Um mini valley, rc car right here. This is supposed to be the world’s best menu valley. Rt cars are going to put that to the test. I also did a um unboxing on this car right here. I’Ll put a link to that in the description. If you want to see it, this is the rc car right. So now what we’re going to do is we’re going to do um we’re going to make a track we’re going to time our fastest around the track and i’m going to test speed as well all right guys. Now we put the pins in so we can keep the body intact. The reason why i um put some tape over the top of the pins is because, when i’m driving it sometimes they fall out like um two times they have fell out and they lost the more lucky. I found them so that’s why i picked tape for it. So i don’t keep losing the pins so now, we’re going to do is going to turn the rc car on and we’re going to do a test drive and i’m going to race it around the track, all right guys. Now we got it i’m connected and synced. You guys see right here, it’s out fast, already see you guys. Look, you guys got the rc car here you can drift, it can and it’s gon na again do doughnuts. You know my sister. You can turn and put the radio up for longer range.

Ok, Dečki! So now what we’re gon na do is we’re gon na um build a race track for the rc car and we’re gon na um time. How fast you can get around the track, see how well that holds up so alright guys. Now we have built the race track, so we did. You start on the gold line, come free and go under the chair here or you can go around it and when you go around or under the chair you come through. You go, Oh, you can go over under this chair here or you can go around the weight roundabout. You come through here and then you go from this bit here go under this chair and then you go through here and you go under the chair or you can go around it because one of them is just shortcut. One of them is the longer way and then once you’ve gone through the chair here you come back free. You go back through here and go across the line and then you’re finished all right, so guys we’re going to do some speed runs of the race track. So let’s get into guys ready three two one let’s go: oh my god! Oh nice, this car is really fast. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh, Bože moj, across the line that was my first try of the racetrack doing the first time a bit messy at the start, but we’re gon na go for another round, see what that looks like all right, Dečki, three, two one taking it slowly this time in Here, taking a shortcut, more questions to myself, um tumble, one ball really done guys we’re going to do two laps instead of one yeah around here, oh take it slow and we are across the line yeah across the line, Dobro, Dečki, i’m gon na do one More attempt and then we’re gon na um end the video all right guys whenever a slower one is coming, try not to hit as much as we hit stop try not to crash as much and made it across the line.

Hajde, go guys hope you guys enjoy that video of the world’s best mini valley, rc automobil. Sorry guys that wasn’t as good footage, because my first time using it on this track so i’m going to get better and i’m going to make more videos for this rc car and once i get better i’m going to do the updated review. So you can actually see how good it is because if you watch kevin’s video, you would know that is actually really good, but i hope you guys enjoyed the video make sure to like and subscribe comment down below when you’ve done. That and i’ll reply to you and avoid subscribe to your channel as well yeah.

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