Today we have another unboxing it’s, the hsp baja 94166 buggy um it’s similar to this, but it does have a different body and it is a nitro which i’ve recently got into and i am falling in love with it. Super exciting, so uh what’s great about this one is that this is the cheapest nitro car that i purchased um. I got it from banggood uh. This one came in good shape, at least the packaging did and they have it posted for 190., and i had their 20 discount code, which brought it down to, i think about 155. So this is by far Music, or this is the uh best value nitro uh rc car that i’ve picked up so let’s go ahead and get this open again. Box came in great shape with the tape flap opens up and give it a shot inside. So this is pretty cool, how it is uh, um fly sky, gt2, um, receiver and transmitter. This is a rebrand for the hsp um and you can see in my other videos that i will end up using my fly sky, gt3 c, which holds up to 10 receivers and memories and i’ll bind that to this, but right off the bat. This looks pretty awesome um, so this, let me pull this out and set it up. So what else you get in the box is the uh transmitter? Receiver bind adapter some antenna tube and then the manual okay, okay, just set this down.

So first thing i want to mention is that this is uh bigger than i thought it would be um. I thought the hsps ran a little bit smaller uh. So let me cut this well packaged very secure i’m, very happy about that. This did ship from overseas um, but had decent shipping time and here’s a shot of the transmitter, and i know i mentioned it every time, but i’ll mention it again: um it’s a great value, transmitter there’s, no issues. I have no issues with this, except for that. It uses eight double a batteries um, which is why i use my gt3c uh, which has a rechargeable battery and i can use it on multiple cars so um. This is pretty cool, uh, yeah it’s. Looking pretty awesome. Sorry, i’m! Just adjusting the camera. You get a better shot of it um. So, to tell you about this, this is a 110 scale, uh buggy um, with a cxp 0.18 nitro engine here’s, the body that it came with and i’m really happy about this, because this is a different body than what was in the picture, and i actually like This body, better than the weird swirl loop thing that it had but very happy about this, but this is very similar inside – is very similar to the hsp nitro touring car that i have uh, with the exception of suspension and wheels um and, of course, the body. But otherwise it’s the same 75cc uh fuel tank, uh, again cxp or uh vx vertex, um 0.

18, which is a 2.7 cc engine, i believe or yeah 2.74. They do have this tag here. Hsp is pretty cool because they include this little warning tag that uh and it’s funny, nitra or hybrid32494. I think it is um showed this, but he yeah. It says that you know it tells you basically not to pull the pull starter too far or you’ll break it. Really. These only need to be pulled um 30 to 50 centimeters. I know my i myself already yank it too far than it needs to be, but that’s just something i’m getting used to as a nitro beginner, but a great engine. I don’t think it makes as much power as the force 18, which comes in the vrx nitros but um to continue. What’S awesome about the hsp 110 series is that they most, i think everyone i’ve seen – comes with the stock uh two speed gearbox, which is awesome and so fun. When you hear that second speed kick in um, which the vrx series does not come with, but other than that these are also rebranded as exceed rc and uh redcat uh, nitro and uh there’s a shot of it and uh to give you another look here. Is it next to the vrx, the nitro, with the force 18, so i’ll put the bodies on it? I don’t have the wing installed on this one yet, but i want to give you a good shot of how they look side by side, so they have the same wheelbase.

The body actually makes this one look wider, but i think the vrx has the width. Just a little bit more um and a little bit more uh on the, i guess, the the width itself and the and the tires um but there’s the tire pattern you get knobs on the vrx versus the blocks on the hsp uh. I can’t tell you which one’s better the vrx has adjustable shocks. They’Re, both oil filled, both plastic body aluminum capped, but the vrx is screw adjustable, something i mentioned in my hsp nvrx comparison. Video is, if you look at the differences between these linkages and they have more play, or they tend to have more play than the rods that they use in the vrx. So the package just seems a little bit cleaner and now that i have both buggies here, you can see um the different components they use. This is the servo holder and bracket versus this one, the plastic, nothing wrong with plastic and here’s. The trade off the shock towers are plastic on the vrx versus the metal on the hsp, and this is not a stock pipe. It can. It comes with basically the same plastic pipe, but i already swapped it over to that but i’m pretty impressed, because i did think this one would be a little bit smaller than the vrx, but apparently not and i’ve seen lots of good videos and these things can Take a good amount of tumble and and handle it pretty well they’re similar in weight that’s, just feeling it from picking it up with my hand but anyways uh, very cool, um, very excited and something about the cheaper, an rc cost, the more willing.

Naturally, i am to bash it harder and give it a a meaner run so um. Hopefully that will be the case for for this one, but very excited and uh. The only thing i see myself doing is probably cutting the windows open, um just for airflow and access to the fuel tank and i’ll probably cut this one open to get the pole starter. If i don’t have enough room but yeah i’m i’m super excited very cool to have two buggies to compare nitro and again i’m loving nitro.