Finally, on the channel we’ve got a drift. Build coming. Loads of people have asked over the last probably 12 months of two years. Probably i’ve had quite a few comments asking to do a drift build, so we finally got one. This video is in partnership with uorc you’ll, find links to the website in the description, there’s, also a discount code. So, if you’re buying from the uk from the euro rc website there’s a special area for us there’s, no vat added just be aware, though you will get va added as it comes through the border anyway. Let’S get all this on the bench and let’s have a look at what we got, so the kit i’ve got is the yokomo, yd2s and there’s two different versions of this. I think you can also get one that’s got like carbon chassis. This is the more basic one i think, it’s, like a i don’t, say, entry level it’s like a mid range um chassis, i believe, and it’s there’s, two different versions: i’m, not sure on the complete differences. I just know that the s version i got some advice from a good friend of mine that does some drifting. He said that this is the better one of the two to get in his opinion. Rear wheel, drive so a proper drift car. Not four wheel drive: this is rear. Wheel, drive, it’s gon na take some getting used to you, get a basic gyro with this kit as well.

That comes with it that’s the yg302 that’s just a basic gyro. I will at some point upgrade to a a better one: we’ve got a low profile. Savox servo should be up to the job. Just got some cheap drip. Wheels i’ve got these off of aliexpress, just some cheap ones to get started with until i actually find out what i want i’m gon na be using. Is this surpass hobby rocket it’s a 10 and a half turn v2 pro and it’s going to be paired up to this hobby wing xr10. Pro i’ve had this for quite some time so i’m, quite looking forward to getting out of the box and actually using it. It’S just been sat on, the shelf. I’Ve got a matched motor to go the esc, but this is a four and a half turn or five and a half turn too much really for a drift car. So we’ve got the chassis. We got the servo, we got the esc, we got the motor and we’ve got the wheels. So what we’re missing is a transmitter? Receiver, i’ll sort that out near the end and the body? I have got a body though, but you’ll have to wait for part two for that, one, because it’s off being painted at the moment, it’s gon na look awesome. Although i don’t really know what it’s gon na look like because i’ve given him a free reign just to go crazy, and so this comes full bearings oil shocks, it’s, just a normal plastic chassis, obviously full instructions.

So if you’ve been on the channel a while, you will know that i am not a massive fan. I mean i don’t mind. I love building stuff but i’m, not a massive fan of recording the build because it takes forever so i’m just going to crack on with this, i will try my best to make this build. Okay, nice and smoothly for you and not drag on let’s go Music. I feel i need to interrupt this, build to show you this. How cool is the little spanner they give you look at it. A little baseball, bat it’s, awesome right, let’s carry on right here when all the monsters, Music just had a parcel arriving. I think it’s. Another set of wheels um for this we’ve already got some there. I must have ordered a couple of different ones, so we have a look at what one’s there at the moment, but where are we on the build motor and gearbox all mounted up? Awesome love how it sits up high looks really cool. Servo is in just doing the front suspension mounts now, link’s all made for that. I wish every build. I wish every kit was as easy as this. It all is just going together so well, really good quality parts, all the parts fit everything lines up: decent hex, head, fixings, it’s, awesome right have a look at what wheels i bought. Um. Okay, i don’t even remember, buying these. What are these for? They’Re? Not they’re not drift wheels and, if i’m honest, i don’t, know what i bought them for.

Oh, they can just go with all my other wheels behind there right about crack on with this build, get it done next time. You see it will be on the bench as a roller and then we’ll get the electronics in get it fired up and give it his first little test Music. There is we’ve got a roller and it is absolutely insane what an awesome build. This thing, definitely in my top three or even top two of um enjoyable builds so good. Everything goes together, absolutely fine, awesome quality, and i mean it took me a while to realize why i was so impressed with the quality and then it hit me it’s made in japan and who doesn’t like stuff that’s made in japan. Eh. Japan have always been at the top of the game for the quality and products, so we just need to look at the electronics now get them fitted in there and then it’s ready for its first test. How cool is that it does come with just a plain one, but come on look at that. I had to put that one on Music, the shark repellent right. Everything is plumbed in just uh temporarily fit the just a receiver for like a dumbo rc. I will change that once we uh set it up properly. This is just for testing. It. I’Ve got the gyro in there as well done something i don’t usually do and that’s made the wires relatively neat that allows uh so that when i pull the battery tray up it’s like hinged like a little loop there, so it all comes up.

Taking the fan off, let’s switch it on make sure it runs. No settings have changed. The esc is, as it come out, the box. The server the gyro is exactly the same. I’Ve not changed. Anything just got a little uh cnhl 1500 milliamp hour in there i’m gon na get a proper shorty for it, though, i need one for my uh crawler right anyway, so i might as well get one for this switch on oh that’s, nice and fast wow, gyro Working well gyro seems we need to maybe change the sensitivity of that and then throttle sensor motor. So it should be nice and smooth yeah. Nice, no reverse no reverse at the moment, but that would be probably an esc setting, so we’ve got forward and break, but no reverse at the moment anyway. Let’S adjust that um gyro, because it seems very, very sensitive. Look at the steering on this, though. Look at the steering angle hang on very good i’m, always impressed with their drift cars with their angles. For some reason, i can’t get the gyro um there’s a little gain and potentiometer there i’ve turned that all the way down and it’s not done anything. I turned it all the way up and it didn’t do anything as well, but the steering as soon as you lose the back a little bit. It goes full lock, that’s, not what you want, because you want to be able to get it out to drift.

You don’t want it to correct itself too soon, so so i’m – probably not going to use this let’s test it without the gyro. I still should be able to run it and get a little bit of drifting going or at least try. This is my first go. Um and then i’m going to look at a better gyro, because i don’t think this one’s really up to the job. I might be doing something wrong or it might just be faulty, but i’ll keep looking but i’m, probably going to get a better quality one rather than the freebie that comes with it right, it’s, going to give it his first little test i’m, a bit limited to Space at the moment, i don’t want to take this outside, but let’s see what we can do in the house and see if we can get a bit of a drift going on right here we go first test like i’ve mentioned completely stock, not done anything to It no settings Music changed no gyro, but it looks good, obviously not much area to play on here. We’Ll take it in the kitchen in a minute. Overall, though i reckon we got a good drift car here now. The question is: is it going to be too grippy they’ve got their rubber tyre rather than plastic, not too bad whoa Music i’ve got a lot to learn haven’t. I i think what we can take from this is even though it’s rear, wheel, drive relatively slippery tires on it.

It’S still uh controllable as he hits something, but you can still. You can still turn it. You can still um follow what direction you want to go with it. So i think that is definitely a success. That’S it for this video guys now part two. I need to have a play about with the geometry on it definitely sort the settings out on the esc. Gon na get the custom body on it, and then we need to take it somewhere, where we can properly throw it around a track to um see its full potential anyway. Future drift cars definitely worthwhile following the channel. I’Ve got some mini z versus the cheap, w toys coming up and, and we got this cool drift car coming up as well. It’S a four wheel, drive belt driven one looks awesome, it’s, definitely worth subscribing and putting notifications on cheers for watching.