We finally got our hands on something we’ve wanted for many many years, but was out of the realm of being realistically affordable, minus 100 000 with rc’s. We have over there, but hey this. This one was a little dark. These things were a little too expensive. We actually got our hands on a hydraulic, rc excavator from uh huina rc. I don’t know if i’m saying that right, hui n a this – is the 336 gc by huayna all metal beautiful unit. So let’s get into it case by the way it’s got these little latches on the top pop them open nice little storage, travel case, um, very cool everything fits nice. So these guys open up and you get the manual you got this big lithium ion. 10. 000. Milliamp 7.2 volt battery a little fill nozzle Music in this nicely packaged um jug. We got some, maybe called it number 45 hydraulic oil, so i don’t know why they numbered that way. This box here you’ll have the charger for the battery that’s a simple bounce, plug charger, and here you have the uh fly sky. I believe it’s a fly sky radio. This will be our first so check that out. So, okay. So, along with the contents in the box, of course, you get this radio i’m thinking, it’s a fly sky, i’ve, Music, i’ve, seen a lot of people refer to this fly sky, but i’m. Sorry guys, i don’t know enough about them.

So it’s got a cool radio. It is touch screen. It’S got some cool features, uh like two power buttons. Here you have to hold both of them down to power up the radio, pretty cool features i was shocked to see it actually is a touch screen. I’Ve seen guys saying it was so that’s pretty cool, pretty basic menu down there you’ve got the um the monitors. You can see, what’s moving and such like that. Besides this, this is your two joysticks. These are your track drives up here, and this one is for your lights so far, um there is also two buttons on the back it’s kind of cool, so yeah, pretty cool. Everything else seems to be turned off on it right now, and it is a 10 channel radio that’s, pretty decent yeah 10 channel, pretty cool radio, so let’s get into the manual for the k336 hydraulic excavator operating instruction about inappropriate use of this product. I love it. Love it do not disassemble modify or change that is improv, inappropriate, behavior change, it don’t change so inside. Here it gives you your basic breakdown and all your components of the vehicle. We’Ll get the truck or uh truck we’ll get the equipment out of the box. We’Ll show you very simple: um, like we said, it’s, really only the sticks, these two little wheels on the top for your track drives and just your light switch. So really nothing for controls. Super simple, um there’s, really not much it talks about here.

We all know how to charge a battery at this point, plug it in plug in the wall. Lights do some stuff when they’re done doing other things, then they’re good, right, uh. The important thing is when you get to this page here, what you’re going to want to look for when you’re getting anything that’s hydraulic is the recommended amount of hydraulic oil number 45 to add to it. So, okay, so yeah uh to explain this part of the manual um it’s, just basically telling you to check your oil level like you’re any vehicle car lawn mower like that it’s got a dipstick. You want to make sure that your oil is at your maximum oil level when operating at all times uh. When you first fire up the vehicle, i would recommend just making sure it’s in between the maximum and the minimum cycle it a little bit shut it off and then test and see where it’s at uh. You don’t want to overfill the system and make a big mess inside the vehicle. So you just want to make sure you don’t refill it when the vehicle comes packaged, the arm’s curled, so all your hydraulics on the top and the front are extended in full. So you just don’t want to put too much in it. Basically, so just take extra time on that step, but make sure you do have oil in there before you fire the pump up dry and then the magnet just goes into the basic operation, which runs like a full size.

Excavator uh. The controls are set up, true, which is nice and uh yeah. If you guys um are in europe and you want to change the controls to the european style. All you have to do is uh pop a couple plugs on the receiver around very simple to do. Um, i think rc, construction and hobby has a video on it. Go check that out uh. He already took his apart, so okay, so let’s uh get into this thing again. Two clips on the top – oh it’s, been too long so there’s a unit there, all metal, metal tracks, metal, everything minus, of course, the seat on the interior uh. This interior is fully detailed with decals and such looks really good, get a large beefy bucket on it. Nice big tooth on it i’m, going to uh try to get this out of here without knocking the radio on the floor. There is these bars with the mirrors on both sides. They are plastic and you want to make sure as you’re taking it out. The first time you don’t hook that one and break it off. I did that on my other excavator taking out of the box so that kind of sucked there they are there, those bars there. You want to go easy on that, so yeah cool, very cool. So, like i said, it’s been many years, uh i’ve always wanted the hydraulic uh unit, but the price is, you know: seven, five, seven, eight, ten thousand dollars uh for us in canada, it’s a little stupid.

