I guess review two week review on uh this arlarlo 114th scale, buggy um. Ova stvar je fenomenalna.. I really thoroughly enjoy playing with this car and driving it. It handles really well Music, its fast its powerful, its torquey. It does cool flips like back flips up against the trees uh, in fact, so much so that grayson wants to build like a backflip kind of ramp and im kind of scared, because were gon na be breaking stuff, ali uh. This car is just i. I would recommend this car uh. I would also recommend their customer service because their customer service is awesome uh. I was supposed to do an amazon review on this and for some reason it didnt go through. So i put another one up and then amazon flagged. All my reviews as spam and now i can no longer review things so arlarlo. I truly apologize for that and i thank you for uh still coming through with uh your part of the deal uh, that we truly appreciate that and i look forward to the new one thats coming out and ill try and insert a picture of it. But its going to be this buggy, but brushless Music Applause and its purple black and white, and has purple anodized oil filled shocks and uh. Instead of the little red deals on the wheels, they are going to be purple and just gon na be a neat. Looking car, uh and brushless, so the only real complaint that i have about this car is the controller um.

The way theyve got it handles really well. The control works really well, but the way theyve got this thing like i got stubby stubby thumbs, ive got big hands. My ring finger is a size 17. If that tells you anything, but my fingers are short and so the control, like you cant one handed drive. It at all, it would be nice if they would make this control make this piece here, put it on a pivot point, so you could move it back or forward, and ive been talking to the people at arlarlo. About that i dont know if they will do anything about that, but that is my suggestion to them, or you know make this so it slides back and has like a detent up there and not knock knock notch that it could be in or whatever you know, Uh, because a lot of people like to one handed drive and a lot of people do like, i do and use your iphone for your camera, so you have to hold the camera with one hand and uh or put it in a tripod whatever and then drive. So trying to one handed drive, this thing is impossible. What ive found is actually stick the control, the wheel up against my belly and try and move the control back and forth to uh be able to one handed drive it but uh it kind of works. But i dont have the control that i normally would uh.

One thing about, the buggy, i will say is when you do with lets. Try this again. One thing about the buggy is: every time you take, this thing out check the wheel nuts. You should do this with any rc car, but like this one, i ran a full battery through it earlier this afternoon that wheel nuts loose uh that ones a little loose that ones still tight that ones a little loose. Also uh check your control arm bolts because uh theyre starting to come loose, lets see. If i can show this that wheel nuts way loose, the back, one might be a little more visible thats in the control arm, Vijke, um and again, you know this. Is that ones all wheel, because the wheel nuts loose again? This is stuff that you should look at on every rc car uh, not just specifically this one, but since this ones brand new uh, you know its uh about every other time. Ive had to tighten screws on it um. Maybe they could put a little drop of thread locker in some of this stuff because they are machine screws granted, some of them go into plastic, but they do make thread lockers, To je, plastičan, safe. So the chassis on this thing is super durable. You can see shes scratched up, she aint a shelf queen uh weve been riding this thing pretty hard and uh me, especially and uh its proven to be tough um havent bent the chassis ive jumped it.

Ive ran it into things uh. We did break one of the uh plastic uh, a arms on the front, but uh it was one that they sent uh extras of which i think that is really cool. I think every rc company should do that and send an extra set of uh control arms uh, its a common part that breaks thats whats, going on with usa1 right now, actually uh. Zapravo, my brother is uh going to make a billet aluminum set and those may be available for purchase uh. If you guys have a usa, one uh were going to talk about doing that and see how much time he has involved in making them and whatever and see if its worthy of selling them, but back to the arlo. Would i recommend this buggy? Da, absolutely its fun to drive its a pleasure to drive. Everybody is blown away by how fast it actually is, and i cant wait to see how fast the brushless one is and im just running this thing. On 2s, i know theyre 3s capable Music, but i dont have any 3s batteries, so i just been running it on the 1800 milliamp batteries that come with it. Hey guys just wanted to give a thanks to our sponsor and a shout out. Tubbo towels bigger, tougher, Jači, tubo towels, they do the job, they have plenty of products for your needs. They have silicone sprays, they have penetrating oil, they have lube oil, theyve got uh pipe sealant theyve got all kinds of great stuff, so check them out at fedpro.

COM, and thank you again for watching back to the video the batteries that come with it. Um im not sure how good they are, they last 12 za 13 minutes uh. If youre bashing it hard and running full throttle the theyre supposed to be 1800 miliamp. I think they truly are um but theyre only like 15c or something like that. So the discharge rate is pretty low uh. Maybe they could improve on that a little bit and hopefully they do with the brushless version um. But i cant wait for that thing to come out because its going to be a blast, uh arlarlo, ponovo, jesam, sorry uh. The amazon review thing didnt work out uh, but i absolutely love this car and i want you to know that i know weve talked about whatever has gone on with it and whatever that i thought that you could possibly improve on uh one of the things i Said was if uh uh, that they offer aluminum uh threaded ball, end replacement, uh arms; Pa, maybe charge 20 more dollars and put those on the car uh from the beginning uh. I know thats kind of their companys way of making a little extra money is uh. You know selling them separately, ali uh. That would be one of the things that i would do to improve this thing. Uh the cogging is not bad on this thing i mean its instant throttle it shits and gets for lack of a better term and uh its.

I i think this things fun, um grayson thinks its fun, so arlarlo job well done.

https (https)://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCBfHAavqnc