You know why we're here today I got an RC Max supreme 80cc gas powered engine. For my one fifth scale: primal RC ram, inator monster truck. It is on the bench you guys are gon na, get to see it in a second. I also have the chain cover like for the transmission hookup for the clout, the clutch bell, housing, as well as a prototype wheelie bar that he is working on shout out to Mike Taylor right now. Thank you for shipping and selling me a very cool engine. It'S. One of the nicest engines I've ever seen before I don't even want to put it in my truck is too pretty. But what am I talking about guys welcome if you're new to rcadventures, please drop a like click right now. If you enjoy these types of videos that helps me to know and to know the direction you guys want me to go in so that would be awesome here. It is the RC ram inator. I do have two of them. If you've missed that that's, ok welcome. I brought in as I bought a second RAM. Inator brought it in cost me about four thousand dollars in Canada money. So you know for other people in the world. They always say we're. Znaš: Odakle ti? How much was it I'll just say, check the link in the video description box down below, and you can find out more information about all the stuff I talked about today.

So this is the second one I brought in the first one we brought in and Everett, and I, the fiscal boss, put it together. Then the second one, my wife put together on YouTube for everybody to watch, and these two are phenomenal and if you haven't seen them for checking the info bubble up above for a whole journey of what it's like to own one of these giant coffee tables. I'M. žalostan, čudovište kamioni, radio controlled monster trucks over there. You can see a full size bench grinder below it. You can see the scale of the body. Now you kind of get an idea and for anybody that has a Traxxas xmax or knows what the hell I'm talking about. There is the size of the tire beside the primal RC tire. Izgleda kao. 110 Skala, trail truck tire. Now those are here to install the engine with me, you will notice that on my stock Ram nadir, I have the side plate the skull looking feature. It looks very cool and behind it is the pull cord and the braided cable for the electronics. If you ever want to work on this it's, vrlo teško, you got to get all these screws to come out. Take the side body posts off and you know it's a whole big rigmarole to get in there. But if you go over here to the original one, I have I've actually modded this one with great success. So of others where we just kind of cut that section out and you can actually access the engine a whole lot easier.

Možeš, Znaš, get it in and out easier when the holes bigger, you can get it in and out easier. You know what I'm saying and, and it makes it a lot easier. You don't have to do this mod to get the RC max engine in, but it might make your life a little easier. So I just used a dremel or a cutting tool to cut through here make sure you wear safety glasses. No one likes metal slivers in there I on the other side, this is a son of a gun for me. I'Ve had to undo these before. If you do have a Rama nadir in the beginning, Ram inators. I think this one's number 44 on the market. This one, you know there was a lot of Loctite in these two screws here and they actually stripped out on me. So if you do get this and you just unbox this make sure to take out those screws and to clean it up before you use it. Nwo, look at this a double chain on the inside it's, absolutely beautiful, great design by Primal RC, two sprockets on the inside. This is what drives the transmission, and these two huge drive. Shafts a lot of people say to me a 49 cc engine will take a 200 pound man and make him travel 25 za 30 milja na sat. Why are these so slow? I will address that now and say with a tiny little tire like that, you get an idea on that.

This truck might be very heavy. Now they it's it comes in 280 Funti. They say on the website. With these they have full CNC aluminum. These are all aluminum all metal links axles. These all have axles that come out and have to turn everything, but the drive shafts the center transmissionthat has a reverse in there. A lot of that power is distributed out to the four tires and you lose a lot of speed, because these tires are so wide. You know it's having to do a lot, which is great for introducing yourself to an 80 pound gas powered monster truck, because this thing can cause serious damage, but once you've graduated, what do you want to get? Do you want to go midline? I got a TMR performance engine we put that in is pretty good. Zapravo, they just came out with a v2 engine, and now I've got the RC Max supreme 80, which is where I think the graduation should go to if you're able. Now again, I only mentioned prices on the show. I have a lot of commenters that say I'm bragging, but a lot of commenters will also say: how much was this stuff again check in the video description box down below depends on where you are be prepared, though our c max engines are the best of the Best of the best so you're going to be paying a little bit more than you'd, be paying for a normal pocket bike engine.

