RC AVANTURE – Project: “VELIKI” / LOSi 5T (Dio 1) Axis RC Stand

RC AVANTURE – Project: “VELIKI” / LOSi 5T (PT 4) Look inside a 5th Scale 26cc Gas Engine

Znaš, whoever it is he's been doing this alone. Even I have a little bit yep. You know how many trucks do you have whoa jeez. If I had to count sixish in the fifth scales that's a lot of trucks, you must have a garage just for yourself, basement nice yeah for all […]

RC AVANTURE – Project: “VELIKI” / LOSi 5T (PT 5) OBR 8.2hp Full Mod 30.5cc TR/OBR 4 Bolt RC Engine

I don't like a lot of my sandwiches. I say to her. Da, hey did I just talk to him? Ok, what did anybody hear me say it Laughter, Glazba, Glazba, we're back we're? Konačno, back in the studio, and today is the big day isn't it big day. Everybody knows my friend, Everett he's […]

RC AVANTURE – RACiNG & BASHiNG 1/5th Scale RC KAMIONI – Losi 5T, Baja 5SC (razdvojba), Baja 5T & MORE!

RC AVANTURE – Vaterra Twin Hammers RTR & RC4WD Trail Finder 2 – in MEXiCO! Dio 2

RC AVANTURE – Project: “VELIKI” / LOSi 5T (PT 6) – BARTOLONE Exhaust Pipe

No it's not ginger, go juice, no it's, not, ali da. I get you a beer. If you want you build on that other one you took apart, that we took apart so that we'll get Nicole or putting that together, yeah that's, true there's, a whole bunch of things we could get into there […]

RC AVANTURE – Project: VELIKI 2.0 – Episode 600 Celebration! CUSTOM LOSi 5T

I could recall one time: okay well and roll the star of the show so uh, 600 600. We did it 600 rcadventures and they already saw the thumbnail. So there was no point in like covering it. I know pretty much. We can cover it up. Znaš, don't, give you a close up. […]

RC AVANTURE – HPI Baja 5B SS Piped 2WD Gas Powered Racing Machine!

RC AVANTURE – 1/12 Earth Digger 4200XL Excavator, 1/15 Graupner Liebherr Loader, 8×8 Tipper Truck

RC AVANTURE – OBR 9.7hp Full Mod 38cc WiDOWMAKER Gas EngineMesh Mod & Kill Switch Install


RC AVANTURE – GREATEST Onboard RC JET Video Ever Filmed