What really surprised me was the a1 service. They give you to program it. No instructions just call the one to 800 number and talk to a real live american. Who got me back on the road lighting fast. I was completely shocked. My key and remote fob replacement was going to cost me 165 at the dealership and i said no way jay. So i was relieved to see this opportunity on amazon. You are supposed to be in the vehicle and have both sets of keys with you. The tech guided me through the process once he determined what brand model and year of vehicle i had for my particular truck. I was supposed to start the vehicle and then hit the information key on the dash. Until i got the right menu then push the check. Mark button to reach the final programming screen on the dash display, then all i had to do is push the lock and unlock button simultaneously. Until the dash beat twice and voila all fixed, i was so happy. I could have given the techniciana big old smooch if they had been in the cab with me. They asked me to go here and give a five star review, and i am doing just that. I just couldn’t believe it was gon na be so easy. I feel greatly relieved as losing my other set of keys was a real disaster for me, and this took away a lot of pain.

Believe me, like i said in my ignition key part of the review, i could have danced a jig after completing this dreaded task. I just can’t say that enough: oh my fears about having the rear gate function. Button on the fob i bought were unfounded. It didn’t matter that i had one extra function on the new remote fob that my vehicle didn’t come with. Remote was simple to program. In my 2009 suburban, i noticed one low rating that said the process deprogrammed the original remote in the process of programming. This one, the instructions stated that all the remotes have to be reprogrammed. U isto vrijeme, i couldn’t reprogram my old remote, but i think that’s a problem with the old remote. It may not have the reprogram feature.