pod separating from the main chassis. The front suspension. Arms are a bit pliable, but I wouldnt consider it a suspension, ionako. And heres the transmitter.. The antenna is just for looks.

, It does absolutely nothing except from covering this hole.. The transmitter runs on 2 AA baterije. Theres, a button to switch between low speed mode and high speed mode as well. The car has proportional throttle, which is a big surprise.. Međutim, it doesnt have a brake just forward and reverse. The steering is not proportional but thats. Dobro. For a car of this price., The battery is 1S lipo 100mAh.. It takes about 1 hour to charge for 10 15 minute izvođenja. And the light will go out once the charging is finished.. The turning circle is 75cm, which is quite large. Now lets see if it can really do 20 KPH, as it said on the box., Apparently yes.. Da, it can. Handling is what you would expect from a toy car.. It can drive, it can turn and thats about it., But it has better control than other toy cars because it has proportional throttle.. You can run a few cars and race them together as well, because this is 2.4GHz its not going to interfere with one another.. You just turn them on one at a time.. It seems to be pretty durable. Do sada, Ive crashed it into everything in my room and it hasnt break yet. U 20. I wouldnt ask for anything more than this.. I think it would be a good gift for a child to try and drive a RC car with proportional throttle., Because it is cheap. You wont feel too bad when it crashes.

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