24. 7.. If you are new to the channel, please consider subscribing there’s heaps of cool stuff, just like this guy. So this is the one seven scale forward: drive electric hyper car or ex 07 by zd racing now it’s massive it’s ready to run brushless. Obviously what i do like about its forward drive and it looks sick based on the ken block, hoonigan series and funny enough. All the logos actual like uh castrol gopro, all the proper one they’re not actually like a missed mash uh name just so it looks similar they’re actually real. So i don’t know if they got the copyright for this, because the mustang looks pretty damn sweet. The logos everything looks on par, so that’s going to be interesting, but i’ve been excited for an rc car in a while. So this one, i think, looks pretty damn good, so what i’m gon na do? Let me put the camera back up here, so we can look down and actually get out of the box and have a closer look sweet there. It is, like i said, i’d love. This whole hoonigan series anyway. Let’S have a look inside the box. I think this is probably one of the best looking cars see what we get get a sticker set. As you can see, now, look all the ford logos. All that stuff is uh, actually how it is like at hoonigan ford monster energy, all that kind of stuff. This is legit, so i’ll be interested to know if they have the copyright for that or uh.

It might be something maybe a bit later on that uh might be some issues, but we even got the mustang uh badge there as well, so that’s pretty sweet, imx charger, so basic uh. I think you get. You can go up to a three cell battery. So pretty good, if you’re into the hobby, you want to get a normal uh four button charger, but at least you get you out of the uh up and running manual for the controller check out this puppy that looks sweet man that’s massive. What she said: wow there we go so wow, that’s suspension feels pretty good. Now, i’m gon na do a full like run video on this. This one’s, just pretty much gon na, be having a look inside of the box and what you get because i want to it deserves its own unboxing video, in my opinion, because it just looks so cool. Just look at the look at the body. All these, like separately, applied parts, the hood scoop here, that’s got actually applied as well, so it’s, not just a molded piece. You can actually see inside the scoop there as well. So really nice attention to detail and just look at that front. End just check that out it looks so good got lights in there as well. I do love these wheels. You know each of their own, but i think they look really nice with the massive aluminium lock nuts there. So that looks really sweet exhaust coming out of the side flip around to the back.

You can just see how sweet that looks. Awesome, huh, so let’s get the body off. Okay, i’ve actually put it on as standing, so i could spin it around for you guys. A bit of a closer look without having to move everything around but take the body off awesome you look underneath it’s got the leds for the rear, tail lights and the front tail lights as well. It’S got its own little controller in there or something like that. So it’s pretty sophisticated it’s got nice buckets there as well, and that also goes in the back as well so check out that so, like i said, a lot of parts that are applied not just with double sided tape but actual hardware, so that’s pretty damn sweet. Pretty big body, it feels definitely thicker than normal alexa and, as you can look how thick that is definitely thicker than normal accent. When you take the body off, you are greeted with a controller that’s always handy now these controllers are light actually quite decent for a ready to run kits. It’S got everything you need on here. It’S got your dual rates: uh your returns, your forward and reverse. Obviously, left and right it’s a four channel radio, so that is sweet because it needs it because it also does have a like a break. A separate brake switch in here because normal brushes cars you don’t have brakes the engine braking is enough, but this also has disc brakes as well and look at that.

It does also come with two lipo batteries so that extremely handy and it’s well it’s real ready to run. I guess it’s got everything that you need apart from some batteries in the controller you’re ready to go. So if you first look into the batteries, you get two 5 000 milliamp hour batteries and that’s, no good that should be plugged in because two five thousand million power, three cell batteries – they are 35c. So that should be plenty of punch. They are dense connection so um. You know it is what it is. You can always change it out later on. If you see fit, i normally like to get xd 90s, but it does come with two. At least you’ve got two 5000 milliamp hour batteries ready to rock and roll, so 6s power there. Actually, what i want to do i’ll show you underneath massive flat chassis, they’re, all countersunk. Obviously, it’s got a really nice diffuser here during oh, there goes one of the batteries nice diffuser there front splitter as well, kicked up at the front kind of hard to see, but does look really good, it’s, pretty heavy as well, obviously, for a 1 7 scale. Car now what i just noticed here on the side as well, you got this double sided tape that you can peel off to help when you put the body on stick it to the sides of this chassis, because that’s going to give you a nice kind of.

I don’t know i don’t know if it’ll give like a downforce effect, but at least if everything’s on there, the body won’t be like wanting to parachute. When you do high speed runs because you know the airs can’t get underneath it’s got these nice skirts on the side they kind of hug it all really nice. There shouldn’t be any issues with that, all right. Taking the camera down to get a nice closer. Look here now this brushless motor is a 428 to 1900 kv motor, pretty damn quick, it’s paired up with 150 amp esc. Now that doesn’t look like the normal esc. Hopefully this is maybe a rebranded one, but has 150 amp esc, so that obviously obviously can support the 6s battery that’s. Why we’ve got two 3s here, giving our 6s total power so that’s pretty damn decent? Now, if you look down here, we have a what’s, a standard size steering servo and that is 15 kilos as well pretty big it uh. I think that’s, normally one of the things that i change on the rtr cars, sometimes the brushes motor decent, but normally the steering servo and the esc, but obviously we’ll run all this stock. But this is kind of weird because it does have that extra brake system. Just here it has another servo right here, so you don’t normally see that on a brushless car, an electric kind of manner, it’s only really one server for the steering dual cooling fans there to keep that motor, nice and well, hopefully around temperature, because i guess it Will get pretty damn hot? Apparently you can get up to 130 kilometers an hour, but that’s uh.

