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RC Car vs Off Road Car | Avengers Car Fighting | RC Car unboxing and Reviewing |

Oh i see you whos on me. Prvi, i guess its history. The music was so Music loud is Music Music cause. I need you on the dance floor. 4 am and the music was so loud, Glazba, Glazba, Music girl. You should wear Music, Dečki, Glazba, oh Glazba, Glazba, dont, even know your name […]

Top 20 Trending R/C Products (Automobila, Kamiona, Brodovi & Više)

Iznenađenje, its not just rc cars, so sit back and relax as we review the top 20 hottest rc items available at a main hobbies that you guys are looking at Music number 20. from the 73 000 item listings at amain hobbies, the 20th most viewed rc items Is one of the ogs in […]

How the Circuit of a RC Car and Remote Control Work #rc #RC

This one is the yellow, rc automobil, already added battery white rc car, and this is a small golden archicad, three different remotes. Now the thing is that if we use only one remote, every rc car is working Music working. Now all the rc cars can be used by any one remote. Može se […]


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FLYHAL X03 1/10 4WD Brushless RC Car

So please subscribe good luck and happy fpv. All right guys. Welcome to my review of the fly hal rc car, we have two different bodies that came along with this car. It has sort of the uh basher sport version with the car body, and it comes with the truck version and i kind […]

Axial SCX24 – RCAWD Portal Axles Review – C&C RC Adventures

Ive got something really cool to show you today. These are portal axles, and these were sent to me by the folks over at rcawd and ill put a link in the notes where you can find these yourselves. They contacted me and said: Hej. Would you like to review some of our products, I […]


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Best Realistic RC Car 2022!! MIEBELY McLaren 765LT RC Car Full Review

This is super car, but not real. Super automobil, rc automobil, very realistic, rc car lets unbox it and locate it closer Music, foreign Music. This is one twelve scale rc car. This is very good quality box Music. You can see the license pack on the box, this type of bugs hard to open, […]

UNBOXING Tamiya Lancia Delta Integrale 58569 1/10 RC car kit

I got this one in early 2022 for about 290 Dolara. We got xvo1 chassis, very cool rally, car im obsessed with these now first time, seeing one of these more expensive kits lets see whats in the box, so these 110 scales are all based on the wheelbase. Sometimes the cars are bigger, sometimes […]

Simple RC Car Crawling! Axial Base Camp back to BASICS | RC vozač

Welcome back to the channel today were going to take another quick look at the axial scx 103 base camp ready to run because i have a lot of action. Footage leftand i know people love seeing action without any music or any slow motion and thats. What were going to see today, […]

Traxxas Sledge review thoughts and opinion

This is the newest release from traxxas the traxxas sledge. If you watch my last video, you just saw that i just got done bashing. It literally just got done bashing it. So what do i think of this rig tangerine, my beautiful traxxas sledge? Pa, i think its a very adequate basher out of […]