Crickets you ready, ethan, you ready, evan yeah melissa’s gon na eat. Some too you ready melissa. All right! Here we go evan. I call it i’m trying to open it. I can’t open it don’t bust them all over the couch you wan na eat. First, you see them. Oh wait come on. Let me get hold on. Let me focus on oh, my god that little thing wow sorry go for it. Ethan you go first, oh yeah, my thing’s huge. You only see the butt. Oh and i got ta zoom on don’t move no it’s, not here it’s good. Can you eat? One cheers grab one mom. Two three go come on: ethan evans: what does it taste like put it in your mouth, come on let’s, see it that’s? Okay, oh god, it feels let’s. Do it do it? Do it hold this okay, it’ll break. Do it dude come on it’s, weird, what it doesn’t taste bad, oh brick, it’s hard, it’s, so hard. All right, evans can do he’s gon na do a bigger one hold on it’s, okay, it’s! Okay, the vinegar makes it weird. What do you think tastes like a sunflower seed? Okay, do it you ready? Do it it’s, moving, no don’t say that just eat it yeah. It tastes like a sunflower seed, all right. So what shouldn’t be that bad? For me, here’s here’s, mine, yeah, you’re, a man. Take a big one, all right, let me open my fresco just in case it tastes like a sunflower seed, yeah it’s airy.

You got your own right, it’s, not no don’t, wash it down, taste it! Let it just go down there just tastes like a sunflower seed. Yeah, if you don’t, think of it as a cricket, it just tastes like you’re eating a sunflower seed with shell, but it was a cricket. It was a cricket, it was moving Music. What is up guys? My name is mark sedimran. Welcome back to the channel. Welcome back to the rc vlog guys we’re gon na be in broken bow, broken broken by oklahoma for the next five days. For my my boy spring break they’re over here, where they at there’s, one of them there’s q, tip he’s, he’s whittling back there. Oh, i don’t know what ethan’s doing but anyways, just because we’re vacationing doesn’t mean that i didn’t bring our seats. I brought a whole bunch of rc’s with me and i brought new water sees the rc car that i bought at the traxxas store the other day. I brought it with me and we’re gon na open it up and review it today. I’M, pretty stoked i’m, not gon na lie it. Finally, just stopped raining. It’S, probably gon na be raining all weekend, but luckily i think these things are waterproof, so waterproof so let’s do this. Alright guys this is my little secret rc hideaway. I got several cars in here i’m, not going to show you inside because there’s a couple of them. I don’t want to reveal yet all right.

I got it so this car is really cool and the reason why it’s really cool the reason why i decided to buy it is because this is actually the cheapest traxxas rc car. You can buy um. I actually walked into the store and i literally that’s what i asked for. I said i want that cheapest rc car you have, there is a cheaper vehicle. The traxxas alias is cheaper. I think it’s 109., this one retails for 119.. You get a little cheaper than that. I think you get it 109, but the retail price is 119, but here it is bam. The tracks i was gon na say tracks. It is traxxas but it’s. The latrax rally we’re gon na open this thing up and play with it today: um yeah it’s a level one should be really fun to drive easy to drive i’ll. Let the boys drive it, but it looks super cool. I got the green one. Oh man, all right let’s do this all right guys here we are got the mic set up, so you guys can hear me better. I think you can see evan back there too we’re gon na open this thing up. So basically, this car is cheaper than the other latrax cars, because i believe this is what i was told. I haven’t done much research on it other than what i was told. It comes with a smaller battery. It comes with a 5 cell nickel metal hydride battery.

So it doesn’t push that 7.2 volt, so it’s a little bit slower and also i don’t think it comes with bearings. I think it comes with bushings. I did break the factory latrax seal, not gon na lie seal’s pretty cool um. Here we go. Oh look. It comes with traxxas double a batteries. Traxxas doesn’t do this on all their cars, but i guess the tracks cars. It does here’s a little charger let’s see if this charger is an ac charger or a dc charger. What do you thought? Oh it’s, an ac charger. Nice, so we got an ac charger. All right, let’s pull the car out. Oh, you know what it reminds me of. It reminds me of the old rc 18s. I used to love rc 18s, one of my favorite cars. They were so fast. I bet you if you brushless this thing, i bet you it’s blistering, fast let’s, see what’s in the box right here, assuming this is the remote and then your owner’s manual, which we’re not going to use that, at least i hope not. This radio looks just like the traxxas tqi radio or not the tqi, but tq radio um stuff – i think it has yeah. It has different branding, has a tracks 2.4 on there, but it is exactly like the standard standard issue: cheaper, tq, radio. It is 2.4, though, and this is actually pretty good radio – i like the tqi, because you can bind multiple uh, multiple cars to it and then, when you, when you use the bluetooth module, oh man, it.