You know specs on the paper. One thing but in reality is another, but uh we’ll find it out. You know you never know it could be possible. Such a big car being one seventh it’s it’s, pretty pretty bloody heavy. Now you probably get around about i’d, say 15 to 20 minutes with those stock, 5000 milliamp hour batteries, so that’s that’s, decent runtime, now i’m. Just looking around the car here, nice scale looking rims and tires that look really cool. You also do have front and rear sway bar so there’s your front spin around to the rear. As you can see, your rear sway bars as well really beefy setup here. For this rear, diffuser it’s, not just underneath it’s, actually got brackets up top that help support it. It’S not just flopping around in the breeze from the bottom it’s got them at the top, and really nice anodized and cnc machine front and rear shock towers. As you can see that look very cool, very nice setup and you have all around the top section of the car, a nice chassis brace now look yes, it looks very similar to the armor. What is the felony, and i think, that’s what the whole competition for this for this is now spinning around here. Looking at these gears, it definitely is well to me it does look like a steel, pinion and spur gear. You can’t really tell when you’re running on the ground but i’m pretty sure it is this front and rear, as you can see so because it has that brake system, you can lock it up all that kind of all that kind of fun stuff.

For you know, for drifting purposes now i’m. Looking here at the drive shafts, it seems like you’ve got three drive shafts in the center, so you’ve got one here, one here and one here. They all magnate from the center differentials. They’Ve got one at the front two here so supported by a bearing and goes to your front and rear differentials. Obviously, all metal geared all that kind of cool stuff to. Hopefully, you know put up with the power that that’s that this can dish out. Normal dog bone drive shafts at the rear uh. They say a 107 millimeter. So i guess i mean 107 millimeters long and at the front, they’re 103 millimeters. So you can’t chop and change the front: the rear, i’m, sorry the front 103, the rear, 107 millimeters, but uh. You know hopefully like with all these kind of cars. Hopefully parts are available now looking here, the suspension components, you’ve got metal or aluminium here. Sorry plastic. At the bottom and obviously you’ve got your tie, rods and stuff which you can adjust the camber uh at the back. But at the front you can adjust your camber. Your towing and toe out. It’S got plastic upper and uh lower suspension components, but also the hub is aluminium as well. You can see in there aluminium and i do like the anodized got. The pin there what’s that suspension uh, i can’t, remember exactly that’s cool, but the brace for the pins are aluminium.

Your oil filled coil over shocks, really nice fully adjustable. As you can see. A nice anodized aluminum for aluminium and white spring, so that’s kind of a nice contrast. Looking sweet now spin, it let’s have a look down this way and, as you can see, does have an adjustable steering damper or steering system there. So when you hit something too bad, as you can see there, if you lock it up you’re going to hit that spring before you do any real damage to the servo, any other components this spring will take the hit but to adjust it. You just wind that down like that. I probably will anyway, because that can also affect your driving characteristics on the server. If it’s too sloppy, then the servo might be too slow or feels too slight, just because this guy’s a bit too loosey goosey, so i’ll tighten that up and uh. That should make it a little bit better, as you can see, always always full straight away. Tighten it up and yeah there is your metal spurgy, so pretty damn uh, pretty damn beefy massively uh thick center, brace as well that adjust well that’s. Holding the the center differential should be plenty. Fine and it’s got a it’s got aluminium, brace there as well. Holding that all together so keeping everything intact: aluminium motor mount and nice aluminium heat fins to help cool that little motor down yeah it’s, just like a a bigger one, one eighth car and zooped up i’m.

Just looking around see everything out of the ordinary nice foam. Bumper here the quality definitely looks uh on par with other manufacturers as well. Now zd hasn’t been bad. Some of the aftermarket support, uh trying to get parts have been, but this looks good everything feels nice. One thing it also has is droop screws. You can just see just down there. Oh it’s easy to see the ones at the rear, so what they are you screw them down and they can raise and lower the car. So i actually just screwed them down then, and it lowered it already, and it looks much better next video, i will run it. I do want to do the running video this one because it just takes too long people. You know it’s trying to find that fine balance of being too long or too short if it’s 20 minutes people just don’t, watch past six minutes or five minutes anyway, so that’s what it is also i’ve got to mention these nice little like rest or purchase for The body to sit on so it doesn’t just blow a hole straight through that’s good to see and when i was looking around as well. I don’t know if i should put all the stickers on, but i put the little pony logo there the front. So that looks cool and also i attached the double sided tape that comes with it on the side that was there previously attach it to the body.

So when it sits on the body now it’s a real it’s, a real snug fit you put it down like that: you’re not you’re, not just relying on the body posts to give strength or rigidity, it’s actually stuck onto the side just there like that. So that looks thick yeah lower to see straight away. You can tell that front. End doesn’t, look cool. I think it looks great. What do you guys think links in the description want to go check it out next video? I will get it up and running and see how it performs and uh give you guys a good test, but so far so good love, the look of it looks cool and uh. I won’t waste you guys time too much like if you don’t you a good thumbs up any. If you have this, leave your comments down below or anything you’d like to see.