We are going to be going to the boring stuff. Prvi, this remote, so some people have actually had problems connecting the remote with the truck where the remote like won’t sync, with the truck. I haven’t had that big of a problem with it. It’S actually taken me like two or three tries every once in a while to get it to work with the truck, but i think that’s just because i’ve driven it in water and you know, it’s not it’s, not mint. Four double a batteries, great transmitter, all around it’s got the tsm and uh. One thing that i don’t like about: it is there’s, no what’s. It called dual rates: dual rates, tu je, no dual rate. So if you put a new servo in the truck you can’t control, how much that servo turns so it could be pushing the mechanics of the truck and, in turn, stripping your servo or putting too much rush on your servo. So i’ve had that problem and you actually have to adjust your turnbuckles and in there you have to adjust that far the remote’s been great tsm. Sviđa mi se. I normally have it off, but when i have it on, it seems to work. Fine um put this little mount here, so i can record while i’m driving okay so now on to the truck um. Zapravo, first let’s go over the wheels because the gun on the outside and the body so the wheels you might be asking why don’t? I have any wheels on this.

I was driving with a friend allen link in the description. If you guys want to go check out, his youtube channel blew out two tires and i was like or a tire sorry, and i was just like all right. I’Ll give you the tires, because i’m just gon na buy a full new set so that’s. Što se dogodilo? Time has been great love. The traction, though it was just that one time where got up on two wheels and then it dipped out and the tires got too big and blew up um okay on to the body body is absolutely phenomenal. I can’t believe how well this thing has lasted like there’s holes in it and there’s a bunch of cracks, but if you’ve watched my videos, you can see how many hard landings i have on this body. I mean it’s it’s, absolutely crazy, how strong it is same with uh the truck i mean the truck’s ready it’s, my bachelor tracking it’s super strong okay on to the truck. Now that we were onto the truck we got, you might notice that we have aftermarket suspension. I made a video on the suspension and there’s a link in the description. If you guys want to go get this, i like them, they have no oil in them, so it soaks up the bumps really well, but not great for jumps. They don’t come with oil. You can put your own oil in there, but i don’t have any so i just put some like 10 40 weight.

Lucas oil in there seems to work fine um. I broke this axle in the front, Tako, kao što možete vidjeti, i put a metal one on allen donated a metal one for me, so we can continue on driving and you just said i could have it and then that thing broke the last time we drove And i broke a i broke a hub. I think it was this one or no it’s this one right here. I broke that hub. So it’s a little bit different it’s meant for a traxxas wrestler two wheel drive actually, but it seems work um. Then i stripped a servo and i put a servo in there uh from the dhk maximus because i’m, not driving that truck at the moment. So i put that servo in there it’s working pretty okay now and alan thanks so much for watching this video. He donated this servo to me again, he’s, giving me all these parts, great guy link in the description for his youtube channel, Da, Ok, Hajde, move on to the electronics and what kind of batteries i like to recommend. So let’s go over the batteries. First battery is going to be a uh power. 5200 miliamp, 50c. 3S battery. I like this, but i like this battery a lot. It’S got this connection here that you can easily grab on here and not worry about stripping your wires out of the plug. I got the traxxas plug on here.

Batteries have been phenomenal. You can see they’re ripping at the top here and been through a lot. This thing has literally flown out of the truck like five times great battery so now on to the actual electronics and how this thing really works, Dobro. So right here you got your receiver, you have your esc here and motor. These have been absolutely great there’s. This one thing about the motor is: if you’re going to drive it in water the day you drive it in water. You need to take it apart and put wd 40 in there, because i’ve had this motorcycle up on me. Three times comes unsaved perfectly fine and runs like normal and, if you don’t put it in the water again it’s fine, this thing has been hydroplaning it’s been in underwater driving underwater and all that stuff. I should take it apart. Re lubricate everything seems to be working. Fine esc great i’m, Nisam siguran. I really like how the on off button is i’d like a switch but works out. Fine uh battery works great on the esc, here’s the receiver. Opet, people have been having problems pairing the receiver with the remote, so i haven’t really had too big of an issue with that it’s just taken like two tries to get it to go again, servo strip that servo out. So i got a maximus servo in here and i’m gon na have to replace it with the one that allen donated to me or gave to me and uh, because this one’s going weak yeah.

The arms arms have been great, absolutely awesome. So on to the parts that i broke, i broke a rear shock tower. I just put the stock one on because i’m aiming hobbies or amen hobbies, Um, a they’re, so cheap it’s, like four bucks for a whole new shock, tower and front shock tower, plus axles it’s like another three dollars. I broke that axle in the uh the front there and um. I broke a knuckle in the rear and stripped the servo and there’s that there that kind of ripped through the chassis but it’s. Ok, because if i break this chassis 15 for anyone and i broke a shock bottom on these um custom or not stock shocks put a new one on, there seems great and uh battery trade it’s been great so far. Volim ovaj kamion.. Thank you guys. So much for watching this video, if you guys want to like and subscribe right now, then click over here.

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