It really opens it up and gives you a lot of options. The battery must be in the car because it is not in the box i don’t break, i didn’t bring any spares. All i brought was to i brought tools just case something happens, um. You know what i like to see that this one does not come with. I like to see cards that come with extra body clips, because you always lose body clips and that’s, not something you think about. Whenever you uh. Oh, we got an rv doing some stuff. That’S not stuff that you think about whenever you go, buy an rc car to buy extra body clips and i think it’s just nice when you get home and there’s extra body clips in there. This one does not come with extra body clips by the way. All right here we go we’re taking the body off nice and clean, looks like a standard latrax car here’s, the five cell battery i’m gon na take the five cell battery out can’t lose the body clips. It is big enough to fit the 6 0 battery, which i have the 6 0 battery. Actually, let me go and get it cause. I need to charge that too. I just realized y’all could see inside of my secret rc stash. I don’t think you could see the new cars in there, so this is the battery that i’m gon na also run it with this is the six cell 7.

2 volt nicoleta hydride battery? I heard that this really opens the car up, so i went ahead and picked one up: uh we’re gon na charge both these batteries, but before i charge the batteries i’m gon na, give you guys actually not before, while i’m charging batteries i’m gon na. Give you guys some quick b roll of this car, so you guys see what it looks like up. Close i’m gon na charge, your batteries and we’re gon na drive this thing: Music, all right, guys, it’s the next day, jeez that battery took forever to charge i’m. Not joking like when it got done, it was already dark outside. So i couldn’t drive it. I couldn’t drive it yesterday, we’re driving today i got i got ta sit over here. I’Ll show you all right here she is. I got both batteries charged this one’s fully charged and this one’s fully charged. The reason why this one took so long to charge is because i charge it with that wall. Charger uh, yeah, that wall charger doesn’t charge very fast, but she looks so good. She looks so clean. I already did my photo shoot, so i got good photos of it. That’S melissa’s happy kombucha drink um. I got the camera over got the camera over here. I’M gon na strap this on my head, you’re gon na get some footage of me driving it seriously guys. This is what i look like when i record for you guys at the track like i got the whole asian devil thing going, because i got hair coming on both sides.

I got the mic on. This is what i do for you guys just to get good footage. Some first person footage of me driving rc cars, it’s freaking, crazy, all right guys, we’re loading her up with the four cell first, i don’t know if you can see that if it’s pointing down low enough, hopefully it is um so yeah i don’t i’m, not expecting Anything stellar out of this actually let’s fire it up. First, i want to get this on camera just because i do this wrong and it takes off running you guys can see it guys. I’M, not gon na lie. That seems like it’s a lot faster than i thought it would be on five cell all right. This is the first run with the traxxas rally, not traxxar latrax rally. One thing i will note about what i like about this is – i literally had to bring. I didn’t have to bust out any tools or anything um everything i needed was in the box wow. This is on with the stock battery that’s pretty fast for a stock battery. Guys like this is actually, i think it was designed more for, like a little in house car like if this is in house. This is like blistering fast it doesn’t look like it has a lot of ground clearance because i’m already hitting stuff on this road. Granted. This road isn’t, like the smoothest thing, it’s easy to control fun little car.

Actually, i i’m not gon na lie the only thing i’m thinking about right now, that’s putting brushless on this thing and seeing how oh, oh, oh, it does not like rocks we’re about to. Oh, i was about to say we’re about to test how it is off road, um yeah. We went off off road anyways that didn’t go very well it’s a little deep, the ground clearance isn’t that isn’t that good it’s, not that high. So i didn’t, i didn’t, have high expectations of it driving off road, especially in that dirt. There whoa it does bounce around a little bit whenever dude, i can’t, imagine what the six cell’s gon na be like. This is pretty fast like this is actually pretty fun. Already, oh okay: here we go we’re gon na, take it off road right here, Applause and i centered on the smallest rock okay, probably not the best car to take. I mean not awful, probably scratched up the bottom like crazy, come on, make it to the street, make it to the street, make it. Oh, i didn’t make it to the street so it’s like the uh there’s, no grease or no top like the dips, are super loose. So as soon as one tire gets held up at all, oh man, you see that basically it flies off the off the street as soon as you hit something. But if you hit any uh any stoppage of at all of any of the tires, it definitely stops.

The tire from moving the discs are super loose. Overall, i mean this is fun. I could see having fun especially have like two or three of these and you’re. Oh, oh, oh, come on get back up, get back up. Nice especially have two or three of these and you’re driving around with the boys or your kids, even with five cell that’s, actually pretty fun and inside the house. If you’re gon na do an indoor track. Oh my god. This also could be cool, like maybe a carpet a carpet stock carpet class, a spec carpet, class, great price point entry only 115 or i think it’s, 119., i’m. Pretty sure you could probably get them for 109, like on a main i’ll, put a link in the description below 109.. Quick reminder guys. I never do this and i always tell myself to do this go ahead and if you’re watching go ahead and smash the like button for me, please it helps with the algorithm and we can get more people exposed to this amazing hobby. We have um so here’s. The irony guys, i could literally drive this car back and forth just like this, just like this and i’m having a blast like i like to see it kind of on its edge, like the edge of its limits, where i’m like trying to hold on like, if You can get all the way down the street without hitting a rock and going crazy.

