Sometimes it goes fast, it can go slow, it can go up, go down and to the moon, hey guys. I have my new toy here. It is hsp 94111 brontosaurus and i’m gon na show you. How capable is this? Please give us a thumbs up if you like this video and don’t forget to subscribe, because subscribe will bring you a good luck for a whole year. Stay tuned! Okay! Come back here! This thing here is fast, but it can be more faster if you upgraded to the brushes motor. This is nicely built, jump well well balanced. I mean i will hard press to find a monster truck in this size that it will build for the price. I just think i’m really impressive with this. I think this is around 140 dollars if you are interested with this truck just check in the descriptions that i have posted. Some link from the online store: okay, i’m going to take off the body here. Okay inside these trucks is really really detailed, and i really like about all these aluminium and it’s used to support between the front and the rear gearboxes. I do think the shocks are using aluminium too, but i kinda hard to tell because some might be painted with the hard plastic aside, that this truck has a 540 brush motor and it comes with the 60A WP 1040 esc and also comes with the two channel Receiver and the full size servo, and it also come with the nimh battery twenty hundred milliamps seven point two volts and i don’t think it will last long perhaps later on.

I will change to use the 3s or 2s lipo battery okay, so not to let you guys wait too long. I have prepared some tests to test these 94111 brontosaurus and see how does it perform so let’s check it out Wow. To conclude this, this truck really a good truck for this brush model version. It can go up to 28 to 29 kilometer per hour for quick corners. It won’t flip over and it has the power to do the backflip. It can climb over 50 degrees loop in next video.