Here we have these two custom monster energy lnts that i’ve been working on for quite some time now. The story of how these came about is kind of ridiculous, honestly, like the amount of energy and effort that it’s taken to get to this point is pretty astounding um. So basically, how did i even decide to try to accomplish this? Well, whenever i first told my little brother that we were going to get the lmt initially, i asked him, you know like what truck would you want like? They have people out there who do custom bodies and we can probably get some custom lnts and the first one. He said right off. The bat was a monster energy, the suv. So i was like okay. I know what i’m gon na do i’m gon na try to get my little brother, a monster energy lmt, and i figured you know what, if i’m gon na get him one as well, why not go ahead and get a complimentary pickup truck version? The cody associate version for myself. I thought it would just be cool to have one that i could use, so i basically ended up trying to go through one guy who would wrap the lmt bodies and he basically just wasn’t able to get the trucks as accurate. As i wanted them to be, unfortunately, so then i went to a local guy to see if he could do it and he could not do it so then i just decided you know what i’m going to try to do this myself and it was a lot Of trial and error, it was so much trial and error.

Basically how i got to this point with the body. Specifically, i basically just went on amazon. I purchased some vinyl paper and i drew up the graphics myself and i got it printed out at a fedex office. They have some really nice photo printers up there to get some nice quality for these, and i was like okay. Let me figure out how to put these on the body myself. I’M. Getting them to be sized correctly was such an ordeal. I had to go, get them reprinted so many times, sometimes i’d mess up with cutting them out correctly or like i’d, get it cut out correctly, and one side would like fold over on another side, and at that point it was like impossible to get the the Sticker off of um the other sticker, so i had to get it reprinted that way. Um i swear the people at fedex office probably know me by me. Now i’ve been up there so many times recently um, but after a long long month or so of just doing that back and forth. I finally got to this point: we have these two monster energy lmts, a few of the things that i did outside the bodies on these trucks. You can see that the wheels are green. I picked up some rit dye and basically baked the tires off of these and used the rit dye to dye them this nice green color. It actually looks really awesome.

I’M super proud of how this came out and um got the bkt decals on the side. Those are from crawford performance engineering, i think that’s, i think that’s. What cpe stands for um also got some leds in here. I want to show that off to you guys real quick. This is probably one of the coolest part about these tracks. Up forgot buttons on this side that one on so one of the first things you’ll notice is we have the red led bar that you’ll see on a lot of monster jam trucks now it’s. Basically, the ri light nowadays and got that in there basically just bought some fiber optic. Tubing off of amazon have an led that connects to it and basically it just bends up under the bottom of the truck and it’s connected to the roll cage right there and it looks pretty awesome, it looks really scale. I love the way that came out there. Also are some leds on the bottom, the monster energy trucks have that, like neon kind of led that pokes out through the bottom right there, so we got that scale feature on them as well, and probably the led feature i’m. Most proud of on this truck has to be look at this. We got the scale fuel cell in the back. It is glowing that bright, green color it just it looks pretty awesome honestly love the way that came out and the nice thing about.

It, too, is when i built it. I basically just bought some lexan and i super glued it together in, like a box made a box out of it, cut a hole out, so i can run some leds into it and i did a very light coat of tan over it. So when the lights aren’t on, it still looks like it should. It still has that tan color that you would see on the fuel cells, but when you turn it on, it obviously has that nice green glow and i just love the way that it came out. Another cool feature about this: one specifically is you’ll notice. It has the monster energy. Can that cody runs on the back of the roll cage. Here i love the way that looks. That was really one of the most exciting things about making this truck. I feel like i’ve seen a few people. You know get a custom version of this, but i hadn’t seen anyone yet try to integrate this into the roll cage, so that came out well got the heb flag on the back that’s from jb scale, graphics. Those guys are awesome and basically it’s, just because cody or both trucks, actually coding and todd will usually just run local sponsors for the flags on their trucks. Uh heb is here in texas, so i was like why not get something nice and kind of personal to us. We go to heb quite often so thought it’d be cool to get an hdb flag.

If we come back over to the todd version of the truck, he has the glowing fuel cell as well. It just looks so awesome. I love the way that looks back there. I cannot wait to run these things on the track under the lights, so you can really see the fuel cell glow, as well as the neon glow that’s under the front there. I think it’s going to look pretty awesome and uh. This one is a subway flag. I don’t know if they’ve ever actually run a subway flag on either of these trucks, but subway is like one of my brother’s favorite places to go and get food, so i was like why not do something that he really likes. I think you might get a kick out of having a subway flag on the back of this truck um but yeah. These are our monster energy lmts. This is the first time i’ve ever done a custom body for an rc monster, truck um and man. This is some hard work like people who do this all the time i don’t know how one of the things that made this so difficult was really just trying to get these together, while not letting my brother see them even at this point, he has no idea That either of these exists as far as he’s concerned, we still only have these two lnts, but my plan is basically tonight or tomorrow. Once we do, our next mini jam show i wan na basically be like at the end of it.

Hey let’s have an encore. I’M gon na roll, these two bad boys out and be like we have a gon na, have a monster energy encore. I think that might be a pretty fun thing and hopefully he’ll be excited to see you know the truck. He really wanted to have uh finally made as an rc i’m, extremely proud of what i was able to accomplish with this like there were so many doubts going into this. Having never done anything like this before i was just like, i have literally no idea how this is going to turn out, but i think these things look awesome. The the stickers on them look incredible, there’s all the details that i wanted in that because i made it myself, i got to decide. You know every little aspect of it, which is really cool, because i basically tried not to have any compromises like any scale feature on the body or on these trucks that todd and cody run. I tried to incorporate – and i think you’ll notice, that if you even take a little bit closer of a look at these trucks, so that’s really all i got for you guys. Hopefully you like these things – i am just i’m, so excited to run them and i’m scared to run them, because i know once we run them, they’re, never gon na. Look this good again um, but that’s. The whole point of this right, like nothing, will satisfy me more than seeing my little brother excited to run.

You know the truck that he wanted to have as an lmt, so that’s gon na end the video guys, if you like what i do go ahead. Support the video by hitting the like button support the channel by smashing that subscribe button and we’ll be back again.