You can’t just play russian roulette on banggood and assume that everything is going to be as good as those cars but that’s, not to say you shouldn’t. Try so what happens when you say no to traxxas and dharma and losi and redcat and hpi and kiosho, and you say no, i don’t want any of those. What i want is an e nose and at first glance it makes sense. A four wheel drive a fully proportional hobby grade, ish basher that comes with a two cell lipo all for 80 doll hairs, To je, not very many doll hairs. The jeep body looks good with its matte black finish and roll cage and a sticker sheet. That comes with some cheesy, yet lovable, decals to adorn the body or transmitter or wall or face, or whatever it even comes with a wheel, ključ, a tiny screwdriver and a usb charger that you can put you know wherever and then there’s the name. Do you think it has a cool name like outcast or shredder, or bandit nope it’s called the nine three zero four e, which sounds like uh, something you’d call a prisoner, but what about what’s under the body? Does it have a sweet power plant nope? Ima 380 size brush motor with no real room to fit anything bigger. Pa, what about the speed controller that’s got to be able to be upgraded right nope. It has a two in one esc, prijemnik, combo that uses the dreaded five wire servo, meaning that if you upgrade any of the electronics you’re pretty much stuck having to replace them all okay.

So what about the drive line? It’S built strong enough for upgrades right, ne. Everything is plastic from the diffs to the drive cups. Everything well are the shocks. At least oil filled. Nope they’re friction shocks, they can’t even hold oil. Does it have nice wheels and tires nope it’s a semi hard compound with no phone? Does it have lights? Nope? Oh wait: Da! Da, it has uh lights in the front bumper, but not on the light bar which folds down for some reason. Ok. Pa, is it fast nope it’s not setting any speed records even for being an 18th scale? I would describe the speed as adequate. So what’s the point of this car truck jeep thingy, i mean there’s way better stuff out there for the money right. I have nieces a bunch of them. I have friends with kids and whenever they’re around, they all want to take out the rc’s, and i have a little bit of a problem, just handing them the transmitter to a 500.50 mile an hour arma. But i have no problem handing them the transmitter. But i have no problem handing them the transmitter to this thing, and i have confidence that they’re not going to break it, at least not by driving it. The enos doesn’t really go fast enough to hurt itself or anything or anyone really but driving it off a ramp and trying to make it backflip is incredibly exciting if you’re, nine and i have to admit it’s kind of exciting.

Za mene, Previše, these shocks are never gon na leak oil. This motor is never gon na overheat. These tires are never gon na wear out and you can bet that any time you go to run this thing, it’s just gon na work. So should you buy one for yourself nope, but do you know someone who wants to get into the hobby? That will be super excited that you did probably all right, guys that’s gon na. Do it for this one. What do you think, do you have a niece or nephew or son or daughter that you want to get into the hobby, or maybe he wants to get into the hobby uh? This might be a good fit for him anyways. Let me know down below a big. Thank you to these guys right here. The 10th skill squad vip members for three dollars a month. I make extra videos it’s a good time check it out down below. If this is your first time checking out the channel welcome i’m glad you found it. I like to do rc shenanigans like this.

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