We just can’t justify that uh. This guy came out uh from eliminator rc, where we picked it up in winnipeg, uh, they’re, 21.99, canadian. So, if you’re picking one up from them even down in the states with the exchange, you’re gon na pick it up for less than two grand and plus your shipping to get it down there, so you’ll be getting probably the better deal we got on it. So yeah in the back here you’ve got your big battery door. There’S two plugs inside i don’t know. Can you see those there’s two plugs in there one’s? Obviously the battery the other one’s for a bind plug. If you uh lose your bind on the radio, which is nice that they put that extension in they don’t have to take off the whole cab to get in there. Um. Oh, a little power button, there’s a little silver guy right here that puts power to the unit and she goes uh. The oil cap is right here and the dipstick would be on the end of the oil cap. I’Ll get a level again before i pull that open uh. It does have lights in the top of the cab. I believe, and up here in the top. Actually, the wires they ran to them are really nice and small they’re, not ugly they’re, not too big um. Very nice it’s got cable hose clamps that go around the cylinder to keep the hoses retained as they pass by them.

So they’re, not just getting you know, they’re, not hanging out which is really nice to see um. I know one a lot of guys, not one guy, but a lot of guys are going to the hard hose. So these are all plumbed steel pipes and then they have just a joint for that part like this, the part here and it looks fantastic, but that is a lot of work to throw into it right off the bat we’re going to have some fun actually run. This thing, like we said, it’s been 10 years, we’ve been wanting to get one and now there’s one that’s. Actually you know somewhat affordable, so uh the bucket’s, really nice um. I didn’t expect it to be so big it’s a lot bigger than the uh hyuna. 580. Yeah, nice, big brushless swing, motor let’s go three wires, so i would say: that’s brushless brushless swing motor in the middle uh. This rig, you can do 360 rotation from what i seen i haven’t taken apart to see. If it has one of those ring couplers with the contacts inside of it, i don’t know if it does or they’re just twisting the hell out of the wires for the track drives. We’Ve only got the track drives. Uh the tracks are really aggressive on this one. Compared to the 580, which they’re pretty smooth, um yeah awesome i’ll grab the 580 really quick before we fire this thing up and uh we’ll just do a quick comparison to kind of see what you get for a thousand versus 2000 okay.

So this is the first uh really nice, excavator rc uh, that we got our hands on. This is the hyuna uh, 1580 or 580, whatever they call it. We do have the cat graphics that we picked up off a place on etsy that was selling them for cheap, and this guy is also all metal metal tracks. But you can see the difference right away in the tread on the tracks. They’Re very tight together, not really aggressive, compared to these guys with a big open gap. Much bigger tread, much bigger everything all together, uh the size of the vehicle. This side of the new one is close, but a lot larger it’s got a lot longer. Boom um everything’s, bigger the booms, are bigger, longer buckets, bigger everything, so he’s going to dig a lot better. A lot deeper. This guy does have a bucket that we got off of ebay with these nice changeable blades and all welded on teeth and stuff it’s. Not the cast one and we painted the esco. We actually sand blasted that in there and then painted that red uh. This guy uses the uh screw type servo, driven screw type jack, so he’s a little bit slower and a lot weaker compared to this guy. So um he’s still gon na get used a lot but uh this guy’s, obviously gon na be taking over the big stuff so yeah so fire. The 580 is still a great machine. You guys still both same company uh heavy steel, which is nice.