If you know what I mean here, we go. This is a big moment. I'Ve been waiting so start on this side. I know Bob, what are we looking at here? Pa, these I actually just painted these this morning, beautiful, hey Mike ha. These are actually the prototype pieces for the wheelie bar that he had the wheelie wheel that will get attached to the bar, jer, when you put this engine in it is going to want to catwalk. That is the whole point of this engine. Almost double the power. This will be a pipe protector, because the pipe itself is a straight pipe. Look at this little beauty, a Samba pipe look at that this is a straight chamber, not not curved at all, like the way, the other one was the one that we have on the stock engine there. Zapravo, where is the stock pipe? I don't have it with me. O da, I do is that the stock pipe, I believe it is here, is the stalker. You can see that there is a whole lot more pipe there, so we're, finally going to have an engine that can breathe openly and that is going to be part of the beauty. Look this so the our c max supreme 80 has a hundred and ten mil shoes clutch huh. I don't even know what to say. Look at this it's, so beautiful everything is cnc'd out of a single block of aluminum. All of this, just one piece with the bearings fit on the inside and then this clutch housing like this is the clutch bail, look at all that it's gon na.

Let all that clutch shoe powder out. I don't know if you're ready to see the engine you guys i I don't know if you're ready to see this a lot of people you may need to put on some sunglasses, because this might be too much for you that's, a good idea. Zapravo, are you ready for the RC Maxx Music? I don't want to put it on my truck. I had to physically power wash my truck today, just to put something this nice on to it. This that's, how I feel right now there is the air filter. There are the clutch shoes hundred and ten mil. This is insane look at this, the header everything is milled to perfection. Look at that guys and then right on the front are c max on that pull cord isn't that stunning stunning. I thought you would like that. I almost II needed a moment to myself whoa someone just walked through the room here I need a moment because that engine is like it's the tits. Stvarno je.. This is the stock engine look at that time. I don't feel wah wah about it. It'S a great engine to learn on and has plenty of power when you keep rapping, this thing keep breaking it in. It gets more and more power like six and a half tanks in it's still gaining more power. So don't worry about it. If you got one of these, but if you get a chance to get an RC max let's get this one installed now before we go any further.

I know people will want to see side by side. Clutch shoe comparison here. You can see why I need a much larger bail housing for these clutch shoes. The stock engine has a much smaller one, but I don't want to be tossing this away if I'm. Replacing that I do need a piece off of here. I need this small cable stay right here which actually controls the throttle. This is for the carburetor, so I'm gon na need to take that cable stay off of here and put it on to the RC max engine. Another thing I want you to do, I know you're staring at all the Chrome. It is beautiful, you'll notice, maybe that the air filter is actually much smaller on the RC max engine. Now I did have the TMR engine in here first and I already raised my gas tank. If you haven't raised your gas tank, yet with longer bolts and a spacer, you will have the RC max engine bump into your gas tank I'm. Sure I'll have it bump into my gas tank a little bit the air filter, but it really doesn't impede it whatsoever. Zapravo, it's it's, like there's, there's, nothing there, so it doesn't hinder the performance of the engine at all, and I can't stop staring at this thing. You might be wondering how to remove these. The cable stay for the throttle off. It actually has an e clip right behind it. If you need to take the stack off go ahead, that are for the air filter it's, just these two screws, if you do take the stack off it'll release the carburetor and you can go ahead and then access that a whole lot easier.

So there it is I've added a little washer as well, because it'll help Snug this up so it's, a very small piece, you're gon na add it right to your engine right here. It just slides in and then of course, the washer and eclipse on the back. That is what it should look like when you are done, then the last piece you'll need from the old engine is this top bracket, this silver bracket right here, it's just two screws to remove them once this piece is off, you want to undo this bolt, and This screw and flip it upside down and thread it in that way, Onda, once you have it flipped around properly, Tako, you take it over to your engine, where there is a mount for it already pre installed. This has the two bolts there already and you will line it up. Take those bolts out and install it like that. That is going to be how your throttle cable is secured into your engine once secured. It will look like that and then introduce the one piece: billet aluminum clutch housing and cover the bearings are already pre fitted. Now I have to remove this one from the transmission itself. Srećom, once the engine is out, you can free the transmission fairly easily and access it that way, extra slippery in there from all that moose lick grease, go ahead and put that chain over here or double chain. I should say making sure to put it on a cloth because it is covered in grease.

