RC AVANTURE – Stuck in the Mud

RC AVANTURE – Earth Digger 4200XL Excavator & Liebherr 574 Utovarivač kotača

RC AVANTURE – Worlds Greatest RC Garage Track! Ljestvica 4×4 Trucks of Rude Boyz RC

RC AVANTURE – Traxxas Spartan – Prva vožnja, 4S LipoRadio Controlled Boat

RC AVANTURE – 1/14 Scale BulldozerBackfilling a Pond

RC AVANTURE – Radio Controlled 4×4 Tonka Mining Truck

RC AVANTURE – CENGST-E COLOSSUS” 4×4 Monster TrucksElectric 1/8th Scale Bashing

RC AVANTURE – Bloopers, Crashes, Fails & Deleted ScenesRadio Control Car & Truck Mashup

Click Here To Subscribe! ► – I have been collecting clips for a while now.. and thought I would do some recent Crashes and Bloopers.. Fails and Deleted scenes for a lot of our avid viewers! Creating the show is not as easy as it always looks and there is always a bunch of scenes […]

RC AVANTURE – How to Recover a buried Drift Car

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RC AVANTURE – How to bury a Drift Car with a 4200XL Excavator

Click Here To Subscribe! ► – No RC's were harmed in the making of this film.. Everything is for show 🙂 For all those who are concerned about the drift carfollow this link: – This is what happens when you don't pay your debts! The driver owed me significant amounts of money.. I […]