Eight s, unboxing scale fifth scale, adding it to the family. We have very few fifth scales. Wow few i mean geez most, i think most people. What do you just have well? Is it like everything else? Once you get one, you got to get another one or you just have one because they’re so big. That seems to be the trend to keep buying. I think that’s, all of rc you get you never can just have one, and so today we welcome the newest fifth scaler to the family. This is awesome. This is extremely awesome. Um before we get caught in canada, actually that’s fine. This is, you need another technically we’re gon na have two of the low seat, axles and so ellie’s, and so i have the x maxx and the creighton is technically yours. I think yeah the creighton ate us is mine, and so this is my bibs. You know what, if you, if you get rid of your x maxx, then it’s a hundred percent yours. Otherwise we have to share done wow before we cut into this. I would like to thank today’s sponsor. This is one of my favorite snacks buffalo dip, a very delicious dip that my favorite way to eat. It is to warm this up in a bowl. You dip some pretzels in there’s, a thousand ways you can eat it, but i like to just eat it. On a pretzel, it is delicious. You can snack on it all day long.

The best part about it is owned. Operated by a small family they’ve been affected by coven. They can’t go to trade, shows and stuff anymore, believe it or not. That was like kind of like their bonus money like their vacation money. You know they need a little extra, so send them some love. They’Ve got it set up online. Actually, they worked with us just to get it set up, so they could sell online uh through our channel and they even set up an exclusive rc sales promo code. This is kind of all new to them, selling online, so send them some love, please at least try it out. If you don’t love it, you know, give it as a gift or something but you’re doing a very good thing by helping them out so back to the outcast. To me, i think just being able to try snacks from different areas like you can’t get this. Unless you live local and now you can buy it online so like to be able to try snacks from like different areas, i think that’s so cool. That alone is cool, especially if it’s someone, i trust and i’m saying it’s i mean i love food and the old time viewers of our channel know that if i could invite you guys to you, know, try my favorite local foods. I would – and this is the best way. Finally, finally, we can cope in safeway yeah, whatever all right, the arma outcast, oh no more yeah, but i think you can just peel it.

This is awesome. Watch out, i can’t even see the truck still the tires are huge yep. Oh my gosh there’s even more cardboard like support i’m telling you too, this thing is so heavy it took. I mean i can lug it around, but abby couldn’t get it by herself. Wow. Can you see it yet? I can i like that that red is like it’s, almost like a blood red, you know or like a like a wine red it’s kind of like a purpley red, yeah, it’s, very maroon. I, like it, it’s not quite maroon, because i’m, not a huge fan of maroon if red can have a feminine touch. I think this is the red one. No feminine feminine red would be like candy apple red. I don’t know about that. No no. This is very. Like old school, this is very reminiscent of like an old pickup truck or something they have that like wood sticker, oh yeah, but i’m. Talking about the red color it’s, pretty okay, can you lift it? Yeah i’ll build the box back up wow. This is a beast! Wow should support it, wow wow wow. All right, i like the looks of the wheelie bar in the back. The shocks are ginormous. The wheels are ginormous wow it’s. Very heavy it’s got like these massive dust shields on the side right there awesome i’ve seen this thing. Do some crazy stuff online and you know what i’m gon na say.

I know that it’s fifth scale, but this thing is ridiculously huge. It is way bigger in person than i was expecting, it’s kind of like when you see a video of this. It does not do it justice on the size, that is massive massive and when you said that you wanted to get this for 2021c, if you haven’t noticed we’re gearing up for a good year in 2021. You know we want to have some fun so we’ve. We got ourselves like the dji fpv. We got this recent, you know all these things are kind of happening recently and, of course, we’re still going to have super budget things on the channel too, but uh. When you told me you wanted to pick this up, i thought yeah. Okay, all right, it’s, it’s time, the rma outcast 8s, but when i picture it online and stuff, i i don’t think it’s this huge. That is just massive. I think you just picture it like this yeah i’m. Pretty sure when i told you i want this, i think you thought it was like a maroon version. I was getting this, i think that’s when i ordered it i’m, pretty sure you thought that’s what it was and i was like no nathan. This is the beast. It is insane, though scale. I believe right is this. The thing i don’t know i don’t know about that. I can’t remember it’s been we’ve had that for a long time was this even horizon that no, this is hottie co there’s, a hobby, co sticker.

