RC AVANTURE – 1/12th scale Radio Controlled Bulldozer

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RC AVANTURE – Losi DBXL 4×4 – One LapGasoline Engine Break-in

RC AVANTURE – Knight Hauler 1/14th Scale RC Tractor Truck & Trailer, Radio kontrolirano

RC AVANTURE – Modified “Suza u” Jet Boat (My 1st RC Jet boat run, EVER!)

RC AVANTURE – Two Earth Digger 4200XL Excavators hide Toxic Waste

Doesn'T work right now! Ne, our battery to do it happened, looks like the pin that holds the cap onto the motor to make everything kind of spin yep snapped into a few places. There'S a drive pin here drive in yeah drive, pin from the brush motor. There is a rock that got caught […]

RC AVANTURE – AquaCraft Revolt 30 Brushless FE Mono Boat – Radio kontrolirano

Neither on to two cells in series. With my ghetto connector, we can run a single force, help nice, Hej, CTG, sticker yeah. I got the Carla's on the front. Ct jeez, they're, awesome way to support, looks like a beast great straight away: Da, Hej, Hej! Hej! I like your place here, that's a […]

GIANT RC MONSTER TRUCK Remote Control toys Cars for kids Playtime at the Park FunAtHomeTV

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RC AVANTURE – PiTDawg HydroUnboxing Radio Control Vehicle Bodies

I just sent me a surprise package, što je lijepo. I actually have no idea what's in here I'm, assuming an RC body because that's what they do it it dog hydro, is hydro dip which is not a paint job it's, not a rap or any kind of decal, but indeed it's a dip. […]

RC AVANTURE – Unboxing the Blackjack 29 BL Katamaran RTR Radio Control Speed Boat

Now as I've mentioned in the last video, I did, I unbox the pro boat, the impulse 31, which was a V hull. Nwo, when I was on the horizon hobby website, I was under the Pro boat category and I saw the blackjack 29 now. Ovo je 29 inch brushless RTR catamaran, Koji […]

RC AVANTURE – What is in the Box? Hint: Cormier!

RC AVANTURE – Home videoBaby Moe with Losi Trail Trekker

First time, you've seen an RC move by itself right away. Oh you want to try see if you can do it there, Da! Oh almost, you almost did it I'm, proud of you anyway. Oh just learning how to walk. Barely oh you're, nine months old now and you want to give her a […]