All that got some new stuff. I got some new stuff coming in, so i figured id tell you guys all about that. Um got a new computer coming in, i dont know if ill do a video on that, probably not, but for those who know me, you like playing video games and crap like that thats happening. I keep looking over here to see what it kind of looks like. Whatever um anyways, what i got today is a gift for the dogs, its kind of overpriced a little bit expensive, but ill show you guys whats up with that and yeah so yeah. I got this uh little rc car thing is actually pretty expensive for what it is. I thought it was much bigger, but its not um yeah its like 150 bucks or something for a little remote control car. I know like these things get quite expensive, like back in my high school. For some reason, the shop teacher bought one of those like gas powered ones. I think was like two grand, but that thing flew like i dont nerds are weird anyway um yeah. It has a bunch of crap, its kind of decked out uh, its probably going to be broken, really quick, considering how im just going to use it to play with the dogs yeah its uh, waterproof, splash proof, low pressure, wire jet. I dont know what that means. Oh low pressure, wire jet resistance – i see i see i see i see yeah its got some crap pretty cool.

I thought it was bigger, like i said, but but here it is didnt mean to hit the camera in there im. Sorry guys, theres. My new monitor from my computer by the way um so yeah it has one of these little like old, school nerd remotes, i dont know im just going to call everything a nerd nerd thing. This is a nerd remote. I guess whatever um yeah its about to take the dogs outside so lets, give it a test. Shall we come on come on, dont worry about that dog over there. Its in trouble all right lets see how this goes its already stuck. Oh pandora, this thing, maybe the grass is too high. You guys think cant really do much about that. Its winter there we go it doesnt go very fast, im already stuck man. This thing sucks this might be a kitchen floor, gadget Music, oh man. This is balls. What how sad is that guys, its all crap you try it on here, see what happens yeah it rips on like pavement and stuff pandora move your back. How does that look? Let me go back here. Oh its a little crooked, but its going to have to do all right check this out. There you go it rips, pretty good. What is that pandora? Oh, i fell. I dont know if you guys can see my other dog hes in trouble. Right now actually broke the thing off her leash.

Can you see her? Oh, you can see her over there. Yeah honey broke a bunch of stuff off her leash, so shes been too pully and last night she pulled the wife and made her fall right down outside. So theyre on a short short leash now lets just say that what is that pandora? Look at the lanky! Ladies, oh scared, spooked, honey, hey come here, come on! No lets go come on inside, see dogs. Listen to me really well, okay, well put one in and then well try the other one so ill be right, back real, quick only for a minute because youre in trouble, though oh it drifts, really nice thats. The one thing about it, like it kind of really does suck for like egyptian for grip or anything like that, but it drifts so nice. Is it worth the money? Absolutely not? Absolutely not. Honey, hey, put it down honey, easy honey, quit biting the wheel! Hey leave that alone. Oh my lord honey, be nice, its your friend be nice to your friend, honey, its your friend, oh dogs, dont, theyre, gon na break it in seconds. Should i just wait? How do you break it and go all out on it? No, probably not its too expensive. I dont know what to do with this thing. Now that i got it if it was bigger id, be all right, honey, youre, so rough, see you say goodbye, honey, honey, come here say goodbye, say goodbye, say goodbye, dummy, say goodbye, say goodbye, say goodbye, honey, oh stay! Right! There stay! You want to do that.

You want your belly right. There rub your belly, thats right, honey, rip, your nipples off with the wheels Music. All right were done, my dogs dying. So was it worth it? No, not at all. I think, were i wouldnt pay 50 bucks for that right there. So thats that i mean theres people who have the hobby who like like for children and stuff we like to go like tracks and race them. Maybe i can see it being pretty cool for that, but if it cant even run like on a little bit of wet grass on hard ground by the way middle winter, so its just stupid, dumb pleasure, hes gon na break it. You return anyway, im gon na tie this dog up get back to working. Now i got ta get a couple. Meals in ive been doing the morning fast, so its kind of small updates for you guys as we go well have another videos. As i said, i have some stuff coming honey quit pulling good, pulling come on good, being stubborn Music looking at my chain on the ground Music. So, basically the problem was on the remote i didnt have the power turned up and i had on low. So it probably would have actually went through that grass, but i just didnt know um yeah it does work, pretty good actually might be worth it now, not sure, but still um, not bad.