This was the cheapest rc car on or whatever the domain is um yeah. You can tell yeah i paid six dollars for this canadian so for you, american boys, that’s, probably even less um, so you can see it on screen right now. If i have the picture of it um. That is how much i paid so we’re gon na unbox. It and see just how garbage it is or if it’s any good but uh just by looking at it, you can already tell um so we’ll take a look at the box um, so you have eight plus over the age, remote control, wow high speed motor. Somehow i doubt that one it’s, the bottom and those are the colors it came in. I went with the gray, but i guess you could call it uh mazzarine um or desert color yeah. So anyway, let’s uh let’s open her up and see what’s inside this can only be good there’s no way. This is a piece of junk. It is going to be the best rc i’ve ever owned. Okay and there you go um already broken. Maybe no! These are pieces, uh, okay, so this fell out. So we got ta put that back in there we go so uh, yeah, no shocks, um has an antenna. It actually feels kind of sturdy. Although it’s very cheap, you can tell it feels like something you’d buy at the dollarama um three triple a double a’s.

Sorry, oh my god. Do you guys see that it’s uh? It only steers one direction? Oh, my that’s going to be terrible – and here i thought maybe this was actually usable for like just messing around the desk, but now, oh, my god. Okay, this! This is terrible um. You know when you’re a kid and you go to the dollar store and you buy like the fake, like police outfits or like the firemen outfits, and they come with a little plastic walkie talkie. This is exactly what that feels like, oh my god, i know it’s. Six dollars and you get what you pay for, but wow just wow that’s. All i can really say: um i’m gon na go get some batteries because we don’t need to charge anything. It just takes double a’s and we’ll. Try this bad boy out! Oh boy! Um! Oh that’s, so not good. I went to put the batteries in it and it broke in half bro. Look at this! Oh no, oh god! That’S all that’s left is look it’s, not even attached, and i went to fix it and i ended up just breaking it. In half straight in half so wow, wonderful, guys great, i didn’t even get to drive it. Oh boy, that was that was so much worse than i thought. Like wow wow guys, look at it go look at this. It almost moves isn’t that crazy. So in conclusion, don’t buy this. Please do yourself a favor.

Take your six dollars, buy yourself. Some lunch rethink. What you were doing and don’t buy this. This is garbage. I didn’t even get to drive it and it fell apart on me. The first bump this hit the wheels would have flew off of it that’s if i even could have hit a bump, because the thing doesn’t drive – oh man, i’m – actually kind of mad but i’m, not because it was six dollars and i knew that’s exactly what i Was getting like this is lower than wish quality? This is terrible. The only redeeming part of this is the shell of the truck is kind of cool. Looking that’s it. You could probably put it on something with a better undercarriage if you really wanted to but like why. Why would you oh don’t, buy this anyway? If you guys enjoyed this video as half as much as i enjoyed making it please make sure to like comment and subscribe. It helps me a ton, um that’s, the best way to support me.