We have the huina toys 1570 timber grab excavator this thing’s pretty cool. This is a lot like their really popular 1550 excavator, but instead of the dirt bucket, it has like the claw for grabbing things and manipulating them. I went ahead and i picked this one because i thought this would be more fun. Just messing around in the house kind of screwing around with things so let’s just take a look at what we got. You can see the whole front of the box is this window here i like boxes like this. You can see the machine. Everything looks great controller in the back. You know exactly what you’re getting ages, eight and up controller included full function, light and sound it’s got a demo mode. It’S got the die cast claw this thing’s, pretty cool huina advertises it as a 1 14 scale. In reality, it’s a little small for that it’s, probably closer to like a 1 18, maybe a 1 20th scale, but in real life these machines are pretty big. So this thing is still pretty dang big. You can see. We got some box art on this end. On the back end, we’ve got the machine. 2.4 gigahertz controller we’ve got some other information listed here. Timber crawl, i think that’s supposed to say claw, but they’ve got the word crawl here. I also like you can see in this photo i’m, not sure how that log on the bottom is being held in there.

It doesn’t really look like the claw. Has it but uh magic, claw, let’s, just let’s just say: it’s got a magic claw anyway. We’Ve got a nice carrying handle on this side of the box. You can see helena we’ve got some demonstration photos here of its functions on the bottom of the box. There’S just a whole lot of information. Yeah, i don’t know, looks pretty cool without further ado. Let’S. Just rip it open and see, what’s inside so we’ll go ahead and slice the tape on this end it on out it’s tight there. It goes all right. We’Ve got our machine on the back. It looks like we’ve got our charger taped into this little cubby hole here, just a standard, little usb charger. You can plug this into any usb outlet plug your battery in it’ll, uh trickle charge it good to go let’s see. I think this little guy right here is probably holding our controller in go ahead and cut that we’ve got our controller. Take a better look at that in a minute. Let’S just get the machine out of the box, so we can get this styrofoam off. The table looks like we’ve got, one zip tie over here. All right and the whole thing pulls out cool there. We go all right. First, we’ll, look at this controller. You know um. I don’t really dislike these like game style controllers, it’s like a like an xbox or a ps2 controller, or something i mean it’s really comfortable.

It’S got full functions it. It weighs absolutely nothing. It feels really really cheap, but you know this machine itself was less than 100 bucks. So what can you really expect as long as it does its job, then there’s really not much to say about it, takes two double a’s. You got to take this screw out and once you take that out, you can toss that those are actually required by law now in all of these battery doors. So every time i get one of these, you know i just take that screw out, throw it out. Good to go uh, you know just cheap and plasticky, but again as long as it does the job, it does the job. But this is what we’re really here for the machine itself: weight wise, it’s, uh, pretty hefty it’s got a nice bit of weight to it. The body is plastic, the boom is plastic, the claw is metal. The claw is very substantial feeling got some styrofoam stuck to it. There turn it around. You can see the other side more styrofoam, a bunch of styrofoam stuck to it really good. Looking, though i mean it’s a really scale, looking machine, all the details, look fantastic. All the hydraulic hoses here everything looks on point. Take a look at the back that’s nice. I think this is our battery door here pop that open all right here’s our battery. This is a little uh looks like a 400 milliamp hour 7.

2 volt nicad battery, which you know in a in a normal, rc car. You would burn this up really quickly, but in this machine these things don’t take a ton of power. This battery pack will last you probably a good 45 minutes i’m willing to bet that this this battery pack is going to do just fine in this vehicle. There’S really no need to upgrade to anything. This is going to last you a good long time in this truck or excavator, whatever you want to call it covered in styrofoam styrofoam everywhere, but at least you know it was packaged safely, which it was tons of little detail parts and nothing is broken. Nothing is bent everything looks fantastic, really impressive, looking little machine, especially for the price, but there are a ton of them. You can just type in huina, 1570 into ebay or amazon or any of the chinese distributors. Banggood alibaba for that matter and you’ll find this machine very quickly. You’Ll find it under a couple of different brand names. Not just heuna huena produces them. They also sell them to other companies like uh top toys and uh tong lee. You can find the same machine under a couple of different brand names, same exact thing, in fact, when you get it it’ll probably just say helena on the package: really cool machine, rubber tracks, let’s go ahead and take a look at the bottom. Here you got a power, switch it’s, a little quality sticker there yeah, you know what overall first impression looking at it i’m really impressed it’s, really cool.

