This is going to be a lot of fun hows it going everyone im greg with rc driver, and i was lucky enough to get my hands on some new tamiya kits that are just about to hit hobby shop shelves and i thought id stop and just do A quick unboxing of these kits, so you could see whats about to come out from tamiya and what is inside each. I know theres a lot of people looking forward to the wild one off roader. That looks like a cool kid. Ive got a great story to go along with that one in the review uh the brz ive been looking forward to that one as well, because i had the older version of that lets see here. The lotus. This one looks pretty sweet for those who, like the mini platform and then over here, a cco2 kit. So what im gon na do is im gon na go pop open the box of the wild one well start with the wild one and ill show you whats inside each and every one of them and uh also talk to you about a little something else. That im working on as well so youre gon na have to stay tuned for that, probably towards the end of the video. So ive got the box top off of the wild one off roader blockhead motors edition check out the box art there. Fantastic box art from tamiya always gets me pumped to build their kits uh ive already dipped into this kit.

Actually, i posted this up on instagram and even tick. Tock theres over 50 000 views of the unboxing on tick tock. If you dont, follow us on tik tok, make sure you head down to the description below and go subscribe to us over there or like or follow whatever they do over there um. But this is a really cool kit. Ive already been through the manual great to me manual, as always check out the decals, vibrant decals from tamiya i mean just perfectly printed. The only thing is you do have to cut them out. It is a rc model. So to me it wants you to go ahead, cut them out and apply them yourself. Uh all right lets start dipping into plastics. There are some of the light buckets uh molded in yellow. Then we have the semichrome parts. I guess more of an aluminum chrome type of look to them. Uh drivers head is also in there. Thatll look pretty cool once its all painted up and even the wheels are this satin aluminum. So those look really cool the uh. The whole versions and uh lets see heres the fronts as well. Let me show you those those look really good, uh servo saver. There are a few parts just kind of straggling around in here. Some of the bags were opened up during shipping. There is the front bumper and then the tub chassis check that out kind of just kicks you back to the old school days.

Well i mean to me it still uses a ton of uh tub chassis, but this style uh. I ive got some memories of that. All right down at the bottom here is this: this bags, pretty cool weve, got some mesh netting uh for the window nets, of course, theres some lexan for the lights, and some zip ties all right now. Lets move back here to the tires. I love these style of tamiya tires got ribs in the front, the spike knob knobby spikes in the rear. Those will look so good on those satin wheels there and the body check this out. It is pre painted from the factory love when they do. That makes finishing this up a whole lot easier, including the fact that theyve got it cut out and even the holes are drilled. There is the roof plate. Uh the main body section and then under here weve got some more of the body parts. Look at that. The interior is already painted, so the dryer figure is white and it looks like weve got like a matte black for the rest of the interior. Thats, really cool a lot of detail already done. You dont have to buy all the paints separate. All right lets see. Oh check this out weve got some cage action going on. It is molded in this cool light, gray color to it, of course, since its a metal tube frame chassis on there, more uh, semi, chrome parts, uh looks like weve got the radiator some of the wheel mounting parts some of the hoops and lets see what else We got here is the transmission case check that out thats pretty cool right there, the the plating on this always fantastic from to me.

They know what theyre doing when it comes to plating parts and i think thats about it. Weve got the antenna tube down there, and over here is the big box of goodies weve got a mobuchi motor weve got gears. Lets see what else uh shock parts look. There are the aluminum shock parts uh, even some fiberglass stuff, theres, the the bat, this bag split, open, so theres, just parts flying out of this thing. Uh lets see what else we there are some bushings. So we we already know if you want to go and get some ball bearings for this. You should plan ahead of time before you order it, but check out that frp plate like that and oh i love when they have these uh boots here for the axles. That just makes it look so good uh when you check out the transmission on this thing, but uh looks like we got some metal transmission parts. Some shock oil in there springs metal gears and even some pistons for those shocks and heres, some of the other parts that fell out some hinge, pins and screws and stuff, and then the last thing i want to show you here is this white box, and then Here is the hobby wing 1060 speed, controller, brush motor speed controller and it does have a tamiya plug on there. I kind of wish they took this opportunity to upgrade the plug, but its still the classic to me a plug.

