Welcome back to the channel, welcome back to the rc vlog guys. I don’t really have an agenda today. I kind of just wanted to vlog. This is kind of the calm before the storm we’re, leading up to the days right before we leave to psycho nitroblast, um, so i’m kind of get like getting everything situated, making sure i have everything packed up um and i have an idea of everything i need To bring i’m also filling a lot of orders right now, it’s kind of fun to vlog, so we’re gon na vlog. We do have some cool stuff to do today. We’Re gon na go check the mail. I know i have some cool packages in the mail or i think i have some cool packages in the mail and then i want to show you my new toy, that i’ve been really really excited about kind of rc related, not really rc kind of i don’t Know you’d be the judge and then i’ll also show you a new car that i just bought that i was gon na. Do a big reveal on, but you guys can just see what it is. It’S a spoiler alert i’ve already got the car. I just i wanted another one but let’s get to running errands, some pretty cool rc errands that we’re going to run today. Also, i am i’ve already started the rebuild on that e revo. That someone gave me the other day, um that’s.

Turning out pretty cool. I ended up going to a tractor store and picking up parts for it. However, there were some parts that i missed, but i’ll show you the progress that i made with it so far is not much, but at least you can see what it is all right. Oh she’s, looking up she’s like look at all the orders, we got. Oh man, this is what everyone’s ordering right. Now these this is evan’s hat. We got the new msm hats in what’s, up with the focus action on that that took a while what’s up camera. All right ignore all this, even though i’m recording it but that’s all the stuff. I plan on packing for pnb, so that’s a lot of stuff got all this going on body um here’s, the um, the revo. So this is the revo that i have. This is the revo that i actually drive it’s the one that i drove at the monster truck race. I don’t know if you guys have seen that video, yet i don’t know how the release schedule is going to look it’s kind of a mess right now with psychonitro blast, but here’s, my revo, that i always try my e revo 2.0. This is the one that i got. I cleaned it off. Um looks really good i’m missing a few parts. I forgot to order the wing buttons. I forgot to get the wing buttons from the traxxas store um.

I also this one has purple springs in the back. I think i’m gon na put purple springs man. What is up with the focus action today? I think i’m gon na put the purple springs on this car and then put purple spring in the front. It’S got the stock springs in front, so i got to get the springs: um here’s, some stuff that i already ordered for it. I needed the uh body, retainers body reinforcers this for the trx4s and chassis brace on that body. Reinforcers servo plate thing i’m, going to put this servos the 130 t the protec 130 t in here dude. I am not digging my camera focus right now. I think it’s it’s too tired. Now you’re probably wondering all this stuff. This is um max stuff. My son drove the max of the day. I got my max all cleaned up, so i plan on putting that all back together, uh but yes, cool stuff, like going on i’m super excited about this, build by the way guys i don’t know i know it’s not that much and there’s not much to build, But i can’t wait to get it running. Oh, i love revos. I notice this also if you can see that crack right there, so i need to get this front. Uh, chassis, brace or reinforcement. I think it’s, a chassis brace. Actually they call it something else. A chassis bracket um, i don’t, know if i’m gon na put the limiting straps oops.

I don’t know if i’m gon na put the limiting straps on this one um but yeah all right. I just got done carrying all those packages into the post i’m glad i thought about recording that i’m glad i didn’t because of an absolute train wreck, probably dropped. The camera probably been really bad um, but nonetheless i did get a couple of packages all right. So this one i i couldn’t, wait basically i’m opening the car. This is kind of a weird setting. My camera is like all jankified too. On the you probably see some of the dash yeah, it doesn’t look great, but i don’t know what this is and i really want to know what it is. Usually people like will ping me. Let me know before they send something um. This was not the case for this one. So let’s see what this is. Oh now, i know what it is: okay, so it’s funny, because the other day, whenever i did that um nice, whenever i did that video on opening that exotic car, i i you could hear some really loud gear noises. It looks like they sent me the gears to replace the the gear, the pinion in the um. I guess the drive gear so that a little exotic car i’ll put a link in the description below and i’ll, also put in the eye. Above whenever i open that box and played with that car, but basically i was driving outside and after i was driving outside it made kind of like a weird like noise, and it did sound like it was a gear that was basically maybe had like a piece Of pebble or a rock in there – and it was it – was kind of chewed up, so it was making a lot of noise.