Now in behind it, možete vidjeti, there are four screws: I'm gon na remove those and clean up the inside of this housing drop those screws out. I should just wiggle its way out hello, Wow, Lijepo. There is a giant pinion if I've ever seen, one and a swift tap on the shaft, if you're actually having problems it'll pop out. Don'T worry if that acts or the bearing comes out just make sure to remove it and then take the hex screw and take that out and the clutch bail will be removed. Just simply pop that part out when you take that screw out, lift away and you've. Now separated it keep that shaft at this point in time, it is good to look deep inside the dirty hole maintained and make sure that you can see the teeth. I know you guys can't, because it's too dark for you but I'm. Looking at the teeth, I don't physically see anything broken on the inside there. This is going to be an opportunity for me to go ahead and stick in a couple of blobs of grease. I use a marine grease because that way, if I go through any water, I don't have to worry about it. You know who's an out too early now. I know this will be controversial. That'S. Ok, you can discuss it in the comment section down below, but I will be adding some marine grease to the outside and to the inside of the bearings themselves.

The reason why I do this, although they are sealed, Je, I know there is a lot of water around here where I am and being a monster truck it's gon na see a lot of mud and dirt eventually, so I want to make sure that these bearings Have the best chance of actually sliding off their shafts when I try to remove them in the future and a few moments later, I've got the clutch bail installed, lubrication on the side and outside of the bearings, and the pinion is ready to rock seated properly over. Here I'd be tempted just to go ahead and install it onto this transmission, which I'm sure I could do or buppa buppa ba ba ba take the big engine here and just install it. Oh, look at that it's, so nice, like so, and then I tighten up these two bolts here. I can do this third one right here as well. Da, you all are probably laughs and while I'm working on the side that I didn't cut out but I'm laughing, because on the other side, it gives me plenty of room to slide the engine around okay, so let's just put a couple of screws there momentarily just To hold it oh yeah and with my gas tank moved up and out of the way it definitely helps you guys will have a better view in a moment. Ok, so from the top down, look the Hat off to the side.

You can see how raising the gas tank definitely helps, so you can see it's about an inch and a half raised right there, because the air filter is good, but it just kind of bumps into it. Just a little bit there's that bracket for the cable that we installed right here and, of course this is the throttle, the input for the throttle, and then I put these two screws in temporarily just so I can mount up the transmission behind it now. U ovom trenutku, when it's mounted up to the transmission, do not forget to put that ring around the shaft on the bottom pinion that's going to help hold that in place, then you put the sprocket on and then you put an e clip on top of the Sprocket, Ok, and once that bell, housing and the pinion are in place, the sprock and chain are on the shafts. The Eclipse are in place. We'Re gon na put some lubrication on the chain because you want to make sure to take any heat away because heat obviously will lead to stretching. But again, this dual setup from primal RC with these chains was absolute genius. Aha, that brings up a question. I know people have commented before: how do you know when you have enough grease, and this is the sound I always go for right. Anything extra is just gon na get thrown off and a lots gon na get thrown off on the inside of the housing anyway.

But if you've got that sound in there, then you know you've got enough. Anything extra is just you know. It may be a waste now. At this point I think I'll mention this. You know this bolt right here and this bolt that I did to do the whole bell: housing, the clutch bell housing. I also did a third one, and that was right down in that area. There I'm touching the bolt now that actually does not have a stock hole in the frame to actually get to it. If you want to remove it later, in fact Mike Taylor, the guy that made the engine is says that this bolt is actually optional. But he knows that if there was no hole there, people would question why it wasn't there for extra strength. But there is plenty of strength in the mounting holes that are here already I'm. Actually gon na end up drilling a hole here, but since I don't need to today or to access it, I don't have to sew one engine mount on that side to the cross. Brace and then this one made out of one piece, it's gorgeous right in behind the brace and under that one leg now it may seem kind of obvious, but if you haven't figured it out this top crossbar, which I did not have in mind to begin with, I took it out when I did. The first engine swap does not need to go in here anymore.