But this is a good speed, controller and perfect for ready to run all right. Next up were gon na check out the cco2, so ive got the box top off of the cc02, and i just wanted to point out these two decals on the top of the box. This one here says it comes with led lights, and this one of course says it comes with the hobby wing speed controller, really like the color that they chose for the box, art body. That looks really good. I might actually just paint it and that color looks so good, but here is that hobby wing speed controller. The box probably looks familiar from the uh, the wild one we just opened up, but there is that hobby wing speed controller again with a tamiya plug on there and lets start dipping into the part. So here is some of the body detail, parts theres, our grille, our spare tire cover and then a clear body. So i got to go ahead and paint this thing up. Uh, not a big deal. They do give you the masks for the windows, so that makes things a lot easier and youd probably just have to tape off the roof. If you wanted to paint the roof weight like the defender, uh lets see. What else we got in here here are those led lights. This is so cool. Finally, to me, you should really include more led lights with your kits.

That would just make them so much cooler and bearings. Yes, i know a lot of people want to see bearings in there, but uh you know were used to picking those up separately. All right here is a large bag of hardware, so heres all the parts for the transmission and everything theres, your mabuchi motor springs. It does have oil filled shocks in the kit, and the jis hardware is included in the kit as well. Here are the tires, so its kind of your standard shredded tire off road truck tire from tamiya really rigid rubber on there. I wish they would kind of make a softer compound, and even if its still in that pattern, just something softer would be nice, and here is a change up from the previous cco2 weve got these black wheels. Uh spoke style black wheels for the defender and lets get into some of the plastic parts here. So here are some shock towers, some some drive, train parts and stuff. Definitely lots of spacers im running a room on my workbench here. Here is a part of the main chassis lots of building with this kit theres, the front bumpers lets see what else we got here here are some shock parts again. These are oil filled shocks. I, like the color that they chose here, theyre, not just a black shock. We went with a nice gray for the shock, thats very cool transmission parts, main transmission parts and lets see it looks like weve got a hidden panel at the bottom.

Lets see this first. Oh here is your center drive shaft thats cool now pop this off and yes, definitely more parts. There are your chassis parts uh again, those are composite plastic rails. There are your uh axle, casings youre gon na, of course, have to cut those off the trees, along with everything else. Body mounts lets, see more shock parts and then those are heres. Those decals i was telling you about the decals for the windows decals for the truck i mean that is a lot of stuff to cut out. Oh im, gon na need some new x acto knives, and here is the instruction manual to me. It has great manuals and uh looks like this. One might even have the body detailing stuff that makes life a lot easier than flipping around between other manuals. All right next up were gon na look at the lotus europa special. So i jumped ahead here and pulled everything out of the box for the lotus europa special. Now this is a m06 chassis, an rr chassis, which means its a rear, mounted motor, rear, wheel, drive and mid size middle wheelbase. I should say so uh. This is a fun kit for on road now, as you can see again, full build up here. Weve got our hobby wing speed, controller, uh heres our tires back here, theres, actually two different compounds and i like that they separate them in two different color bags to let you know that theyre two different compounds to be aware of, because if you switch those up Your car is going to spin out love the wheels on this great job with the replica wheels, and then here is this beautifully detailed, lexan body uh.

