You guys this is actually my first low c rc car i’ve always wanted a low seat, but never had a chance to pick one up well, today’s the day, we’re going to go ahead and get this thing unboxed and check it out and right off the bat You guys i got to tell you this thing is huge: it’s got a really big box, pretty comparable to the size. Well, let’s see. If we see that the x max box well and that’s there, we go you kind of see right there, not as big but really close i’m a real big fan of bigger rc’s. They just tend to handle better they’re heavier, so they kind of soak up the the jumps and bumps so we’re gon na go ahead and get this thing unboxed and check it out. Let’S go ahead and do it we’ll go ahead and give you guys a better idea of how big that box actually is. You can see it takes up a pretty considerable amount of space on my desk and that’s a a bigger desk. So you can see it’s just massive we’re not going to go over everything on the box just because it’s, so big and it’s hard to turn and there’s really not too much on it. That i could see would go ahead and just kind of give you guys a look, a little peek we’re not going to go over everything. If you guys are, are curious, you could go ahead and pause it and and go over it.

If you would like see on the back side of the box, we’ll go ahead and show you guys the back of the box here, you see the cage work. It’S got the cutaway with without the body shows you what it looks like underneath the body it’s got a dynamite esc and a 750 kv motor. The ac is capable of 160 amps wow that’s. A lot of amps it’s got a spectrum controller there. The spectrum controllers are alright own one other truck with the spectrum, which is my actual grade digger, but nothing really special there. But i would say that’s enough with the boring stuff. Let’S go ahead and get this thing open before we go ahead and get in the box here i got to show you guys the side view right here, the low c super rock ray. That thing is just ripping man. I can’t wait to get this thing out and we’re definitely going to be running on on 8s we’re going to do things a little different today, we’re going to have my lovely fiance, miss amanda help us with the unboxing. The box is just too big for me to put put the camera on the tripod and be able to show you guys everything. She is sporting, a full throttle, obsessions t, shirt, go ahead and turn around baby it’s got our big full throttle obsessions logo on the back of it. Now, as always, if you guys are curious about the t, shirts or the the low c, super rock ring, i’ll go ahead and put those links down in the description below, but all right without further ado let’s go ahead and get into it.

She already knew where the knife was. I actually didn’t. I showed her where the tape was on the box, but not the knife. What do you think? Maybe this had a pretty big box or what yeah it’s gon na, be a big rc, all right, all right we’ll go ahead and take a peek inside there all right. We got to pull the little cover off. Oh, go ahead, that’s the controller right there just set that aside for now, Applause, wow, look at that thing! That is nice. What do you think is that pretty baker, what yeah let’s hope i don’t break it this time she took her max out for the first time bought her an rc. In the first run. She went ahead and broke the the caster block on it, so she wanted a bigger one. So i conned her or she conned me into getting the low c here. All right go ahead and let’s take that controller out. Babe show them the spectrum controller. There we go, let me see, ah, it feels pretty comfortable comfortable and you know i’m, not too keen on. They seem fairly made fairly cheap nowadays, but they’re. Actually not bad controllers set that to the side, all right baby go ahead and pull they actually got. This thing packaged pretty good. Oh you got the parts out. We’Ll definitely have to take a look at that. Oh and it comes with batteries for the controller that is definitely kind of nice.

This is the first rc that i think that’s ever came with batteries. For the controller it’s got any job, it’s got some tools in there. It’S got a nice star, wrench nice put that to the side, let’s go ahead and get that truck out. One thing: it’s packaged pretty well it’s, definitely not moving anywhere. Oh, there goes uh. We usually like to wait till we get that out before we take that off. Babe hey, it came off with the cardboard. I know i seen that that’s, usually one of the fun factors of the boxing right there you got it nice. Let me get the box out of the way for you, so you can sit on the desk. One handed here, i don’t know what’s left in the box, but it was just the cardboard man that thing’s nice turn it around whoa it’s heavy too. All right baby get back over here now. What that thing is. Actually that is, is a nice size, rc that’s big. Now what what stands out to you baby first thing i liked was the light bar the light bar. It has a few light bars. You got a light bar right: there it’s led you got one on the roof and you got another one out back here, which is really nice. So that way, when you’re driving at night, you can tell the front and the back of the rc now what else does stands out to you come on? You got this one, the tires the tires.

