They are here’s the the stock vortex. I heard there was stock vortex over here. Oh he’s got. Oh he’s got all different types of crazy stuff. Here. All right, i could just calm down. I got to relax. I got to breathe we’re gon na have to regroup here. We’Re gon na have to uh really just take it easy and take take in what’s here because there’s a whole bunch of crazy, hidden things here. Sorry for all the shadowing guys, i’m trying my best um, oh nope, that’s, like a so which one are these. This is the four track: carbon fiber chassis, oh man, i want the stock body, you don’t have a stock body. Do you? I know. I just saw that dang it, so this is a stock body but it’s, not box r yeah. I like the box, art one but that’s a old, took me forever to find one. Oh really, this is a traxxas vortec, the vintage trex vortec with the carbon fiber chassis, oh man that looks so good, oh dang it i was hoping he had the stock body one. I mean they’re still cool but that’s a project that takes time so you’re gon na have to search for parts. Um let’s, look through the rest of this stuff. Before we start trying to wheel and deal things here, it’s got a bunch of tools in here. You can always do tools some old touring car stuff. Look. This looks like a b44.

Oh look at this cool printy bag. This bag’s pretty cool the trinity mini hauler. I love like bags so i’m, a sucker for for bags like that. Oh look! These are the original mini tees, these aren’t, the new mini t’s. These are the originals he’s got a whole bunch of them. Look at that! What is that? What is the uh that tracks this one, a what a traxxas radicator? What is a traxxas radicator? Look at that look at that remote, the old traxxas remote. Oh, my god, guys i’m gon na now we’ve got a situation. Now we got a situation okay hold on. I really kind of want that traxxas radicator! I like the vintage track stuff. You know i’ll, never rebuild it. I think they’re super cool, oh man, this guy knows more about vintage cars than anyone. I’Ve ever known, he is the vintage car. Oh guy super cool, oh man, what a steal so our friend joel picked up that bag. You know how i am with bags guys this guy’s got a whole bunch of clay skill stuff. Obviously i have a whole bunch hay scale stuff, but this radio wouldn’t be good intro radio for someone that was trying to get in i’m trying to find like good deals for the new guys trying to get in got some engines over there. We got nikolai over here with his new. Oh man, look at his max. I think he’s getting ready to drive on the track.

I did. I probably did it’s in my back of my truck. This looks like he’s got a rustler there with some. Oh, the x maxx you’re gon na, are they gon na? Let you run on the track. Oh nice, heck yeah yeah that back right there. I like that too check this out this bigfoot right here it looks like it looks like it’s, just a stampede part of the stampede stampede platform, traxxas bigfoot, but those tires those are like legitimate freaking monster truck tires. That looks good guys. I think the tires the tires made it it makes it look. Super bigfoot, ish he’s got a whole bunch of cool cool monster truck stuff here. Some axles look at the little monster trucks i’m, trying to not get the shadow in it’s some big old tire. Oh, a dump truck man that whole box is full of those mini monster trucks all right guys. I started. I started charging my batteries and then i noticed there were more people coming out here and there’s more cool cars. I need to check out so we’re gon na we’re gon na keep going. Oh man look see this this table. I didn’t even check out look at this. This is looks like a revo there um. Let me get permission first, you, okay with me, recording your stuff cool thanks. Look at these are the gigantic tires this. I think this is a it’s, an e revo, no nitro revo, oh god that looks good, so he’s got a big block in his, so they make a big block kit, but he actually has the big block in it.

When i say big block, that means it’s a point 21 or higher um that one’s a 2 6 4. 4 4.6. Oh there you go, oh cool that’s, beautiful he’s got all the blue aluminum wow. That is an awesome. Awesome rig and he’s got the legit stand. I mean jeez three years in the making. That thing is beautiful man very, very nice he’s got a whole bunch of cool cars. Uh let’s go through these one by one here, there’s his e revo man he’s got a whole bunch of stuff. On that e revo. Look at that audi. Oh look at the the tires are exposed, that’s, pretty cool. We got boats over here, oh man, that that purple and black body that’s another revo looks like he’s. Oh no that’s a t max yeah that was t max. You can tell the motor mounts straight up and down revo’s at an angle, also those uh four shocks trademark of not a trademark, but a telltale sign that it’s, a t max that looks like a savage uh lcg slash. Oh look at the udr sitting. Pretty god you, the artist just it’s, just such a pretty truck, look at it. Actually, it kind of looks cool sitting squatting like that. Oh we got some big old fist skills back here. Oh, my god, i know all that metal does not come on a normal one, really wow. Look at that. Jeez wow! That is a beautiful, beautiful fish scale.