You do have two on either side for a total of four cross beams across the top it's plenty strong. So I thought I'd just mention that next, the exhaust pipe mount it gets mounted up in two holes that were already pre drilled, but look at this with my tank lifted up out of the way is that going to be a problem with the nut? I wonder I may have to rebind this again or possibly drill some new holes to reposition it. But I'll know in a few minutes all right, you beautiful Samba pipe. You look at that beautiful gon na put the header on and hook it up right to the exhaust port. Look it on the inside there's actual there two o rings on the inside they're rubber cool it's, like a little elf hat here you go. Excuse me, sir. It seems to you have a natural curve to the right. Oh there. That makes more sense look at this. This is gon na fit under by the gas tank easily. This is the rubber that goes in between the pipe and the mount okay. There are four Springs. I don't know if I have this right. This looks like it might be right, but these are the heavier Springs as well. In these Springs, Mislim, are the ones that will actually mount right to the engine itself. Holding this in place looks like I'm finding it easier just to undo one of the two bolts on that exhaust manifold or on the exhaust bracket and then just put the bolt in like that.

Then you're able to fit the pipe on there screw that into place and then just move this back down into its spot all right. So some of that was easier to do off. Camera you'll see the spacers I put in there. I could probably remove that nut and get away with it, but I think everything is perfect. Look underneath I was able to clear the gas tank just by moving it out of the way and as we come down here, the springs that attach the pipe then around and the springs that attach it straight there. Now I have a little bit of movement in here: that's normal it's, totally not going to affect the pipe at all, especially with those seals around here and the thing I found out that you have to remember now. This is a very beaten up body. I have already this is my Frankenstein ramen eater. I already took the cross section that's in the middle out like have a look at this one here, this cross section and the driver unfortunately have to come out right if you're gon na run anything like this. You got to open up this whole area back here and I'll mount this up pretty soon. I already have the gas line attached down there. I could probably shorten it up and I also need to switch over the cable for the throttle. Now I shortened mine using the TMR performance engine and I do have a replacement, so I'll put the longer one back.

Ok, so cable is looking good. You can see it's all turned around right there and it is attached to this the throttle servo right there. That has a 25 on it for 25 teeth on the splines of the horn. So I pulled the filter off. Remember you want to pretreat your filters with a proper foam oil. I get mine at Dave's motors calm. They have some good stuff if you're in the US or if you want to just go out and get any foam filter, tacky oil that will do as well I'm gon na soak this down and then put it back off camera. I went ahead and reinstalled these two hundred and ninety eight millimeter crossbars so like I said one two, Tri, four supportive structures and then, Naravno, the plastic across the back and front bumper, and it just occurred to me if you're moving from the stock engine. You'Ll probably have the black fuel line that comes off of here. I actually got rid of mine when I went to the TMR performance and put in a very small, rubber, grommet and screw in here just to cover off that hole. So if there's any questions about that, hopefully it clears that up next up when I'm getting closer to completion all the time these are from Jas performance. I got these on the RC max website as well, in the hop up sections or in the hop up section for the RAM inator.

It looks like a battleship hey. I want to play battleship right now for anyone, that's old enough to know what the I'm talking about these are pure aluminum all cut out. Wonderful because they're one of the we kiss parts on the primal, RC Ram inator these body posts actually go here and hereand there are these plastic ones back here and on this back area for the cage. Nažalost, they don't have a lot of nylon in them and they like to snap off same with these replaceable. Thank you for to the designer that made these replaceable. You can replace these, but these are actually they shatter all the time as well, and these are what the body pins go through to hold the posts on. So hopefully we see some of those in the future, so they do have front Center ones, so front Center and rear and I'll grab myself. A zip tie come over here to the starter I'm gon na zip tie the starter to go through the windows. Since I don't have any drivers there anyway, so I'll, just zap, strap zip tie whatever you want to call it straight through this hole where this chassis brace used to be and I'll use a pair of flush cutters. That way, I don't have anything there. That could be sharp well, when all is said and done, I have been working on this project all day, but being one of the first people to install an engine comes with prepaying a price, not only one when you cash the cashier, but when you go to Install and you get to figure it out all on your own, so this is an insane insane engine guys you can see, look at the engine itself and then these beautiful js body posts the mount posts right.

These are a huge relief for me. Look at that Samba pipe. It just looks so amazing and listen to the compression. Pa, there you have it guys. I know I'm gon na come block you on this one, because I got to go in pay some attention to my kid and my wife. I got this installed for you, we're gon na go up rappin real soon. Let me know what you think about this. Are you excited? Leave me a oh man.