It keeps them planted when you’re digging the plastic ones. We have, they don’t dig well and they just drag themselves forward, instead of digging so a fantastic unit, but uh yeah. We just want to show you that for comparison so yeah, it is time now to uh light this guy up put some power to them. Okay, so we got a fresh set of batteries in the radio, no mess around no mix and matching. We put the battery on a full fresh charge and we need to check the hydraulic tank, fluid levels that’s right needle. So here we have our little tiny dipstick there’s a notch cut into the side of it right there. So you guys can uh. So we can see the levels i’m gon na grab a rag wipe that clean Music i’m gon na grab a red okay. So we got the dipstick, nice and clean we’re gon na put that in and you’re gon na thread it all the way back down, because when you measure something you measure it with a closed system, not an open system. Okay, so i checked the dipstick and uh one thing you have to watch for is: it was picking up a little bit of oil off the edge, so you just got to make sure the dipstick was wet all the way around which it wasn’t, which tells us It’S, not the proper amount of oil. I wish this tube was bent there’s a little o ring on the bottom of this dipstick.

You want to make sure you don’t go down too tight and crush it, and you also want to make sure you don’t lose it. So we’re going to run it for a few seconds, shut it off and then check the oil on it make sure everything is good. Last thing we want to do is burn up a pump on a toy we’ve been waiting for 10 years to be able to get our hands on now. It’S time we can safely put the battery in. They give you this nice red tag because it is a tight fit inside that hole, and you do um want to make sure you leave that accessible. So you can get that back out after the tag out good to go. Grab your radio pull power buttons lights are up radius good to go. Now we can so now on the radio we have transmitter voltage, receiver voltage so for that’s receivers here, transmitter here very cool, so let’s start with the base functions. We have the switch to discussed as the headlights. We’Ve got the two lamps up in here, two really tiny lamps up in there, and then we got the two work lights up here. Very nice um, very cool, and you can also angle these work lights. If you want down a little bit, there’s just a single bolt, which is a nice option, so we can turn it down if it doesn’t turn, we can make a turn so that’s cool, um, so main boom on this guy would be this arm up.

And when you pull it, it’s going to spin the hydraulic pump and open up the servo for that actuator and send the fluid to those hydraulics very cool um, the seam right. Stick: we’ll, do your bucket! This would be curl out curl in and then we uh. Obviously have a swing Music and we can go right around with the swing which is nice and it’s. A good speed, it’s pretty scale yeah, definitely good, and then we have the aft arm on the other. So now we’ve ran everything i’m gon na put all my cylinders in about about halfway and i’m gon na open up that hydraulic tank and i’m gon na check on that fluid and if it’s all bubbly and foamy we’re gon na know that it’s really low when It was cavitating and we missed our mark, so we got our functions working. It sounds a little chunky. It is an out runner, brushless motor, so it gets a little. It sounds a little chunky when you activate it really really good, though nice and strong, quick, no complaints with that the track drives here and they’re. Actually proportional you go slower fast. You can go real, slow crawl, go fast, you can go both directions, get a proper spin out of it, throw it around so very cool, it’s, so cool having hydraulics. Something won us for a long time. So yeah this guy just needs a little bit of cycling. A little bit of driving around and uh we’re gon na get good at running it and uh we’ll get back some uh some videos of it outside running with the other equipment yeah.

I really got to work on that that that mix there. Everything else is running fine, except for that one mix i’m, not happy with so we’re going to learn how to do that. Uh, big dream of ours. To get this, you guys um check them out. We got this. Of course, eliminator rc uh remember use our pro noob rc promo code or coupon code on checkout yeah, so check them out limitedrc.com check out their webstore and uh cablelight hyuna 336 gc uh. Definitely a win such a cool unit, um yeah, we’re gon na get this guy get some practice in with it, and uh yeah we’ll get some cool videos thanks, guys checking it out. We’Ll see you in the next one Music, okay, so uh. We ended up not using their bottle and their filling straw. It was not working well, the dripping and the messing around and the wasting time just sucked. We grabbed one of these syringes uh just we had from uh the dog’s medication for his ears actually and just used that to blast oil into the tank, and it worked uh fantastic, very hard to get an accurate reading off of this um dipstick, not really the Biggest fan of it, i might uh sandblast it so it’s, not so shiny. Just so it’s a little bit more coarse. We can actually get a better reading and the tank has a tube that goes in most of the way down.