So there’s some of the gear super cool, let’s open this one up, actually we’re gon na start the car first, because it’s hot all right, let’s, open this one up. I already know what this one is um. This is the best coffee ever and i’m, not just saying that, and i love coffee. But yes, this is from tony’s coffee, oh man, he’s, tony’s, coffee’s awesome. Every time i order place an order, they always hook it up with something a little extra, which is. I love it. I love it. So my typical go to coffee is the carmelita, but this time we decided to switch it up and get the uh the sugar bee espresso. This is really good. Also, this is my wife’s favorite, probably my second favorite, but yes, i’m good on coffee for a while i’ll, probably taking this to the psycho nitro. What is this? Oh, nice, organic, dark chocolate wow. This looks really cool. I can’t wait to try. This is sea salt almond, so i guess i didn’t know if you put it in there. Oh man i’m excited try that and then we got some other flavors here the forger. This is a medium roast that is sweet, bright and fruity, which is nice. Oh look at this one, so cool medium snow, joe nice, cool coffees. I love trying new coffees and then i got a cool bag. Oh man, this is freaking. Awesome thanks! Zoe’S, coffee, you guys, are awesome all right guys back home i’m about to show you my new toy.

I i love this thing. It’S freaking awesome. Some of you guys are gon na laugh. Don’T, laugh it’s, super cool check. This thing out. Oh man, i got an electric bike all right, so this is the jetson electric bike. I put the msm sticker on it, so basically the other day, not basically, but the other day when we were at action. Rc raceway someone had one of these and he let me ride it, and it was great to just go back and forth to truck because you kind of parked far. So it was like a perfect like little pit bike at rc races and then me going to psycho nitro. I know that the uh i know that the uh the trailer is going to be a little bit further away. Like someone on a real motorcycle, i know that trailer is going to be a little bit far away from the track, so i needed something getting back and forth from the track in the pit station or pit area, and that is it. I love this thing. Guys. I’M, not gon na lie, i’ve been taking ethan to school, um riding bikes. I i ride this bike and he rides his bike, but i like it so much. I think i’m gon na get another electric bike, something that’s a little bit faster, but this thing does maybe 15 15 miles an hour. Um it’s pedal assist, but also is full full throttle. So basically you can just give it throttle and it will just move.

So if i want to go anywhere within a 15 mile range, i can go wherever i want and not even have to pedal. Oh man, let’s see like we’re gon na actually ride it right now. We’Re gon na ride. Right now there might be a lot of wind noise because i don’t have a wind, a wind, little sock on my mic, but here it is basically look it’s, just like a motorcycle, give it throttle and we are off look i’m, not even having to pedal like The boys are behind me: oh we’re, gon na we’re gon na dust them right here how hard they fell. Oh i’m, going against the wind it’s like super freaking windy is evan back there. I don’t see him. Y’All probably gave me here, but man. This thing is awesome: yeah guys i can definitely get used to this. Just chilling would go down that street, but it looks like the trash guys down there. The boys are about to start slowing down because you know they’re getting tired i’m, not getting tired, because i started pedaling man. This thing is so awesome. Oh look at that solar flare max. It looks so good all right. Last but not least guys. I promise you that i would reveal a new car that i have my collection, so let’s go check it out all right here’s, where we record the live, feed all the different cars back there. Sorry that cheers in the way, but here’s the new car bam.

We we got the max so it’s supposed to be a solar flare, max let’s, open it up and make sure i did uh there it is, he had solar flare, let’s, see let’s open it up all right. Here we go golly. I didn’t bring my knife up here. All right, please be the solar player it’s, not on the outside of the box, so i know it’s supposed to reflect what’s on the side of the box, but i kind of wish it had it on the outside there’s, the remote and there. It is guys the solar flare max. I told you i was gon na get one. I actually bought it not that long ago, um but yeah they had it in stock. I’Ve always wanted it. So we got the old solar flare. Oh man that looks so freaking cool this remember. I tell you guys all the time. Actually let me straighten you out there you go. I tell you guys all the time that i need two of a car to actually let her rip. So you notice – i let my son drop my max of the day it’s, because i had another max already, but this one we’re just gon na dress up make a shelf queen – oh god, it’s beautiful, oh it’s, so beautiful. Ah so that is a wrap guys. I hope you like this kind of video this one really didn’t have a purpose. I kind of just ran around and did stuff just my day to day stuff that i would do uh when i don’t have a plan of a vlog.

So let me know if you like it in the comments below. Let me know if you like these kind of vlogs, i can do these kind of like daily vlogs, just like a a day in the life of type vlogs, whenever i’m just doing random stuff. If you guys like it, so i hope you liked this video.