2 wheels and put on Music. Oh, i just need the right coaching that’s all. I need yes, sir, a little bit that’s awful nero right there ain’t it yeah. I don’t know if the top your top of the body might hit on the oh. I didn’t think about this. This one’s, so small yeah. You might be able to pull it off it’s a lot narrower than i thought it was, Mislim, with trx. I might go go for the angle here: O da, Glazba – Oh, that was nice. Maybe i got it on camera. I don’t know i guess too much man yeah that’s too much. I should have done it like i’ve done it last time just floor. It like middlesex Music. I know it’s gon na hurt your feelings when i say this, it kind of looks like a laser nut. Have you seen the laser enough? O da, the the closest look don’t. It kind of look like that similar though it’s the gold wheels that make it look like yeah it’s the gold wheels yeah just to go man see mine was tumble, rumble right there, Music off my angle again, Da, sir. I hope i got that on yeah. I got it now. I got ta, get back down side mirror save me there we go that’s one way to do it: Glazba, it turns into a toy don’t, Glazba, ah Glazba. The best place to be is over there.

https (https)://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi-rkVp6p3w