com literally, that is the name of these things. I’Ve just actually bought these myself. Why have you done that? Richie? They are 100c rated, 6s packs yeah. So what but a 6 000 milliamps a piece and those two things combined mean they have a rating of 133 watt hours, a piece meaning these things should give a huge punch in my latest iteration of my armor felony, now i’m. Going to give you a quick talk around the car and then i’m going to take you out and show you just how much power these things have got and, as you may notice, from the car, the paradise give is quite devastating. But then let me show you the new power plant and you may find out why? Well, as i say, i do this stuff, so you don’t have to. As you can see, the body has taken a bit of a pounding on there on this side and i’ve discovered. The car has actually got a nascar style, rear wing tucked away under the rearing which is no longer attached to the car and we’ve got a bit of bodywork damage at the back here. So i’m gon na have to completely replace this tray. You might need to replace that with an entire new body certainly need a new rear wing. So what have we got hiding under the skin that caused that damage from the power from those two batteries? Well, at heart of the matter, got a castle xlx2 esc, which, with that mount fits under the bodywork without any fouling or whatsoever castle 1650 kv motor on there 34 tooth spool, 29 tooth pinion.

You will notice just one battery connector. That is because, because in today’s rc lipo battery test, you’re gon na see this car running with these two batteries. In parallel. For one thing, i wanted the extra weight in there to keep this car on the ground, which has been a bit of an issue, but i figure with both of those running in parallel. We’Re gon na get absolutely huge, combined power, which the castle esc should be more than capable of handling, so let’s go and see just how good this combined setup is i’m going to talk about the punch. The batteries give the duration and you’re going to find out exactly what kind of power this car’s got to cause. That kind of damage anybody’s interested in fitting a similar setup. I will put links to the plate below the video and a big shout out to el morehead. It was videos on the armor felony i’ve found particularly inspirational. Well, this is literally a test of rc lipo batteries because the name of the batteries i’ve shown you is These are 100 c. 6. 000 milliamp 6s packs i’ve got them running here in parallel, so i should be giving me a total of 12 000 milliamps on there powering this xlx2 esc. I found this combination to be devastatingly effective. This is my newcastle 1650 motor we’re running a 29.2 pinion 34 tooth spool on here. So i’ve set the speed meter running and we’ll, see how we get on on there, but in mind i’m interested in the power delivery, duration of the batteries, etc, etc.

Nice uh sunny california evening for once and for once, there’s less wind than normal, which has been plaguing me down at this venue anyway. Let’S check everything’s going well. The power delivery on this car bear in mind. It’S got the 34 too small in the 2019 pinion power delivery is frightening. That’S, spinning all four wheels on a hard launch put a spool on, for goodness sake, let’s get a bit heat in the tires. Okay, give it a bit of run right, feed that power in you can feed it in quite hard. Oh man. Applause said i think that front spoiler might be catching actually up. Harren now, Music, i’m myself baby anyway, just want to check my gps is still on board, see what we got out of that a power delivery from these batteries. Absolutely awesome 79 miles an hour on there, but the front spoiler. I loaded it down a bit. The other day to try and get it to stop flipping, and i think it’s catching the ground a bit and it is quite expensive to run in this combination. It’S, probably lasting about two battery packs before the tires are wearing out, which is quite expensive, might look smooth but there’s some nasty bumps down here and at speed. It does want to flip. Come on. This car is done 114 miles an hour with a cap back on nothing behind me. Come on let’s get on that power. Really Applause i’d run up now, it’s quite dusty.

Today, Applause it’s, spinning all four wheels. That is the main problem. I decreased the downforce on the rear because i thought that was a problem and i have a feeling i might have caused the problem by doing that, don’t believe stole it boy. Oh, i think. On a plus side, i am gon na need to experiment with the new rear wing anyway, as that one appears to be uh to use the polite technical term slightly damaged there pulled away completely on there. Oh look: it’s got like a little nascar type, spoiler on the back. I might as well rip that completely off, because that is damn useless. When you pocket doesn’t leave any litter. That body is taking a pounding, but it is um. There are not many cars. You could flip at that kind of speed. Applause power. These batteries have got is absolutely frightening without that rear, spoiler, it’s proven interesting Applause. Well, with a feeling we could do with like a rash, shiffering type carbon fiber wing. On the back of this thing to keep this power down, it is just bonkers with the thing and earl mohad has been a huge inspiration to me so do check out hill’s videos, because he’s done some awesome ones of the felony 97 miles an hour. That is more like it, but bear in mind. It is still spinning all four wheels at speed, which is quite terrifying and i’m having to steer that at speed there as well.

