The will toys 184011 rc automobil, which has just arrived from china im looking forward to this one, to je. 1 18 Skala, rc automobil, its four wheel drive. This is gon na, be great dont miss it as you can see its a 2.4 gigahertz rc car ready to run and four wheel drive. It claims its 30 kilometers an hour which youll see and its our 18th scale rc car. This would be very interesting so without further delay. Lets get this box off and take a look inside. We have a nice charger instructions, as youd expect actually lets. Take a look at this charger, pretty small, sufficient knife for Music. There we have foreign rc car itself, not quite sure how to take this out yet, but lets try this way: Glazba, Glazba, its a little bit cool there. We have it its a nice looking car, i have to be missed. Mislim, pogledaj to.. This cost me 35 pounds off of bang goods. Its just arrived from china today lets take a look under the shell, see what we have very well designed its not unlike the ultimate tamiya cars and the kyosho cars of the early 80s and mid 80s. Very much reminds me of that, so in this box here we have the control unit, so lets take a look inside here standard little control unit. This was quite cheap. Zapravo, it doesnt feel great. Although the wheel here feels nice this this feels quite loose.

Actually 4aa batteries which go in here, Glazba. These are trim controls on off switch and, i guess thats, to change channel. It feels okay, but it feels very, vrlo jeftino. The car itself actually feels nice, its quite heavy, its sturdy. Its well made chassis feels strong. I, like the independent suspension. What well do now is place this on charge, get this fully charged and then well take it for a run in the garden Music, Uh, Glazba. Cjelokupnu, the car feels very plasticky its fairly well made, but the controller feels very cheap and nasty. The independent suspension on the wheels is a very nice touch and the body can easily be removed for battery changing and maintenance by simply removing two clips holding the body in place. My overall impression is this: is a cheap, low end rc car? It certainly does what it says on the tin, but i feel by paying a little bit more.

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