They don’t exist anymore, crazy, ah so that’s pretty cool. I, like that yeah that’s like history now i sounded like charlie brown when he kicked the phone my hand crashing against the shelf. Oh that really hurt. Shall we we shall okay, this is called teamwork. Guys. Can you win it’s? Yours though, so you win. You know what you go right ahead. You take your time buffalo, i didn’t even get to heat it up for this. No, you are eating Music. All right there, we go wow, see why wasn’t this there on the mojave, i was looking for it. Wow got glitter in it, that’s cool, that’s cool. The paint does yeah like a little bit of shimmer. You see that yeah that’s gon na look good on the sun, so the esc is like as big as the lid on this jar like. If that gives you size reference or like here’s, a water bottle, it’s like half the size of a normal water, bottle, it’s crazy, that’s, a huge yes see. I mean mass here: okay, water bottle right tire, that’s nuts, that is the same height. You know i mean this is a giant rc monster truck or i mean it’s considered a monster truck right. So let me see this laser etched. Bottom, you speak of sir. Did you even shut up? Okay, one time for you guys here we go everybody ready, Laughter. How many sit ups, do you do every day, um i’m gon na start eventually one day, there’s a heatsink and then a fan on top of that and the fan that’s on that heatsink, the fan that’s on the heatsink is actually bigger than most esc’s than most Of the rc’s that we run that’s cool you, like your new truck, i do okay check out the tower to tower chassis support beams.

This one reminds me a lot of the great natives yeah there’s a lot of similarities at the bottom, a lot of it. This one won’t be quite as stable, but still probably very stable. It still sits kind of low. This is impressive. I like this. I love monster trucks, so this is going to be fun. I’M excited to see how it drives huh yeah i’m, a little jealous because, like i like pickup trucks, a lot and obviously that’s styled, look a little bit like a pickup truck like a pickup truck monster truck and for our fifth skills. This. I know that creighton 8s is new, newer and stuff right isn’t. It newer. I can’t, remember the timeline, i think so. Okay, this might be newer than the crate, but i am not sure i cannot remember it’s just i know it’s not brand new it’s been out for a while. I like this. I like the way it looks all right, so we have the telemetry radio. This is the spectrum dx3 um, with the throttle limits, it’s, really nice. We are gon na do a speed test with this, so be sure to subscribe and make sure your notification bell is on so you don’t miss that video, because it’s just fun to see how fast something can go. You know we just take. We just take a very casual approach to the hobby. I think that we drive our rc’s, like most people would drive overseas right, you know, and so we we very much appreciate the things that we have uh.

We try to. We try to run them hard enough. So that you guys know what to expect, you know we don’t just putts around to two miles an hour, but we want you guys to have realist a realistic expectation going into whatever you’re gon na buy i’m pretty proud of our channel. You know here we are eight years into this and a quarter of a million subscribers somewhere around there. That means there’s a quarter of a million people that just like to have fun in this hobby and uh also might enjoy sitting down and watching with their family. Nothing they have to like mute every five seconds or anything. I like the stars on the wheels it’s cool, oh yeah, it looks good. I bet. No man ever noticed that i know it looks good. So what i was saying is, if you guys want to support what we do. Our channel we’ll have this linked in the description box below but, of course, we’re not asking everybody to run out there and buy a what 800 it’s expensive rc. You know this is we’re the rc sailors. This is what we do, so we kind of we do this occasionally. You know this is a tree by all means is a big treat for us um. But if you want to support us, you don’t have to buy this, but if you need a battery, you need a charger, you’re thinking about buying a new airplane or any rc ground vehicle.

You can click our link and go to the website and as soon as you get there just search for whatever you want and you can buy that thing while you’re there and we will get a little bit of credit and it goes a long way. It helps our channel out. It helps our family out. You know, popeye gets a couple extra treats occasionally there’s a license plate, oh yeah. It says outcast, yeah and every square inch of this has something good to look at it’s, really awesome. So yeah. If you want to support us, use those links down there, guys and we’re always very grateful for that means a lot and and just showing all of our gratitude here we want to thank god for all the goodness in our lives and just the hearts pumping here. We are, it was pretty beautiful day today, getting a little rain now and everything, but uh that’s what these unboxing videos are for and just to help keep the lights on, and the channel rolling strong guys want to thank our patreon supporters. We couldn’t do it without you, it’s been that way for a long time. You know i mean i think our channel would be half of what it is, if not, if not even half, without that patreon support team, so you guys mean the world to us. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, abby. What are we gon na? I know i if you have not seen this video, yet you need to go watch it.

It is the arma creighton versus the traxxas x maxx in a title that was fun, pretty fun.