What about the tire stands out? I feel more firm compared to some of the ones that you have. They feel more firm, huh let’s see they do they actually feel really firm. I suppose i would have to if you’re going to be running on 8s. Is it they don’t shred if they don’t shred yeah, we shredded some tires it’s pretty much like the the 6s versus 8s x max the 8s x max it’s, the same design, tire just a firmer compound. Now one thing that really sticks out to me, which is cool, is the reservoirs on the shocks and this they’re fox shocks. That’S kind of nice and it’s got some reservoirs, but they’re they’re, not true reservoirs, they’re, just kind of fake but wow, the suspension’s nice that’s. Really, nice, that is nice, i’m guessing that’s the clips or well the there there’s, no clips the body’s screwed on. So if you want to take the body off you’re, going to it’s kind of like the way that traxxas udr is you got to unscrew all these screws to get the body panels off, which is nice, it’s, really not a need to take the body off all The time go and kind of get a side view there and look at those shocks. Those shocks are are pretty massive man. It’S got bump stops in the shock itself, which is nice. It’S got some good sized dry shafts on it. Now what stands up to me? Oh, oh and those are rubber, that’s nice too, the little nettings on the side that is nice now let’s go to the back.

Of course we got a sp, a functional spare tire. So if you rip one of the tires, you throw another one on you’re, not not out for the day, which is really nice, because we’ve definitely shredded tires before somebody straight tires on the max. I got one compared to how many you have Laughter and i got ta catch up. Babe catch up with me. We’Re gon na be broke. Now this guy’s a solid rear axle. With a four link set up and what’s nice. You can see the limiting straps, which is really nice, got slimming straps on it. Well, some grease or something like that, wow. That is definitely a really nice suspension setup, so we got solid, actual rear and we got a wishbone set up in the independent up front. Applause it’s got some flex to it, wow that is nice. I definitely like the cage too look at the cages. We got some mirrors on the side, they’re pretty flexible, so hopefully those mirrors, don’t break and also you can see we got a little dang. I can’t even think of the name fire extinguishers there. We go had a brain fart there for a second which is nice. It gives it a really kind of scale look now. We do got a lot of these types of trucks we’re in california, so we do got a lot of full size rigs out here, because we have king of the hammers and johnson valley and a lot of rock race in advance.

Give another side view that thing is awesome. What do you think about the colors babe? I like it? I like it too. The silver and red it’s got imitation bead locks on it, which is nice and the red kind of makes it stand out. Let’S go ahead and look at the bottom. Now that is an aluminum aluminum chassis, which is nice, it’s, not plastic, so that’s, definitely a plus back dry shaft appears appears to be plastic. It’S, a plastic drive shaft, so i’m. Guessing the battery goes in here and the motor and everything is under here about to figure out how to open that up in a second here, let’s go ahead to the inside Applause and see you got two little. You got a driver and a passenger there, and you can see that big dynamite esc capable of 160 amps sitting right into the in the center there. Well, that is nice now right away. We have a little issue right out of the box. When i grabbed the rear axle, i felt something wet you see. We got some axle oil or something it’s coming out somewhere kind of right. There leaked in the box as well, which i didn’t notice, because i didn’t take it out, but kind of see what’s leaking right there, so we’re gon na have to kind of figure out where it’s leaking at maybe give them a call and see what we could Do or if it’s, something if it’s a quick fix, we’ll go ahead and get it fixed, but that’s a bummer.

We want to go drive it, but we definitely don’t want to drive it if it has. If it’s low on diff fluid so we’re going to go ahead and check that out, get that handled before we take it out, here’s a little size comparison for you guys put it up next to my traxxas udr, and you can see that thing is they’re both Really big trucks, but you can see the rock ray it’s quite a bit taller and longer than the udr man that rock way looks mean man. That thing looks awesome all right now, we’re going to go ahead and put it against the x maxx all right now. For the size, comparison against the x max, not quite as big as the max but the x maxx is a monster. It is definitely pretty dirty. I got ta clean it off, but you can see the x maxx is just a monster, but not taking anything away from the super rock ray it’s a massive rc as well. They both weigh about the same. In fact, i think the rock ray might be a little heavier, but it does have a aluminum chassis, so it’s going to add a little weight compared to the plastic. But what i noticed too, the front of the rock ray is definitely heavier than the x maxx, but these are two awesome rc’s here. Look at that man. They both just look amazing. Try to give you guys a little better view, all right.

You guys that was just my quick unboxing of the low c super rock ray i’m a little bit disappointed that there something is leaking pretty good. I don’t know if it’s the shocks or the the rear housing, but we’re gon na go ahead and check it out. A little better and and uh see what’s leaking for sure before we go ahead and give them a call, but once we get that little issue figured out, we’ll be doing our first run. Now, if you want some more information on the rockaway itself, i’ll go ahead and put those links in the description below. I hope you guys liked the video and, as always, please like, share and subscribe.