That is going to look really good, just in some static shots and, of course, its probably like great driving as well. Here are some of the abs molded parts for the detail. We got the spoiler headlight buckets and stuff uh here is our decal sheet lots of thin lines to cut out? Oh im, not looking forward to that one. But here is the instruction manual, of course, uh its just the generic mo6 instruction manual and then i think they have a body manual. Yes, here is the body manual to help you get the body detailed up, and here is your big assortment of parts trees to get this card together. Heres the chassis, a nice compact chassis on here once you build this thing up its a pretty rigid platform lets. Take a look at the hardware bag, so we got a mabuchi motor in there. Weve got our jis screws. Theyve got the cast metal gears. I saw cast metal gears in there somewhere. Uh looks like we got a couple: different color spring rates as well, so thats, pretty cool thats, its somewhat tuned out of the box and im pretty sure its got bushings in there as well. I havent really seen them theyre, probably buried in there somewhere, though, but this looks like its gon na, be a fun kid to build up. Also, i just want to point out really quick. It does have foam for the inside of the wheels.

Those have to be glued together with some rubber cement, so make sure you have all the tools necessary to build up a car kit, including paints and adhesives and heres the last kit to check out the tt02 subaru brz zda, and i also noticed on this kit. Weve got two decals one for the hobby wing, speed controller and the other is. This comes with a torque tuned motor, so its a little bit quicker than your standard 540 mobuchi motor, but uh lets check out this lexan body. First, nice really well molded body youve. Already got the holes cut out, even the wheel, arches are cut, so you just have to finish cutting the edges here when you trim the outside of the the body after painting it, of course, but i like when they go ahead and do that it just helps You know get these steps done and gets it done with precision. You know. Sometimes locating the body holes or a little paint, even with dimples, but also included, is the uh, the inner part of the headlight buckets and tail lights, which will look really good. If it came with led lights, which they dont include with this kit bummer but um, maybe go ahead and add those later here are our side mirrors, uh, foam front bumper heres, the bag of hardware, and i can see some plastic bushings in there theres the metal Pinion gear and theres that torque tuned motor from tamiya with the special label on it uh, but there is all of your js hardware in there here is the decal sheet plenty of trim to cut out.

I need another new exacto knife for this trim. There is your instruction manual, the body manual and then your loads of plastic parts here now this is a pretty rigid, bathtub style chassis on this, the tj02 is actually one of my favorite budget kits from tamiya, some friends and i used to go out to a Local parking lot and just run these things stock out of the box, because theyre just a lot of fun, really easy to build up quickly and uh. You know its its a classic from to me. They just work great for some reason: heres the wheels that it comes with a gunmetal spoke wheel. Those will look really good once this body is finished up and i think im going to go with the blue on the box art, this does look so good uh. Your standard treaded tires from tamiya theres, that hobby wing speed controller and again this is just a really fun build. I do recommend the tt02s all right time to tell you about that special thing that i hinted about earlier so heres. Another project im working on the tamiya track, sets im going to do a review on these. These you could go ahead and install in a bunch of different tamiya vehicles – uh. They have it listed here on their instruction manual, the tt02, the gf01, the cb, the g601s, the cc01 the cco2. So this is kind of a universal set for a number of their different kits, and it does take a while to put these together.

But im really excited that. They came out with this because i think its going to open the doors to a bunch of really cool projects from a lot of great builders out there, and i guess i called it when i saw the universal plates in my review of the land feeder. That came with the tracks. Now there are two pieces when youre done building this in the box. So if youre building a 4×4 youre going to need two of these boxes, youre building a 6×6 youre going to need three of these boxes. So just be aware of that, and they give you all the hardware that you need to install it in all the different vehicles in in the kit. So this is going to be a lot of fun, but it is a lot of building ive already started. The other set its on the workbench now, and i still have this set to do but hope you enjoyed the unboxing of these new kits im looking forward to building them, and i want to know from you which one should i start on first, i i think Im going to build the wild one first to be honest with you, but if you have different ideas, let me know in the comment section below and if you have any questions about those kits ill, try to incorporate them in the reviews when i get to them. Hopefully, soon all right guys if you havent done so yet, please click that subscribe button and the notifications bell.