You know that’s a baja 5b is what that one is super. Nice super nice rig these things. We i recorded a fifth scale out at a pnb. If i can remember, i’ll put a link in the eye above, but it was the raminator man they’re super loud, depending on what kind of pipe you have an engine. You have super cool cars check out the drag bike. I mean the way this guy builds. His his car is very tasteful. I think i’ve seen his car somewhere, but he buys he says he buys them use and hops them all up, which is a great idea, because you end up trashing off, not trashing, but you know removing all the stock parts anyways. But look at that stampede that stampede has so much done to it. Look at this jado look at those wheels on that camaro man i’m, like nerding out big time, super nice cars. This i was telling them look. This is a motor on axle cars or a motor on axle crawler. I was telling him that his doesn’t look like it’s a sail place, looks like it’s a showroom it’s, just beautiful, beautiful rigs. Here i saw this on the corner of my eye. Look at this. Look at that uh six by six super clean. Oh, he got a drift. Car drifting is getting big in my area here, there’s a drift place that i need to check out that haven’t checked out yet, but wow you’ll we’ll see some drifting coming to the channel.

Soon, all right that was new, i got to go inside the shop because i got to show you some cool stuff. They have inside the shop that lm’s over there little portable crawler course look at his crawlers duck. Creek colors that’s, where i crawl that’s, that that place i went to the other day awesome location exactly, but i love how scale these look. These look like rc four wheel drives. Oh look at that toyota man. I love that paint scheme that is so sweet. Very nice yup see duck creek crawlers guys we got nos. We got nos if you need nos here, it is xmaxx. Shocks looks like they’re doing some of that car. I think this is the hobby wing axe system isn’t it it is. I probably should put one of those in my car. Eventually look a jack pretty cool there. Oh look at those method wheels. Those look super sick check out this crawler guys. Look at these wheels i can’t i’m trying to get the wheels titus is trying to drive it away. Look at that those wheels are so sick. It’S, good it’s got the ax system. Oh yeah, that’s right. I could do it this way there you go. Look at those those are so clean. It’S got the hyraxes on it. The ax system on it trx4 pretty sweet little crawler. I need to put an axis in my car. I think it’s just gon na have to happen like i’m, not big into the drifting thing, but i can appreciate those wheels look at these things.

Those wheels are sick, it’s, a drift car – oh my god, that’s nice dude those wheels. I bet you those wheels. If i had to guess probably at least 100 bucks, just the wheels alone, wow that’s that’s sweet all right guys, we got some mini z stuff. So this is the aston martin db9. Look how clean that is. I like that matte look! The matte green looks super cool painted, like a i guess, like a bomber and then the vodafone f1. Oh looks good. That looks really good and check this out. The low rider, the low rider mini z, super duper, clean and then this custom body guys. I i don’t, if you don’t, know anything about rc painted bodies. This work that’s a lot of work, it’s all color change, yeah, oh and it’s, color change, so all that’s painted on the back side and they do it with mask. But look you can kind of see the lines cut. That is. I can appreciate a body like that super clean, very, very nice, 3d printed, some stuff to make it into a low rider. Oh man, that’s cool, oh man. This has been a crazy crazy day. So many good things here i got some good stuff, guys uh, but before i show you guys, i think i’m gon na do some driving i’m gon na drive on that track and then um do some rc, sumo or ethan’s gon na do some rc sumo.

We just got done eating lunch i’m gon na do one more walk through the swap meet and then we’ll we’ll do some driving gone full jeez, all right guys. So this is the time in the vlog or not the vlog. This is the time of the swap meet where you go, revisit all the things that you kind of wanted it’s getting late. People are starting to leave that’s where you can really get the good deals. I think i’ve pretty much gotten everything that i wanted. I’M going to do it again, i’m doing it. Oh see another msm that’s, one he’s, the one with the backyard track um, but yeah i’m going to do another walk through. Sometimes things pop up a little bit later, maybe there’s something i can snatch up, but i think i got i mean everything that came out here. I wanted. I came out here, four that i was looking for. I wanted a trx4 bot. I can’t tell you guys. We’Ll look at in a second, oh man. Look at that f1 guys i’m! Oh it’s, max verstappen’s f1. It even says max verstappen right there. Oh, that is so clean. It’S got a halo on it. Oh man, that that looks good guys. I can appreciate that. Oh people are hitting the uh portable crawling track. I should have brought my crawler look at this, this beautiful orange. Oh you hear that oh y’all can’t hear because the mic space the wrong way.