Looking i’ve already got a sticker kit here to go on it, so that we can kind of cover up the helena and make it look more like an actual cat, 320d we’ll put those on in the future. For now, i think i’m gon na go uh charge. This battery up and then we’re gon na see what it can do all right guys. So we got some fresh batteries in the remote we got the machine all charged up, let’s switch them on and see what happens. Now, when i turn the machine on it’s going to beep and that’s going to let you know that it’s paired with the remote and the sound is going to be on i’m, going to run the machine through its functions with the sound on and then i’ll turn It off and we’ll talk a little bit more about that there’s a button right here on the controller that turns the sound on and off, but i want you guys to hear it so we’ll run the machine through its basic functions with the sound on then. After that, we’ll turn it off and talk a little further about what it’s doing so controller on machine on there’s the beep that lets you know it’s paired foreign i’m, going to turn the sound off all right, so the machine drives pretty well. You can see there’s a little bit of a bubble in the rubber tracks here, but it’s been stored in a box for who knows how long so, i’m sure you know once i use it a little bit that’ll kind of that little warpage will work itself out.

The machine is really cool. It works smoothly, it’s not proportional, but in something like this i’m, not sure. If that really matters so much especially uh at this price point, you can see that it’ll swing all the way around. Now, when you hear the machine make that noise that’s not a bad thing, you’re, not damaging the machine in any way, the rotational servos and the actuator servos that are in this machine have like a clutch at the end of it. So when you do that it’s just the the the servo is just kind of spinning and hitting a save point, that’s not doing any damage, but you can see it’ll go all the way around. So you’ve got pretty good rotation of the main unit. Here on the drive tracks forward: reverse independently on uh these two joysticks, so you can make the unit just kind of spin in place if you want – or you can gradually turn you’ve got uh main boom up and down on these two buttons. You’Ve got auxiliary boom. Here in and out on this button here and then on this button, you can open and close the claw and again any one of these. If you go too far, it’s just gon na give you that safety click again you’re not damaging anything that’s. Okay, as you learn to use the machine, you’ll hear that sound less and less, but you know overall, pretty impressed you’ve got a button right here.

That’Ll do a demo mode when you press that button. This machine goes through a whole demo mode i’m. Not going to do it because i’m on a table right now and i don’t want it to drive right off the side of the table, but it’ll go through all of its functions in a nice demo mode, pretty cool and then you’ve got this button here, which Will turn your sound and your lights on and off and you can see the lights are essentially just this one blinking, red and blue led in the cab. You know it is what it is. The sound is pretty cool, um i’m, not gon na, say, it’s a really dynamic sound unit, but for the price that you’re paying for this machine. What really can you expect it, you know, sounds pretty good overall i’m, pretty impressed so let’s see if this machine could possibly do something useful. Can it maybe um, i don’t know load some libations into the back of a delivery vehicle, so so so so so so there you go guys that’s the helena 1570. This thing is a ton of fun. I’Ll tell you if you want to load some sodas into the back of a d12 and drive them across the house. This is the machine for you. This thing is awesome for the price that i paid again. This machine is readily available for well under 100. Tons of fun tons of fun the controller, although it’s, so it feels cheap in the hand, it certainly does its job.

I had no problems with this. The machine features sound it it. It has the little blinking light in the cab, for what that’s worth the nice die cast. Metal claw is a is a cool addition. The unit seems to have a lot of power if i had one complaint it’s that the machine needs more counter weight in the back um, you saw it picking up a 12 ounce. Beer i’d say that that’s about the limit and you’d even see that i had to drag the beer in close to the machine to pick it up, because if i tried to pick up the 12 ounce beer with the arm extended, the machine would start to just Kind of tip out a little bit, so i think the first thing that i’m going to do with this is i’m, going to open up this body and i’m going to try to add some lead weight to the back of the unit right here, so that it’s Got a little bit more counterweight when it’s picking up objects in the front but yeah, you know the claw seemed to have a lot of purchase on whatever it was picking up. The arms seemed to have a decent amount of strength, i’m, actually pretty impressed. I think, with a little bit of counterweight in the back here, this unit is going to perform pretty well at least for uh handling, sodas and stuff, like that, so you know what overall i give the uh helena 1570 a thumbs up.

This is a great deal at under a hundred dollars. If you, if you’re at all interested, i say, go ahead pick one up, you’re gon na have a lot of fun with it. I know i’m gon na have a lot of fun with it. You’Re, probably gon na see this on the channel again, because i’ve got some ideas that i can do with this machine that i think, will make some fun videos so let’s see what comes up but yeah anyways thanks for watching, go ahead and give us a thumbs Up if you haven’t already go ahead and subscribe, if you’re not already, you should be because there’s a lot of fun stuff coming up and uh. Thank you for watching.