Zašto? Because why not 58 bucks uh? They sh, took great care when shipping. Ova stvar., you can really tell so today im going to be unboxing and reviewing this wpl c14 Music, Dobro, guys so way. Back in the day, you know back when wpl sucked uh i had one of these little b16s b1s. It was super fun super scale. I really liked it, but it sucked just toy grade servo. The leaf springs always snapped. Dry shafts would pop off at like 30 days after buying it uh. The radio died out so yeah. That was not a great experience, but i really loved the thing and i regret selling it. But now ive got this new one and its the c14, which is this one right here so lets crack it open and hopefully its a better shape for this boxes. O da, all right here it is that right off the bat wobbly remote wheel. Zašto? But this looks amazing: its got real suspension on it. Instead of the leaf springs in the box, you get instructions, get this little goodie bag. You obviously get the controller. You get a charger. You get a battery. Naravno, the truck you get yourself. A 700 miliamp 6 volts nike ad, so nothing insane just pop that in there and uh yeah thats thats, actually a really nice little touch there. No thats thats, Nije dobro! Is this this isnt proportional steering? Is it with the tires theyre still pretty dang hard theyre? Not gon na do anything 58 Dolara.

You get a ready to run truck with a radio battery charger and thats. What makes it so perfect, O da, Evo ga, you got some mirrors and tiny little screwdrivers um are these little rock sliders? These are little rock sliders fake little snorkel got yourself, some headlight buckets or something that go somewhere scale, windshield wipers and door handles and whatnot, so yeah cool stuff. First impressions truck is very light suspension, its not horribly stiff, ali uh da. You can see its not not too flexy but drive shafts, i mean that looks pretty good. Even more good news is that i took off the diff cover and i found that the ring and pinion for the differential are metal, so that is a huge upside. It looks like its got: a super tiny little motor you find in like a new bright or something so yeah. This was supposed to be the new version. I think i got just a little bit ripped off the battery plugged in uh for the remote. Oh look at all the dust on there is that dirt. You just know the remotes great when you have to unscrew the battery cover. It looks like it takes two double as all right guys. Radio turns on. Oh car is on oh headlights, To je, always nice. Oh guys, this is not proportional, stain and uh its actually garbage. It wont even turn the other way. This is probably dead. Lets get this charged up all right, guys so to charge it up, youre just going to plug that into there put that into there and that into there.

And while i was waiting for the battery to charge, i decided to put all the body accessories on which were just clip ons, making them very easy to install all right guys. I do got to say that once you put all the little plastic bits and bobs on here, it really does look quite nice theyre literally just snap ons. They actually look pretty cool even got little windshield wipers im quite impressed by the amount of scale detail that this truck has. I mean its pretty impressive, iskreno, even got yourself a snorkel up here, really sweet truck. So i cant wait to drive this thing all right. Guys battery is charged so just plug that into there, and we can shove it in here all right also, i was able to get it to flex a little bit more still kind of sucks, but here we go lets turn that on the bump, steer is really Bad you can see when the suspension goes up. The wheel turns on its own Music power, its not too bad. That is proportional, Glazba, so thats nice, njegov, not half bad um. It definitely for sure needs more power. Mislim 58 Dolara, its not too bad. O da, its gon na tip thats, oh come on Music. You can see that if i give it a little bit of a boost, Music ill actually get up that well guys its actually not bad thats uh. Želim reći 4243 Stupnjeva, so really thats, really not half bad thats about as good as a stock trx4.

So if you ask me this things got potential all right, so lets take it out into the real world now and see how it does. Music didnt make it over the jump: oh Glazba, Glazba, Glazba, tako glazba, Glazba, Glazba, Glazba, Glazba, Uh, Glazba, Glazba, so Music Music. Tako, Music transmission, getting it hung up here – Glazba, oh there we go, i think its starting to die here, Dobro, guys so off camera. I busted this link. I dropped it from about here. You know because it flipped over and uh. I think i must have dropped it like this, and so it snapped that so these are pretty skinny um, not very great design. I mean the fact that the screw actually screws into this instead of having a washer on the end of it like this is super tense. I think thats why it broke, but luckily they include a spare one so ill get that on there and then well be good to go again. All right guys got it all back on there um so yeah its not bound up anymore, and this other one. I checked it and it was bound up too so i unscrewed it a little bit and uh suspension moves a little bit more freely now so thats good, uh wp, almost down that uh those would break because they include one. They also included a spare lower arm. As well so hopefully, we wont need that and honestly guys, i dont even think that this is a wpl.

I think that this is a knockoff of a wpl, because theres no wps logo. Here it says: ddl uh, with a different logo and thats, not wpl and wpl advertises these with uh proportional steering. Now this this. This definitely does not have that there we go there. We go all right lets see if we can make it up there. Its really just that one that first rock over there Music wow there we go yeah. That really is not. It is very, very hard to control. This really is a fun little truck. I mean for 60 Dolara, you get yourself something with solid axles, metal ring and pinions inside of those axles, uh half decent suspension, really good uh detail on the body. You know super realistic body. I have the mirrors off right now. The battery box is also you know, cool in scale and makes the battery nice and hidden. You got functional headlights and um yeah its really a cool little truck. If you were to buy a real wpl uh, you would get proportional steering a nicer radio and a slightly bigger motor yeah. If you were to get a real wpl, because those were the main problems, it lacked power and it needed a little bit more grip and the steering sucked. So if you got a real wpl, the steering problem would be solved. The power problem would be a little solved plus. I believe that the wpls come with 7.

4 volt baterije. This is just a six um and then for the tires i mean cheap fix. You can get the wpl kit tires for about, Mislim, its ten dollars and uh. Those are supposed to be a lot softer than these, or you could put some scx 24 tires on here. I bet those would fit but uh all in all. I had fun with this its. It really did. Surprise me, um (1998, iskreno. I think that it is very worth it uh just try and get yourself a real one. Uh they sell them on banggood for 60 Dolara. I bought mine on ebay from a private seller, so explains why, but i mean its not a half bad truck. You got decent suspension flex and you got a super cool body. You got a functional spare tire that the drive shafts. I did not have any problems with these drive shafts whatsoever, so that was the wpl or i guess, the ddl, fake, wpl review and uh.

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