So look at this body right there see that toyota body right there. I think i want my next body to be painted like that i’m. Not sure i want to do like a patina look. Oh look at the blazer going at it. Oh man, guys i’m exhausted i’ve, been here for a while, okay, i’m gon na show you what i got. I got some really good stuff. I’M super excited about so check this out, all right guys. So i i bought that entire table of trx4 stuffs, so i needed one of the things that i was gunning for is i want to find a trx4 body. The first one i saw was this one, which this is like brand new it’s actually painted by my painter self designs, which is great it’s already back with the uh like the rhino liner, stuff, it’s, a very clean body, i, like it red white and blue cool. So i wanted that body that’s what attracted me over to the table, but he also had the cut body, so this one’s dot, this one’s already cut. So all the the holes for the lights and everything are already cut and i got the the roof rack. All the lights that come with it, including the rock lights, the uh scene lights, even got the snorkel. I got the narrow, fenders everything i need to make my one of my favorite trx4 bodies with all the um. Let me go over here.

Well, with all the lights it came with it, so i got all this trx4 stuff for 150 wow, god guys i mean these bodies are not cheap. This one’s already painted so the paint. The paint scheme alone is probably 30 40 bucks, plus the body. So it’s already 70., so i got the other stuff for 80 bucks. I mean i, i can’t, i i’m just blown away even got the little luggage rack here and then so one of the things that i want to do with this body actually flip this over one of the things i want to do with this new body. The new looking body or the new body, the unpainted one is, i want to make it into like uh. I really like the patina. Look, the patina look on the the crawlers, the ones that look all beat up. So i wanted some patina look tires or wheels and check out those b locks. Rc4, wheel, drive, bead locks, the white ones. Those will look really good on a patina body or they could go on my trailer look really good or one of my trailers look really good. Those i believe those rc4 wheel, drive wheels are maybe 50 to 70. I don’t know i don’t buy a lot of rc4 wheel, drive stuff, but i got those for 20 dollars. Guys. 20 bucks. Oh super score: oh man, i’m! So excited that’s. Not all i got guys. I got some more stuff.

I did get this 4gt body. I got it free, actually, it’s got the little mounts are broken, but it’s a cool. Looking body i mean it could be a cool display body got that for free that’s, not that’s, not what i got to show. You, though, even though i got all this cool stuff, i also got this. Oh man, this is the honey bag, so this is the honey i think they called the basic 10 scale touring car roller, not roller, but pit bag um. It came with all the boxes. In there – and they all look, they all look great. They all look almost new home pulling out. Okay, i take it back. They all look brand new. He said he only used this bag three times this bag retails for about 140 bucks, maybe even a little more honey stuff, is not cheap. I was going to use it for spare parts because it’s it’s, just such a beautiful bag – and i don’t – want to get it all dirty, but spare parts at my house just like an organizer. I got it for 60 bucks, guys 60 dollars for a freaking honey bag. Anyone who knows honey stuff knows that that is oh man that that’s a killer deal and then, lastly, i got a hoodie toll bag. I think the tools came in this one, but this is just a bag. I got a lot of tools. I saw this hoodie bag again.

Hoodie stuff’s not cheap. I think this bag retails for maybe forty dollars. I got it for five dollars guys i scored on the honey stuff man i’m so excited this. Is nuts so that’s a wrap on the swap meat stuff? I hope you guys enjoyed it. I never tell you guys in the middle of the video, but please don’t forget to subscribe, like this video i do want to do more, swap meets. So if you know of any swap meets that are happening, please ping me. Let me know i will check them out. I don’t care how far they are if it’s a solid swap meet. I don’t mind traveling for it. I just have so much fun with these swap meets uh. You guys like to see a swap meet, so i don’t mind checking them out.