Five tons uh now front end. Taj, not a five ton, so i dont think this would be count as a five ton, but inside this costs about sixty dollars, not including taxes or shipping sixty dollars, Ok, Da, so its got an actual interior like its not like. Let me get it ready, so it doesnt look trash okay, so we got an actual interior, its nice inside okay headlights. They do turn on these. They turn on they arent fake. But my favorite part about this well theres more than one favorite part theres. A lot. Look at this suspension. Look at this beauty. Look at this see this its beautiful its got all this. This is all for 60 Dolara, its got the typical switch and stuff, but right now i dont want to use the batteries in it, because i i dont yeah thats, where the battery is located. All of that yeah. This takes me some problems sometimes look at this. Look at all this suspension, its got actual things. One thing i would say, Iako, is ive, had problems with this and dont bring it out in the water. Well dont. I didnt do that, but i put it in snow: not water, definitely dont put into water, but dont bring in snow because i had problems and this did like the motor was smelling and it was, i think it was smoking or unless thats something else. I dont know i think it might have been my breath, because this is when it was cold out, but its nice, its got good wheels.

They are all real. They arent, fake theyre, all real rubber weve got a tow hook, hold up tow hook. We got every single bit of this is movable so these they have adapter, so it doesnt like its not still like these have wiggle rooms, and this one its pretty good. My favorite part is this: one comes with its own screwdriver, but ive lost. It so actually hold up nope its right here here it is own screwdriver ill. Show you how easy it is ill show you the favorite part about it. Ok, let me let me kick up the screwdriver, so let me flip it around, so you guys, i dont know if you guys can see this, because my phone phone screen holder its kind of like blocking some of the screen otherwise like otherwise. This would look bad if i didnt do that, because so my so i know you can see where i cant see, but the phone grip holder part is blocking a certain part of the screen, so it can hold it up. So i cant see that, but you guys can so i dont know how good it is in that specific area. I can take off any tires. All the tires are removable. I would not suggest like i wouldnt suggest, like just you know, hold up this one. I put on really tight. This is one of those tires i put on really tight, but i have taken it outside its got two gears its not like a single gear.

The remote is definitely not a high quality remote like like its either all all the steering steering all one way or the other, but its kind of like a like the more popular rc brands, its like an actual steering wheel and the buttons at the bottom youd. Like that, but look you can offer it. There was a screw in here, and i forgot lets pick that up so i dont lose. It will actually kill me if i lose it. So lets put this up here, and this goes down here. Every single tire is swappable here i will get some game. I will like im gon na show you what it looks like when its actually being used so like. Let me put these screws back in and then i have to go well if i dont edit. This part out, if i dont edit this part out that im saying im gon na, have to get up and go get the batteries and stuff and then im gon na have to like reposition the cameras. If i dont cut that out, oh dobro, but this is pretty much a pain. Sometimes it gets, it becomes a pain pretty easily, especially if its screwdriver like the screwdriver is fine. Radi. It works like everythings, fine with it, but its not the best like. If you, if you like, if you lose this screwdriver, that it comes with oh well too bad just use one that you might have laying around your house that, because its its not expensive of a um screwdriver its like a super cheap one, Ok, ridiculously cheap, because Its literally just metal and plastic, this screwdriver its nothing special, its no special metal, theres, no magnet up here, its literally just a metal, tube and plastic handle.

Ok, let me go get it: Ok, boop, my mic, frick, Ok, but this is what im, using the whole time if it sounds bad or if it sounds decent. This is my mic setup im using a like a mic. I have light setups im using a light setup, all that yep thats, what im using for if anyone, thats questioning thats what i use like find one off amazon or, i dont know theyre cheap. I dont care this mic. I dont know if this sounds good to other people but to me its a better mic than my phone mic, because my phone mics broken well. My phone mic works, but i wouldnt say it works so good. I should get two scans i should have. I wish i had two stands, so i could have one set up right here, so i could put you guys in position, so i i would have more than one hand. Ok. Where did this go? I think it clamps on like this. Pa, if i catch on fire, its my fault, because im dumb and i havent used this thing a long time, so i dont remember fully how to connect the batteries and stuff. Let me Music set up. I got ta okay, this im trying im trying to get the dang lid on see thats. The problem is the lids really hard to get on for so for no current reason, this lid likes to resist to get on and its because of the wires geez.

So theres a reason but jeezums its the wires. They keep popping up and stuff thats a problem, Ok, so its on once you keep doing it after a while you get used to it. This is the charger. By the way it comes with the charger. It really does not like you to leave it just charging overnight like it does like like it prefers that know that youre there and youre, not just leaving and youre, not just sleeping while its charging, because it has on the set on the manual risk of fire Of batteries catching on fire, if theyre left charging over four hours or something like that, i dont know you might want to read it because its been a while ive had this quite some time here it is its six wheel, drive yeah, speed conversion yeah. All this up to 500 Grama, you its not lying, i put a whole entire tub of marbles in herea big tub of marbles in here like look at all this, oh marbles, 99 of its marbles, some random junk is in there too. I put that in this back part, and it could drive it just i wouldnt say good at all like it can pull it, but i wouldnt say it could pull good okay, see lights, turn on and theyre actually took my mic out. One sec got ta put my mic back on unless you guys want to sign trash g zombs.

I hate this mic. Sometimes like look theyre actually good lights like like they actually light up. The area too, like they arent, just like cheap, Jeftini, Jeftini, like theyre. Pa, Theyre, not actually that dark either theyre like actually pretty bright here it is. I got ta get used to these hold up. Let me let me pick this up. This gets annoying, sometimes so Music, i dont know if you guys can hear the difference, but i can theres a difference when you slip switch gears like you, can tell there that you switched into a higher gear or youre in the lower gear, just by sound, like Music, like heres, lower gear Applause, high gear Music jesus, yet i still suck at driving this Applause.

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