Ah, i think thats better looks better hat straight hat straight half straight all right ready to go were ready to go by the way guys. This is what i broke. Can you see that kind of see that the stub axle on the max thats what i broke just now? Luckily i put the heavy duty: actual aluminum axles, čelik, steel drive shafts on my new max, the one i was driving was the old max. I put the steel drive shafts on my new mac, so i had the brand new one that i took off of my old max, so i had some extra stuff axle, so i was able to get the stub axle off and put it on there. So the max is fixed, but man thats unfortunate, all right guys were gon na, do something a little bit different today. Today we are going to do a man. I didnt even do an intro. What is up guys? My name is mark zenriel. Welcome back to the channel welcome back to the rc vlog but, as i was saying, were gon na do something different were gon na. Do rc story time, so ive been in the hobby for a long time. I got some crazy stories and sometimes i just want to share my story. I tell a lot of people that i meet these stories whenever it comes up and you guys might find it entertaining today. What were going to talk about is the worst hobby shop experiences ive ever had theres, actually two of them that were going to talk about today.

But before i go on in the comments below, let me know the stories you want me to tell like what do you want to hear what what story do you want me to hear? I got stories from pretty much everything when it comes to rc. So tell me in the comments: what story you want to hear on the next story. Time, maybe well, do it every friday, since we release a vlog every other friday, because i alternate days every other day, i release a vlog. We will do it every other friday. Pa, do story time, you guys know what you think after were done all right, so i am not going to tell you guys what hobby shop sees are for obvious reasons. I dont want to just put them out on front street like that, but these were a long time ago. I dont even go to these hobby shops anymore. So the very first story, im going to tell you guys about, is whenever i first got into rc. I had my first rc car. It was a four tech, Da, a nitro 4 tech, probably not the best first rc car, which that can be maybe the next story time, but i brought it into the shop because there was a lot of oil coming from the front. It was coming from the front shocks right, so i go into my local hobby shop at the time and im gon na walk you through the entire thing, because there were multiple things wrong with this situation, i walk in theres a gentleman at the front desk.

Not doing anything hes just watching its almost like, he was watching to make sure i wasnt stealing anything he didnt greet me nothing im like walking around and im going to different areas of the hobby shop, trying to find what i want. Konačno, i give in im like sir: do you know what this is and i show my car its leaking oil out of the front. He looks out hes like oh yeah, Da, To je, To je, a traxxas part youre gon na need the gaskets and the oil. Rekao sam. Okay cool, so he walks over the wall. Remember he didnt greet me walks through the wall grabs the oil, he grabs 30 weight associated oil, which that i believe that is actually the stock oil, so so thats good. And then he grabs like a gasket like the shock repair kit, i think thats, what it was he hands it to me. He goes. This is what you need, and i said, Ok, so these are the parts that go inside the shock i said. Do i have to replace more just these and i started asking questions like what does this one go to like? How do i do this and no joke guys? He looks me in the eye and says son. If i told you all that i would be out of business and then he points at the wall to show me like a labor cost im like seriously so i was like okay, fair enough end up buying it, leaving obviously i replace the shocks, but there are So many things wrong with that one.

He didnt even greet me like come on didnt greet me. He didnt ask for if i needed help or anything he assumed the shock oil which maybe he was really that good. He i think it was associated associated 30, but he didnt even ask what chocolate had and i guess he assumed i had stock shock oil. He also assumed my gaskets were blown um. That is not, i mean its, not always the case, a lot of times. The shock cap could have just loosened up. You can just tighten it up, but he basically saw an opportunity to sell me. These gaskets sold me the gaskets, but then he wouldnt even help me or show me how to do it, which is mega messed up, because you never know that guy could end up being a 38 year old psycho that owns like 600 rc automobili, anyways yeah, that That kind of burnt, in my mind, because i think back and im like man. Luckily i stayed in the hobby, but how many people he treated like that that were like man this this is lame. If this is my local hobby shop, i dont want to be in this, and ah that bothers me, so bad and the next one. This is the worst one. I think this is the worst experience ive ever had and this one is super burnt in my mind and im like i cannot like even till this day, i think about it.

Im like i cannot believe this dude did this. So at the time id already been through a few cars, i think i probably had like three or four cars already i started with you know the nitro four tech. Then i got a t max. I got a rustler and then i had a bunch of t. Maxs because t maxs, you could get on the used market, uh really cheap. I was buying cars off of craigslist, but i had to do an engine exchange and at the time even now, traxxas has an engine exchange program where you can turn in your old blown engine and it can be blown to bits. It can be a million pieces. You turn in your old blown engine and you can get a brand new one in the box, for i think it was like 120 Dolara, možda 130 bucks for the traxxas 33 Motor. So i knew that this was a thing i knew this was a program. So i take my blown engine, it was like. Zapravo, i think i was doing an upgrade. I was building a rustler 3 3, Koji, by the way is an insane car like the rustler 25. Already has plenty of power, you put a 3 3 in it. It is blistering anyways. I bring my 2 5 motor in there im like. I would like to exchange this for a three three. He grabs a box out of the case, opens the box up, starts taking off the pull start, taking off the the little little plastic part that goes on top of the head scratch guard or whatever takes off the the air filter, and he hands me just like Just the metal motor and i said doesnt that come with it and he goes.

Do you want it? I said doesnt it come with it. He goes. Do you want it? I was like well yeah, he goes well yeah, Možeš, you can have it and he he starts to put it all back on and im like what was this guy gon na do and it didnt dawn on me what he was doing like i figured. I didnt know at the time i thought maybe thats the way it was. Maybe you were supposed to take those things off and he was acting like he was doing me a favor by giving me those pieces its supposed to come with all those pieces. The one way bearing the pull start, everything theyre supposed to hand you a box, A 3 3 engine and that be it and uh yeah he took off. He tried to take all the pieces off and i found out later. I went into that shop. A few weeks later and i found out what he was doing is he was repackaging. He was taking off the pool start the one way bearing the air filters and repackaging it and selling it. My god, like seriously like that, was so messed up. Oh that bothers the crap out of me. I still cant believe that guy did that. I never after i found out what it what he was actually doing. Never went back there after that and uh its a shame, because it was a pretty good hobby shop and its just that kind of integrity.

Čovjek, its its messed up. Oh im, getting worked up just thinking about that that bothers the crap out of me. So what was your worst hobby shop experience for the most part i havent had any bad ones like probably within the last 10 Godina, i havent had any bad ones. Uh most everyone is super nice and now hobby shops locally. They they recognize me through the channel. So theyre extra extra nice but most hobby shops now understand that it is about customer service. You got to keep the customer happy, but back then, my god that i like, like i said those things i thought about that when i was driving the other day. I was like man that was jacked up and i definitely want to share it with you guys. So let me know guys what you think about this little series rc stories. I got this from another vlogger that i watch uh. I think its called vin, wiki or wiki stories been wiki stories, uh its an automotive youtuber, who also does like car stories. I i like to listen to them. I thought they were fun, so i thought maybe you guys would too well.

https (https)://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CP94M1GcEVM