That made a huge difference. I was actually stuck at 145 miles an hour stuck and i’m gon na be going over that in just a short moment. All right, so, if you guys recall, spartan hit 145 miles an hour as its top speed, but it was like we were at a rev limiter. Only difference was when i checked the data log. The voltage drop was absolutely through the root. Well, actually underground per second load is applied. Voltage goes down, we’re going to be running two different kind of batteries. Today you guys see we have the cnhl 6s 5000 milliamps, and this is going to be our warm up. Battery really because we’re going to be running 8s with these guys and here’s our series connector, so we originally got 125 miles an hour with this awesome battery with very minimal voltage drop actually now we’re going to see if the little changes in spartan will actually influence That 125 on our top speed, additionally with the 8s setup, so as you guys can see, we still have the 9 500 milliamp 90c batteries. These things are absolutely beautiful and they’re really really hefty. If you guys haven’t seen any of the previous videos, i’ll have a link in the description below. If you want to see the past videos of these runs and also guys, i am running well new to me per se. The gone bananas racing skins homes. Now this is the first day i’m, actually ever running these kind of tires uh, so we’re gon na see how well they put up with you know, just everything out here: 1100 kv 2028 castle motor with two teeth down on the pinion, so yeah it’s, a big Motor it’s got a lot of torque, but no matter how much you gear you’re still going to cause amperage, so that’s pretty much the topic of today.

We want the least amount of amperage to draw because we want to keep our voltage up and what does that mean when we have more voltage rpm that goes to the tires, all right, so i’m done talking. We’Re gon na get right into the run, all right. We’Re all zeroed out Music nice check that out all right so i’m about full throttle around over here: Music yep, oh 131 holy moly – and that was the warm up pass guys 131 miles an hour on success. That was a that’s, pretty good, all right! So yeah here we are guys 131 and we did it on 6s. Now, no that’s, not a 6spb, but for a warm up pass on this guy that’s going to be insane if we were to run it on 8s all right, so we just ended the practice. Warm up run whatever you want to call it now: i’m, going to be cooling off the motor and esc it’s, not exactly hot. What i really want to do is just cool off the electronics just so i could save as much efficiency as possible, so i actually have my little ntf fan hookup thing here with a little switch and a 3s lipo. This is how i uh cool my electronics off, and i actually have another one here. If you guys can see the balance wire, attach this really really tall ntf fan on top of the xlx2 it’s gon na make it cold in under five minutes, and this is what we do.

We just hit the little switch right there be sure to check out ntf racing on facebook. If you guys want any of these awesome fans all right guys. Here we go 8s pass cnhl, 9500 milliamp, 90. C’S. All right here i come Music Applause. That was a pb, oh my god! What read that 153. 153 miles an hour? Am i still seeing that? Am i actually seeing that right on a slower yeah? Well, because this road is only so long, so i actually had to pretty much downshift a little bit and that made a huge difference, so we’re still running the 90 500 milliamp 90 season. These things maybe have about six pulls on them. Oh my god! That is, awesome see that 95 100 90c cnhl and we are also running the brand new gone bananas, uh racing foams handled amazing, and this is actually the first day. I’Ve ran these kind of tires, so it was really going into the uh unknown, really beautiful setup. Thank you guys for watching and have a good one all right guys. Here we go 8s pass cnhl. 9, 500 milliamp, 90, c’s Music. I mean if it’s like too small, to see. I guess you could probably maybe shoot this one in 4k. 30. yeah. So the resolution, even when you probably like clip it down to 1080, it should still show you the black dots. Do you see it towards the end of the road yeah? This is a little black dot all right all right here.

I come Music Applause. That was a pb 147.. I don’t know you’re saying 147. yeah. I don’t know what i’m saying that that was a sound that i’ve never heard before. I just got into it too: no it’s, fine, it’s, always like that.