I just replaced the inside, which was identical, great item and it arrived on time. Music it’s, Moj 95 f 150 works great, had to work with it a little bit to fit with the part from my old one that came with the car. I purchased this key fob with button pad to replace my oem 99 camry fob as my original one. Simply agedand i was not able to get into my car productwas delivered fast and oem internals fit perfectly in place and i was able to lock slash unlock my doors again. I am completely satisfied with this product. Glazba. Nice replacement. It works great Music. Imam 97 mercury, mountaineer and it’s, just like the factory. Keypad works, wonderful, direct replacement for our 97 f 250 key fob. No programming needed just use a small screwdriver to pry. Both cases open then transfer the internal components to the new fob works.