We have a big big bucket of water, 128 liter container and we are going to be using it to submerge my new traxxas max and my new traxxas slash 4×4 body into the water after adding a layer of tank on top, and you guys might know it As hydro dipping, that is what we’re going to be doing here today. I haven’t really seen this done much on youtube before and if it was done, they did the outside it didn’t look as good. However, i did a sample the other night. That is what it looks like. Yes, that is done from the inside, but it just looks as good and terrible would say. Absolutely epic after you peel the protector off it just looks so shiny. I have some blue paint. Some white paint some black paint: oh green red i’m gon na go with a white black and green for the max and a white black and red for this slash because max has like green aesthetics, whereas this slash i’m building that up i’m going to be doing A rebuild video i’m going to make that have more red aesthetics. If that video is out, i’ll leave a video link just up here, for you guys, it’s, fairly simple. You want a big bucket of water to be able to dip it in which i’ll show you. This bucket in full in a second uh, and you need some paint from the test, run that i’ve done.

This works great and then i’m also going to battle with some black and, of course, you’re going to need a body shell, which you’re going to have to clean off and make sure there’s no debris and using a kitchen sponge. You can just give it a light scratch. This is going to help adhere the paint to the body and dry it fully body i’m going to be using here today is just a standard, slash body, but this body here is for the traxxas max, but it’s a heavy duty body, so it’s actually a lot Thicker of a lexan, there is a part number just there. It is eight nine one four, so you go pick that up i’ll leave it in the description. If you guys wan na check something like this out, it is definitely a lot more rigid, so guys. This is my container of water. As you can see, there is the paint – and this is going to give us a nice deep submerged, as well as a big surface area which is going to allow us to put a lot of paint on once. You’Ve picked out. Your paint you’ve cleaned your body, shell and you’ve – got your container of water you’re ready to dip so let’s. Do it? Okay, guys we’ve got the body all masked up, so the windows will be clear and also just a final warning. Guys be sure to do this outside or in a ventilated area or wear a mask, because this is paint now.

I know i’m not following on any of those safety precautions, but you know i don’t want you guys doing it at home and then getting sick, because i didn’t warn you so let’s go ahead and start spraying. This paint Music i’m going to try and do my best to cover everything Music. So all right guys now let’s dip it man i’m nervous. I haven’t really done this properly in take it slow, Music, ah it’s, all over my hand, Music, all right, we’re gon na do another run, so i can hopefully cover some more Music all right guys. I think that was a much better one. Oh wow, that looks epic that looks so cool all right i’m, going to let this dry alrighty guys now it’s time to do the slash i’m, not going to tape off the window since the decals on the outside cover the full window, and i kind of like Those decals i am going to put them on there, so don’t waste some time let’s get into it start spraying. So you know i’m going with a white and a black and red. So i skimped off what i put out of here but i’m, not too worried about a little bit of remnants all righty, guys let’s get diving coming from the angle. This time i reckon Music come down. Slowly is such a big body all right! Look at that! It’S all over my hands again, man guys, i recommend using gloves, if you can do this at home.

Let’S get this out all right. Man that looks cool. What what that looks insane? I can see it’s missed a couple of spots at the back, but nothing we can’t paint over all right. Let’S get this dried off. I have painted the underside, and now we are going to take off the protective cover now time to peel off the max mask. As you can see, when you hydro dip, you kind of get these squiggly lines, so i thought i’d back it in black, just to kind of give it a nice aesthetic. Oh wow, all right, guys, i’m, going to finish up the max i’m going to take them. Both out both the slash and the max and show you guys the final results. Whilst we do some driving around at the skate park – Music, so Music, um, okay, ah get out of there, man, Music, so guys it is so cold and windy right now, i’m. In my car, i’ve got my hoodie on. If you want to check these out links in the description below pick one up for yourself man, what an absolute awesome project this was. This is one of the most fun i’ve had doing rc stuff. Okay. So what would i do different uh? First off? I would definitely do some more testing go to like a hardware store, get some lexan for yourself and do some testing to make sure the colors gon na turn out. The way you want them max did not turn out the way that i wanted it to.

The green was way too dark it’s fine. I still think it looks good if that’s the color scheme that you’re going for. However, i really wanted to match the original max colors, the green, but i’ll probably do another body later on off camera or something just to make a match and use that one as a bashing body as the slash that one worked out really really well uh. Obviously, different bodies are going to work differently due to the contours of the body and how the paint is able to flex around those contours, uh also, maybe hot water, maybe hot water might thin the paint out a little bit, stop it from hardening so quick. I could be wrong. I’M, not a paint expert, but uh yeah using like a warmer water would have been probably better and definitely wear gloves. I finally got basically all the paint off my hands now, but i would definitely recommend grab yourself. Some gloves guys, if you want to pick up anything from today’s video, all the bodies, anything uh, the paint i’ll try and leave all that in the description below also don’t forget to subscribe. If you do like these kind of videos, as i do put in a lot of effort and we’re trying to reach 10 000 subscribers before the end of july, join the family guys and guys don’t forget to like the video.