So today i have another unboxing now i’ve had this exact same truck before it’s, an hsp brontosaurus top pro, and it comes in a bunch of different variants. They’Ve got the stadium trucks here, rally sct and the monster truck. They also come nitro, pretty cool but there’s a difference between the top edition and the top pro now. The top edition will run 11.1, volt 3s lipo and then the pro one just runs a 7.4. I think the difference is the esc. This one’s got a 10bl60 and the pro has a 10bl50. Now also these wolverines – this is um. You know hsp is the oem for the red cat, um, the red cat volcano and the red cat ducono, and also the red cat, kaiju and it’s pretty cool right now. These are like 120 brushed it’s the same. It is the same thing as the brushless edition. Besides, it’s got a brush system and it doesn’t have the metal spur now you could buy the metal spur for a few dollars and i already have one so i may order one of these brushed and do a build up on it anyway. So these are the models they come. They have buggies, they have on road cars. They’Ve got all these cool trucks guys they even have two wheel drive stuff that looks like the um, the ecx amp or the helion helion used to that’s right. That is the conquest. That’S right – and this is the conquest st right – and this is the the the conquest sct – the helion conquest, scts that’s right – i forgot about that.

So hsp is a big oem manufacturer um, like you know, vrx racing fs, racing bsd racing. They all make these cars and then the american companies rebrand them anyway, let’s open the box all right. So it comes with the fly sky and that’s great. Now these aren’t the greatest fly skies the gt2s. They work awesome, but they take a lot of batteries, but the cool thing is, you can run your other fly sky receivers. The cool thing is: is fly sky receivers they’re all pretty much the same. So if you’ve got a newer fly sky, you want to bind it up, you can bind it up to a newer fly sky transmitter like a gt3 or something like that or the newer ones even, but they work really really well. It’S got a rubber grip and uh. You can’t go wrong with these. This is some of the best. You know. Oem, you can charge it. You’Ve got options pretty good for a ready to run. You can’t really go wrong with this type of ready to run transmitter anyway, so it does come with a wall charger it’s, a balanced lead charger for 2 and 3s lipo you’ve got some spacers you’ve got the bind plug antenna plug and your instructions, and i think This is for programming, your esc, so that’s really cool, it’s, colored, nice and here is the truck, and i like this – i really like the colors they’re a little bling blingy, but that’s.

The reason why i picked it um because this was like bling bling version, and these tires i’ve been using these wheels and tires on a lot of my rigs um. A lot of different companies now sell these. I know the hobby park ones were pretty good. I had some other ones, they started with a b and i got them on amazon and they just inside here, just melted and broke. They were very inferior, but um. The oem ones seem to hold up really well droop screws, composite chassis, um it’s got four shocks. Let’S get this film off here now. These bodies don’t need reinforcing they’re, not the greatest bodies, but they look good clear windows, cool paint. It just looks cool. In my opinion, the fade into the green, like that i like it now it does come with the 2s lipo i’m, not sure, probably 35 c, maybe 3 500 ma let’s look 30c 3500 mah it’s got a so it’s 10c burst so it’s 40c total, not bad It’S got the aluminum upper deck, brace it’s got aluminum running gear, it’s got metal, diffs, metal, spur and, of course, metal out drives cbds. Is it cbds? No, i think this may have dog bones. Yeah it’s got dog bones all the way around and if you’re going to be doing backflips and a lot of jumps with this one you’re going to need to upgrade to the hd drive shafts, not a big deal, they’re inexpensive, but i i did used to bend These, if you watch my my video, the intro is of this doing flips, front flips and back flips and stuff, like that, i used to flip the heck out of this thing.

I never broke anything besides bending dog bones and it happened. Oh every couple runs to be honest with you and i just bend them back. Oh this isn’t. Now this has got um i’m, not sure the specs on that servo, but it’s it’s, adequate it’s got the fly sky, receiver, rebranded hsp. This is a 10bl60 it’s waterproof, and this is a i believe, it’s a 3652, but this one looks kind of short. The other one i had was for sure. 3652 3300 kv this one might be at 36.50, it’s got metal, hinge, pins, droop, screws, four shocks, they’re aluminum, full aluminum body chocks, which are cool gon na need a little tuning on these. For sure. You know straight straight out of the factory there’s always gon na. Be some tuning needed and the cool thing about this truck is this stuff is all pliable, so it doesn’t want to break, but with that being so flexible is why you end up bending your dog bones. You know this stuff is really really flexible. So when you, when you send it it’s good you’re, gon na end up, you know bending dog bones but like stuff, like the towers, never broke on me, you’ve got these little um. You got spring filled bumpers here, metal hinge, pins, it’s, actually, a really good platform. Now i got this on amazon for 175 175 bucks, you can’t beat it with a lipo. Now i wonder, i think uh you could probably get them for 250 in the red cat form, but it will have a nickel metal and i don’t think it comes with the 10bl60.

I think it has a 10bl 50. and so you’re better off getting it from hsp. Now a lot of companies make this maverick makes it makes one redcat makes one nitro rcx makes one and a few others they’re all the same with little differences. I think some have different bumpers than others, but they’re all basically the same thing so um yeah it’s got just all adjustable turn. Buckles it’s got the alloy shocks that are definitely gon na need to be definitely gon na. Well, this one’s rubbing here you see this that’s gon na need a little attention. I’M gon na probably end up laying down these shocks it’s a little bit more and it kind of sounds like the gear mesh is a little loose. So when you get these just go over them, there’s a little there’s, not much loctite on that drive cup. So there is but there’s not a lot. So yeah these shocks work, real good, they’re, just gon na have to be tuned up a little bit for your liking. Yeah, they work good there’s. A lot of just adjustability on these you’ve got different adjustments for your camera and your toe and, like i said it comes with the 2 2s hard case, cannot be that price 175 with a lipo. Nothing comes with lipos anymore, if you’re lucky to get a nickel metal with your what’s, your rtr, but anyway guys that’s her hsp brontosaurus, one of the first trucks that i ever started doing stunts with.

I had to get another one. I sold mine a few years ago and i’ve been wanting one ever since, when i saw these for 175, i had to get it now. You can get the brushed one of these on amazon for like ninety seven dollars and that’s. Also, a great a great buy, i believe everything’s the same. I think it might have plastic shocks i’m, not positive, but i know it has a plastic spur, but you can always upgrade your shocks, get a metal spur and a brushless system. So, like forty dollars for brushes systems, five ten dollars for the metal spur gear and you’re set. You know for a hundred and like thirty five dollars, 145 dollars, you could have one of these, but it doesn’t come with a lipo. It comes with a nickel metal, but for someone starting out, you might as well go with the brushed and then upgrade to brushes as you go, and there is plenty of parts you got parts from every manufacturer who sells this plus all the oem parts on ebay And amazon they sell tons of parts for this you can get metal chassis. You can get upgrades for every single thing on these trucks and replacement parts they’re not going to be a problem, so it’s actually a really good platform to start with and it rips the short wheelbase it straight rips. You know if you watch my videos on this. This thing is uh it’s, a beast: i’ll be probably getting some t bone bumpers for it and i’ll probably get a t bone front bumper and then a wheelie bar in the back, because it’s gon na need it.

But anyway guys this is her.