So this is by drc its the four wheel, drive 9201e. So lets get unboxing a couple things we can go over quickly, its full scale, its got two time differential, its got 2.4 gh, radiokontrola, rechargeable battery forward, drive and shock absorbers, and more so guys, oh wow im excited guys. So this is the remote control um. Its gon na take three double a batteries for the remote. You have your steering trim. You got speed, switch you got on off button. This is how you control it on the side. You got your trigger forward and reverse um. They give you a nice manual and you know whats really cool. This is the first time ive ever seen this from an rc company. You know whats, really cool. You guys see this body, you think thats, pretty awesome. You got headlights there. You got a spare tire. Pa, guess what you got two bodies on here: thats right, my friends, you got two bodies that you can use, so you could have that one which is pretty sweet looking, so they make it simple for taking the body off you just pull these pins. Give you a little flap to make it easy for removing, and here we go now we got access to the compartment um by the way guys the box says its rated for lets, see eight years and older, so so this one actually has a full on motor Um and this one is definitely doesnt.

Look like your run of the mill rc vehicle. This definitely is uh. Znaš, as you guys can see here, im not sure how well youre gon na see that, but you can really really have some fun with this. Ok, guys now that were up close check this out. Tako, kao što možete vidjeti, the shock absorbers look at that. So as youre running pretty awesome, guys so looks like you have the t connector end uh, you got your motor on off switch over here um. You got your battery compartment in here. They do give you a spare battery, so you have two batteries uh. The battery is 7.4 Volti. 11.1 wh 1500 Mah. So you guys can customize it just make sure you read the manual that they give you charging cables right here. You got two of them. You got your tool for your tire. You got a screwdriver, a cleaning brush. You got extra pins extra screws, extra nuts, so guys overall, this is actually pretty awesome. It looks like this one does have headlights as well. So if you put this body on you, not only will you have headlights, but you have headlights, youll have a kc lights on the top there so guys, if youre wondering where this cable connects, it connects right down in there, kao što možete vidjeti, so that Just runs straight up straight up straight down to right in there so guys. I do want to point out that there is plastic on both bodies, so you peel it up in the corner and then you just take it off.

Some guys leave it on for extra protection for the body. Međutim, as you guys are about to see uh, it looks much nicer with it off so were gon na. Take it off and show you guys what it looks like off check that out guys look how that shines. So you can easily reach underneath here to touch the on off switch, as you can see it right under in here, so guys the grass is tall. So lets see how well it performs in tall wet grass Music. I wake up every minute need to find more power in the way i be, and when my mind turns out with the painful scenes i need to scream out loud, i cant stop me. I want to be the greatest like rocky. Znaš. I leave them all hates like a heartbeat im out here, making moves like a lobby with me only if i let it be. I can control anything if i can just think carefully. I control my destiny. Keep up in my mind, im manifesting every morning deep within my mind, Glazbena glazba. So i do not recommend what im about to do. Do not do this um, but i just want to show you how powerful it is. But dont do this. Tako, as you guys can see here how i can easily go through water now, its not good submerging it in water like this, but i just wanted to show you how well the products are made and watch this.

We take it out no problem. Now we can dry it off again, do not submerge it in water. Please you can go in some water thats, Kao što znaš., maybe that much water dont submerge it. That was only just to show you how powerful this is. So please dont do that. You will ruin your um rc truck. I just had to prove to you guys that the drc makes one of the best rc vehicles in the world. Pljesak, so guys, after all, that clowning around after all that smashing that jumping that driving through wet grass through tallgrass through stones through water, through ramping flying around bouncing around still performs perfectly overall. This is definitely in the top five rc trucks definitely very durable. I think adults, teenagers, Djecu, allwill love it. Um again, you guys can see the clearance of it do not put it in water thats. More than about there im sure some people argue that you could put it through more some people say not any so, basically do it under your own risk, whatever youre gon na do with it. If you do get it wet, you know wet grass or water or something make sure when youre done, you dry all the components off so make sure you wear rubber gloves. When disconnecting the battery make sure everythings turned off make sure the remote just everything is turned off completely dry, your rc and then what i like to do is hang it like this so completely dry.

It then hang it like that to make sure any water in the motor or anything is out again, i recommend, if you want it to last forever. Uglavnom, then do not drive it through any water, uh or snow thats. My opinion, if you want to last longer but as you guys just saw you know, proof is in the actual footage and you guys saw the proof how good drc makes rc vehicles. Definitely my favorite brand for rc trucks, absolutely love this one as well, so guys as a bonus update. What i like to use is a hand uh blower, and this allows you to blow out water and dry everything off. So all my rcs any time they get wet. This is what i do Laughter, Glazba, Laughter, Glazba, dakle, to je. What i do ill spend 5 10 minutes doing that ill, pull out the battery. Do that and make sure the motor is all completely dried off then ill. Turn it upside down and let all any water drip down and then ill blow dry it after a day or or less and yeah never had any issues.

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