Seven surprisingly, cheap surprisingly cool rc vehicles lets get started. Number seven besgar, aventador, svj remote control car. We love this super cool 124th scale, replica of the aventador svj model. This sleek and speedy car features a fully functional dual grip: remote control with forward reverse right and left controls that make it easy to control with speeds up to 4 milja na sat. Measuring 7.3 inches by 3.6 inches by 1.9 inches makes it an ideal size for driving around indoors or outdoors on flat surfaces. Number six air, hogs, zero gravity, laser guided real wall climbing race car. This amazing toy takes rc cars to the next level, literally using laser. Guided technology, this car cannot only zoom around the floor, but up the walls and across the ceiling as well for an extra dimension of fun. It works by chasing the led laser light that shines from its remote control. Letting you make lightning fast turns in an instant multi. Directional modes will also allow you to make it spin, so your car can do donuts on the ceiling number five 360 stupanj. Spinning action rotating drift stunt motorcycle, not an rc car per se, u 360 degree spinning action rotating drift stunt motorcycle is an affordable, rc toy with some very cool features that make it a lot of fun to use thanks to its wide fully rotating tires and balance Design, this rc can climb steep 45 degree ramps perform spins and do all kinds of drifting as well.

Osim toga, it has a 30 meter range, so its great for stunting and racing number 4 maxtronic amphibious stunt car with side lights. The maxtronic amphibious stunt car is made to traverse almost any terrain, including water hazards. This budget rc car can drive in water like a boat thanks to its ip68 waterproof rating. It also features a roll cage for stunts and a max speed of over 9 milja na sat. With two rechargeable batteries included. You can drive it for up to 60 minutes at a time. The remote is also kid friendly and makes it really easy to control number three nqd remote control, car all terrain, rc truck with storage case with an impressive 80 minute battery life, the nqd remote control car all terrain, rc truck is non, stop fun. It features a vibrant, pink shell, with matching wheels supporting thick durable tires for plenty of traction and stability. It features innovative controls with multi directional operation, so you can drive forward backward left and right with ease. We also love that you can customize it with the included sticker pack. Number 2 tsukis remote control, transforming robot rc car ever wish. You could have your own transforming robot youre. In luck, this affordable two in one rc car features a flexible drifting wheel, led lighting and 360 degree rotation capability that allows you to drift the car, but best of all it transforms between a car and a robot with the press of a button before we reveal Number one be sure to check out the description below for the newest deals on each of these items and be sure to subscribe.

If you want to stay up to date on the best products on the market number one three king double sided rc stunt car. Ako želite, an rc toy with some tricks up its sleeve youll love, this rc car designed for stunts such as rolling rotating and driving on its side. This exciting rc stands out from the pack powerful. Electric motors and durable large wheels make it safe for off. Roading the tires also feature shock: absorption, anti skid protection and excellent traction for fun indoors or out. No matter your age, there are endless hours of fun to be had with one of these very cool, yet cheap rc cars be sure to take this chance to head over to the description below for the most current info availability and latest deals on each of these Items and remember to like subscribe and leave a comment to.

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