Jamara ferngesteuerter Monstertruck Shiro EP LiPo RTR 2,4 Ghz

Der Shiro Monstertruck mit Allradantrieb, bulligen Reifen, riesiger Bodenfreiheit, Einzelradaufhängung und kräftigen Stoßdämpfern. Sie lassen diesen … [compare_prices_deals] Izvor

RC AVANTURE – Siberia Super Duty Bucket for Earth Digger 4200XL Hydraulic RC Excavator

Pregled! New Mini RC Electric Small Speedboat Toy Modeling Portable Light Remote Control Boat Hoverc

[compare_prices_deals] Izvor

Reli Traxxas LaTrax 1/18 Pregled automobila na ljestvici RC

Ovo je 118 scale car. Kao što možete vidjeti. I have two of them here because I love them so much so it’s a ready to race model. So there are two types of remote control cars: you have the kit car, which we have to build an assemble, and then you have the […]

Virhuck V02 Brushless 6WD Planetary Suspension RC Car Test Drive Review

This big 1 12 scale 6WD RC car is so much fun to drive. I’m not donating this one. It’s a Quadcopter 101 keeper! Available now on Amazon UK … [compare_prices_deals] Izvor

9206E High speed RC Car by DEERC Review

So in today’s episode we are looking at the 9206e by deer drc it’s one tenth scale off road comes with the led headlights, says oil shocks, rugged, rugged, responsive for off road action, um the metal differential gear, bigger motor and it’s four wheel, drive let’s, see what’s Inside all, pravi dečki, so here […]


RC AVANTURE – Modified “Suza u” Jet Boat (My 1st RC Jet boat run, EVER!)

RC Car Fun (Wltoys (Wltoys) 14401 Pregled)

Now i bought an electric scooter a while ago, and that was fun. That was all right, but i wanted to move on to something a bit more practical and for those who know me, i am a big big fan of remote control things. Over the years. I’Ve had boats i’ve had rockets, Ja sam […]

Volantex v792-4 Atomic RC Boat – Unboxing, Test run, Pregled, and Bashing!

In today’s video, I get my first ever RC Boat! Its a Volantex V792-4 Atomic, which is a 4s brushless catamaran-style speed boat that can go crazy fast. Ovdje … [compare_prices_deals] Izvor

RC AVANTURE – Radio Controlled Tonka Dump Truck

Da, my friends! This is something you might recognize from your past childhood days or heck. Maybe you even have one right now in your back yard. Maybe you even have an updated one, but check out this vintage Tonka dump truck yeah metal. Naravno, just like they used to make him in the […]


Just these tires alone are 10 inches in diameter, 10, inches Wow, ok! So now I got to take it out yesterday for its maiden run. I wish I could go outside and do another running video today, but unfortunately it's a little bit on the unpleasant windy side, so it makes for very bad […]