You know the smartphone brand. This car is based on the suzuki chimney and for this car it’s, actually a suzuki’s license for that. So i would say, it’s exterior, will be extremely detailed, now let’s get it out of the box and see and that’s. Basically, all the things included in the box. You have the car a usb charger stickers for the car and a manual written in chinese. But if you notice it doesn’t come with a controller. What you have to do is to download the app from the qr code and control it via the app let’s download the app now, while we’re downloading the app let’s put the stickers on the car and have a better way Music. Well, i would say this car is really good. Looking as an officially licensed product, it replicates the real car very well, and you can see all the details around the body now let’s look at the bottom of the car and see what are the drive system and the suspension. So this car is actually a four wheel, drive and it’s using this two link suspension for both the front suspension and the rear suspension. However it’s just using this friction shock here, it’s, not the oil shock, so for this guy it would be a bouncy. So you see here it’s just bouncing like a jelly here. Another thing i like about this car is that it actually has an exhaust here and it uses this exhaust as the charging part.

So for you to charge this car, you just have to get the usb charger and plug it in here. Well, i don’t think we need it now so right now, first let’s power it up and have our first run on this car. We have to first turn on this car press this button for like a second and you will see blinking, which is waiting for pairing, leave it here and launch our app me smart rc car, so click on it, click connect and select your car at the top Right here is the settings you can choose the steering preference of the language, and soand here is the garage which you can see your car hereis the chimney 2019 and speed acceleration control cross country i’m, not sure what this garage is for, but maybe they’ll Just add new car later on and add it here, so you can choose unreal cards. These are actually the led light controlling, but we don’t have led light installed yet so you won’t see any effect on this, and for this one is the steering, trim or the steering rate. I can adjust the steering trim here and the steering rate. So if i put it lowerand i still it’s only going to still appearbut if i put it max, it will still more so steering are proportional and the proto as well let’s see here. This is the speed limiter you can see if i have that on.

If i have that off and the auxiliary brake, which is the drag brake says, if i turn it on, i run stop it will stop immediately says i turn it off. It will roll to a stop well there’s, another way to drive this car, which is to turn on this, and now you can rotate your phone to steal the wheels you see when i’m rotating the phone the wheels are stirring as well. So here is the same: throttle: Music Applause, Music, foreign, Music, so Music, so Music, here, Music, so Music. Well, in conclusion, i would say this little car runs pretty well a small problem that i found while controlling it is that sometimes you need to check on the phone screen while you’re playing with it to make sure you are pressing the button properly. But sometimes you might just press outside of the button like somewhere here. This is what happened while i’m driving Music that’s, not something you experience with a real controller other than that this 40 car is pretty much worth its price as a toy rc car, though it’s not really a hobby great car, if you’d like to get one feel Free to check out the links in the description in coming video i’ll be showing you, the electronics of this car and install some official upgrades into it like the led and the panhard rod, so give us a thumbs up.