I’m Cymye. Today, Cymye and I are going to the Huawei shop. You know, Huawei is not only making good mobile phones but also cars. So today we are gon na hands on …, Not hands on How to call it. Just like a ride, hehe Yeah let’s take a ride. Let’S go First. Lets start with this brand SERES. According to Huawei. Seres is one of the first brands in China to master the extended range electric drive technology and it owns over 1000 intelligent robots with 100 automation. In key production procedures., It seems like a badass company, though Ive never heard of it, probably because I dont know too much about the automobile industry. Lol. Now lets check out the design. Overall, the SF5 sports, a neat and well proportioned crossover, esque, look which does not stray too far from convention. Up front. It features sweptback headlights, a mesh grille, which is neatly integrated into the bumper and a set of distinctive, LED DRLs. From the side. You can see neat bodylines flush door handles a tapering, roofline and, of course, a charging port.. Technically, there are two charging ports, one for fast charging which takes about 1 hour, but the sales representative told me: normally, they dont suggest use fast charging to fully charge as it might damage the battery 80 is good enough. One is the slow charging which takes about 6 hours to fully charge.. What really excites me is for this charging port. It provides emergency power to other, isolated vehicles, V2V kind, like phones, reverse charging, and also it provides vehicle to load, V2L, camping power, supply mode, empowering induction cookers, stereos and other equipment.

So users can have BBQ when they stop. Nice. The rear is dominated by the slim LED taillights that are connected by a full width, light strip. For others. The Seres SF5 has a lightweight aluminum chassis and gets four ball joint double wishbone front suspension and trapezoidal multi link rear suspension.. It has four 21 inch alloy wheels from Pirelli one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world. Thats. Basically, the outer design of the SERES SF5.. One thing I have to mention is: when you hold your key near the car, the car will automatically detect and unlock itself.. When you are away more than 1 meter, then it will lock itself automatically. Smart isnt it Actually its not only smart outside, but also inside.. The moment you open the door, the seat enters welcome mode which will automatically move backwards and downwards. So you can have a better driving position. When you close the door, the seat will back to where it is.. Speaking of the seats, the two front seats come with ventilation, heating and massage functions.. I just want to say: yes, they are comfortable., But sadly, though, the back seats dont have these functions.. Then you will find a very minimalistic and clean dashboard.. There is a rather large 17 inch touchscreen display in the centre of the dashboard and a flat bottom steering wheel alongside it., Just for the record. Currently it hasnt updated with Huaweis HiCar OS, so we wont be able to experience the so called seamlessly.

Switching between phone applications and the vehicles central control panel or turn on your connected devices at home features those., As we have a limited time with the display, so we wont be able to show you every detail of it but seems like it has everything you can Think of., The SF5s interiors also feature wood inserts metallic accents and leather upholstery. To give it an upmarket look.. The interior is being offered in Midnight, Black Garnet, Red and Ivory White trims.. The sales representative told me they use the same material from those high end cars like BMW and Mercedes Benz.. No wonder it looks so premium. Other features in the SF5 include a digital instrument, cluster, its tuned by HUAWEI, SOUND core technicians and acoustic experts, voice controls, a panoramic sunroof and ambient lighting to name a few.. Now about the riding experience., The Huawei SERES SF5 uses a 1.5 liter four cylinder petrol engine and two electric motors in the all wheel drive version.. Unlike other hybrid gasoline electric vehicles, this petrol engine will be used to feed power to the battery.. This is good because it keeps the battery at a certain active status. Remember so many electric cars cant work properly in an extremely cold environment. This wont happen to the Huawei Seres SF5. The combined output from this setup will produce 551hp of peak power and a staggering 820Nm of torque.. These numbers translate into a rather impressive 0 100kmph acceleration timing of 4.

68 seconds. Well thats incredible and to be honest kind of scary. When I experience that moment and the driver says he just slightly steps on the throttle, control., One thing I have to mention is its splendid range.. The SF5 can deliver a claimed range of 180km purely in electric mode.. The extended range is claimed to be 1000km.. This will hopefully mean that owners will not be too worried about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere., But of course, these numbers are tested in the lab and Im really eager to know. How is it in real life.? This smart vehicle is also equipped with L2 automatic, assisted driving traffic congestion assistance and full speed domain adaptive cruise control.. The last one is interesting: when it enters the cruise control mode, you can let your hands off the steering wheel and the car will take over the driving and even recognize the bend and make the corresponding adjustment thats super cool. What I really like about this car is its simple operation. You see when in front of the traffic lights, when you stopped the car, you then step the brake control deeply once and release your foot. You dont have to shift gears this and that and when its time to go, you just step the throttle, control and its get going.. It also has a heads up display. This is good as you dont need to look away from your usual viewpoints, just focus on the front.

. I also like the quietness when driving, I would say, the quietest, car Ive ever taken. And it has four driving modes. You can choose whatever modes you want. And finally, when you are parking, the panoramic camera from every angle, even from the top angle, will help you park safely. Whichs super useful for both beginners and old hands.. Of course, there are much more. I didnt cover in this video, otherwise this video would be endless for more.