But thing you need to bear in mind with this car is you’d, be thinking it wouldn’t drift with that big with a gear ratio, but it will drift with the best of them in fact, but the problem is it’s got so much power. It will blow the rear tyres, so got to be a bit careful because it is rather expensive to run as i say, but these packs are showing no signs at all of any kind. It’S just ballistic the power on the thing, Applause, they’re, spinning the rear wheels. All the time i mean it’s a powerful setup anyway, but with those batteries in parallel, but with the batteries in parallel. That thing is just playing crazy wait. Am i going through another rear tire? There richie have a quick sanity check look beginning to wear through. I think the comments coming – oh very, warm, probably coming slightly and glued with the heat and oh, i think i might need a new rear tray as well. Jewels of speed runs well duration, wise i’ve been running hard, as can be coming up on 100 mile, an hour passes for coming up on 35 minutes, and they have still got as much punch coming from these batteries. As from the second, i started driving with them. They are just not telling off at all they’re, not necessarily the cheapest the batteries, but they do appear to do exactly what they say on the tin and they certainly have the feel of genuine 100c batteries on there that combined with running them.

In parallel on this, car is proving absolutely devastating so much so that it’s wearing at the expensive tires. But i think a new rear wing might help cut the previous one down to reduce the downforce to increase the speed. But i think i was getting, but that’s decreased, the grip at the rear and i’ve had problems as a result of that so on the new. So when i forget, the new wing new body fitted to the car i’m gon na keep the rear wing at the same height to start with and see how we get on in terms of improving the tire, if i can i’d like to keep it on this Side as it is seemingly a little smoother, but the tires are nearly at it. It’S gone, i think attire’s gone yep, time’s gone so fronts up to about it as well, so new set of rears to go on there anyway. These battery packs are showing the power delivery from these batteries is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous, particularly in this parallel combination. I mean it’s been in all four wheels at any point in the rev range. It is definitely one of the combinations i’ll be working on with this car, but this setup will take 8 s but at a rear tire, as you might tell as completely so. What do we think of the rc lipo batteries and a felony in general under its new setup, these things aren’t the cheapest of batteries? I will say – and i took a bit of a chance getting these, but the power delivery is everything i could possibly have hoped for.

I was running this car flat out on these things for over 40 minutes, which is pretty good value on there. In fact, the tires were the only thing that caused me to call a whole to the whole test on there and at the start of this run dodge tires were in pretty good shape. Indeed, as i say in this combination, it is not the cheapest of cars to run if i don’t drive it that nicely it’s getting through tires about every two sets of battery packs through the car, but it is such fun to drive. It is untrue. Bodywork i’ve got some major work to do on the aero, cutting the rear wing down major mistake because it lessened the grip on the rear and i was getting wheel spin at just about any point in the rev range. When the car was going long. Maybe around 65 70 i’d go full throttle and i could feel and hear all four wheels lighting up. A lot of that is obviously down to the power of the motor and the esc, but the icing on the cake has to be the power coming from those battery packs, as ever time will tell with the batteries, because they could go puffy in a week. They could go puffy in a month. They could be fine for two years. We will only tell as time goes on. The only thing i changed over on them was the connectors as they came with an ec5 on there and the xlx2 comes with an xt60 connector on it.

So i really wanted to stay with those if anybody’s interested in fitting the same setup to that car i’ll. Put a link to everything on the car, including that mount which enables you to fit all of the stuff under the stock body. Anyway, i have a feeling this car may be capable of 120 plus with this combination on there, particularly when i go to 8s, which is going to be the next step after i’ve got an order, a new body tonight anyway, as ever. If you like, what you see today, then don’t forget like share and uh subscribe well thumbs up.