Oh, this is the wheel spin, pretty cool in this car and in real life I think, is pretty fast Music. These toys even have nitro to the button on the top is right so now to my dodge Hellcat to my Dodge Challenger, Hellcat, 2017, so I’m just going to speed it up here, but Music, Music, so that’s the controller. It already comes with batteries, and you know, and you don’t need to put batteries inside of the cars because there’s a charging cable yeah. It should be a slut and when you taking these circles off, make sure you hold you caught on the bottom, because it’ll fall and it might like get damaged. So when you chat it on it should blink rate and the winner blinks red. You have to turn the control on so that it can sync – and this is also the charging cable it’s – tells away under the car so that you don’t break it, lose it or anything else. That’S what’s cool about hyper Ternes, it’s, hypercar, hypercar, hyper charged Music and, as I was saying when you turn on the control and card when the light brown blinks, the Cup, the controller and car has to sink together. And how do you know it’s when they both stop blinking at the same time, Music, Music and that’s night over and I just Music? I pasted Music Music. I really like this these both of these paint, jobs and body kits of these two cars and tell me in the comment weeks.