I think it’s that success i mean i have fun with i just i just love these little little cars, it’s, weird it’s, like the really cheap, um entry level, cars, the ones i enjoy the most ah and it looks cool uh. One thing i will say is if it did, if they did do a specs class on these, i would definitely make the 6l battery as the stock battery, because, although this is fun, you don’t want to go out buying more five cell batteries. I think that’s kind of lame. You know i feel, like you have to uh if you’re gon na buy a new battery, because if you’re racing you’re gon na wan na buy a new battery, you’re gon na wan na buy another like a six cell. Instead of a five cell, i bet you the price difference isn’t, that much Music all right guys. We got to load it up with the six cell um. I did look up the price on the 6l it’s, basically, the traxxas 1200 milliamp 6l battery i’m. Sure you can get different six, so batteries from different manufacturers, but it was only 20 bucks. Another thing to note is i’ve been fighting rain all weekend like trying to make sure i could record without the rain just pouring down, and these are waterproof – oh my god. It’S way faster right here we go Music, whoa way, faster, it’s much better with 6s 6s 6l. Oh, that was like that was like a wreck right off of a uh like a freaking rally, video where they kind of go flying off the street and then flipping 15 million times.

It was pretty funny all right. Let’S do this. I say that a lot that’s, like my my my tagline, i got some wind. My aerodynamics are off with that freaking. Oh, my god. Did you see that right guys that wreck was crazy? I keep breaking off the uh the right, the left side of the street. Oh, did you see that air that was awesome? Yeah 6l is the way to go. Yeah it’s, waterproof, it’s, cheap, it’s fun. I mean i’m, giving this a big thumbs up guys i’m gon na. Do a rating system also, because i’m doing more reviews um this car is pretty freaking cool for what it costs i mean, even if you just want something fun, oh it made it up on the street and if you just want something fun like if you’re going To a picnic – or you know, you’re just going to be hanging out somewhere for a while and just want to pull a car out. Oh pull a car out of the truck or pull a car out of the car and just drive it around in a parking lot or at a park. This is a fun car i’m, not very off road capable granted, but i could imagine you could do some pretty sick drifts on six on six cells like it’s more than a power, i don’t see why you need any more power than this. Actually, i bet you: if you had more power than this, it would be undrivable ow.

I just hit myself um. You had to be undrivable like if i put a brushless on here once you put brushless on something like this and you’re, going really really fast. It’S. No longer about how fun it is to drive it’s really about if you can make a full pass without flipping over and when you can it’s very cool and intriguing. But i think drivability wise. You don’t need brushless, just throw a 6 0 battery in here and go with it. Cheap batteries, cheap car, you’re, getting quality, it’s fun, it looks cool, i think, it’s a super cool car guys. I bet you especially like on a on a carpet track. This would be fun and then, if you like work in an office with a big, a big patch of carpet also be fun. Maybe you could do like office races. I would totally do that, but yeah i’m, giving this a big thumbs up i’ll. Let my kids drive whenever they get back they’re. Actually, my parents got an airbnb down the street from our rv park and it’s, an amazing airbnb we’re, actually gon na go check out here later uh in the next video we’ll. Do a review and unboxing there uh, but i’ll, let my kids drive it that’s, where they’re at right now and see what they think, but overall super fun car again, i think, oh, i think it’d been way more fun. If i had more than one of them.

Look at that it made it up. I found more than one of them. If i could have done this over again, i would have bought two of these and then me and my sons would have had races right here, because there you could control them, but the rocks add like a little bit of complexity or or difficulty where. Oh oh, go go. I made it yeah. The rocks had enough obstacles and difficulty where anything could happen like. If i just left my boys. If i hit a rock going full blast uh, they could definitely win the race. Yeah i’m gon na have to get another one of these and play with them because they’re fun. I think i’m gon na get the orange one next. This will be a really fun car to drive whoa whoa whoa in the uh in the front yard. On the driveway in the street again just get some six cell batteries and that’s really all you need. This is plenty of power and that’s coming from someone who races and someone who loves the e revo 6s, which is ballistic amounts of power, fun little car guys. All right guys, overall big thumbs up on that car. It came with everything i needed. I didn’t seriously didn’t pull out any tools, it’s plenty fast. I do recommend getting the 6l. It makes it just that much more fun, it’s it’s, a fun car for what you get. I mean you really can’t beat it it’s a quality car and there is like never ending amount of hop ups.

You can do these things, so if you want to go all out and make it into like a 50 mile per hour beast, i think you could. It would be pretty cool. However, i got to show you something i don’t just make stuff up when i say this guys, but i got ta show you something: you’re, not gon na, believe it. What did i say about body clips? Why, don’t you add extra body clothes in almost every traxxas car? They add extra body clips, not in this one and it’s missing. I’Ve lost one in those wrecks and now i’m out here in the middle of nowhere, and i need a body clip, i can drive with three but it’s it’s, weird it’s weird, but yes, please put more body clips in these boxes: geez, they’re, so cheap! Now i can’t do anything well.