So these are one of the most durable rc cars that you can buy, but the driveshafts are a little bit of a weakness. So we got these metal heavy duty ones, which will hopefully make this truck bulletproof check it out, guys so let’s get him fitted and then we’re going to take it out for a while Music. That was almost too easy. So next let’s get the rest of them on there and then we’ll take it out for a rip boom. There we go all fitted, there’s, the front ones and the rears and guys. If you want to know, we can get them from and we can get the truck from and we can get the tools from that. We use in this video link to all of that down below all right. That’S enough waffle, let’s go and have some fun. We are here at arc race play we’ve, got a race track over there, so we’re gon na hit that first then we’re gon na hit the skatepark and see what this thing is made of. Oh tony’s, going to turn me off, i was looking boss is looking. Oh, oh, it takes it. How long was that horse is pretty good around the track? Actually, next we’re going to race it, you might see. Martin just broke it. Ah, what who’s racing everyone ready? Are you not ready? Yeah everyone ready all right, ready, silly go! Oh and the horses off – oh no tumble! Oh no, oh Music! Oh, oh! No! Body’S! Off! Hey! Thanks! Mate! All right! Get the body back on we’re going to see.

If we can win a race Music! Oh is going on right there. Oh, no that’s! What happens when you come to work? Raceway ready said he go. Oh yeah guys we’ve got to win one of them at least here’s. All the contenders posse’s. Getting it again ready ready, go! Oh cottage, again cheers my something’s happened. Oh, my god, that’s it back in action. Oh he’s, under sugar, oh ready, so there you go! Oh, oh poor little horse is like a little pinball. Oh we’re, making babies where’s the mini max ready set here, go oh again, i’m, giving up with a horse Music Applause. Music. Oh oh! What happened? Oh my god. That’S got some elevation. Hey hey come on come on! Oh yo Applause, yes, Applause, Music, Music, he’s taking it, i think, he’s, looking good, hey, he’s, taking a kicking Applause. Oh what happened! Oh, no! Stop the axle game over. Oh bench, look took it.