He’s got it. LAUGHS, Get me out of here. Yelling We’re Dude Perfect. Let’s drive some cars SINGING Anything.. We do do anything., We can do anything., Dude Perfect.. The rules of this battle are simple. In round 1 drift around the track and hit the zombies to decrease your time. Fastest time. Wins. In round 2 it’s drag racing with a twist. And for the finale demolition. Derby. Team Cory what’s up, Never driven a stick before., But hey. How hard can it be? Let’S do it. All right, Cory’s up first.. How are we feeling He will not be the one advancing to the finale.? Oh, we got engines on baby Boost in the car. SINGING. We can do anything.. Oh a zombie down BELL RINGS. Oh, he spun the wheel. Keep going Keep going, What an absolute banger start.! Can he keep the car running? Look at him. Go., Oh no. SINGING Anything.. We can do anything. TIRES SQUEALING Dude, not a bad beginning., Wow Wow, that is fun Above average performance.. Does my last zombie count We’re trying to decide. We’re, not sure., Oh no. Booth review, Another booth review I don’t know.. I just think that maybe it should count., But maybe it shouldn’t. Tell him. After further review. The last zombie hit does not count Not count. He landed on his toe and hit his knee and hit the bumper They’re right in front of you. Got it.. Are you kidding me 23 seconds with deductions, a very, very good round.

, Cody you’re up One of my dreams was to race in Bristol.. Didn’T know it would be in a drift car. I’m happy either way. Let’s. Do the dang thing 23 seconds is the time to beat.. 3 2 1 Heat is on SINGING Anything.. Look at us. We can do anything., Oh he’s, dragging the zombie with him. Whoa SINGING, Look at us. We can do anything., We can do anything., We can do anything., We can do anything.. Look at us. We can do anything., Nope. No. No absolutely not. It’s a drive through. Nope. No. Man. That was a blast Whoo. How did you feel Reckless and insane. Yeah. How’d? It look That was the vibes that you were giving off. Dude. My knee is shivering.. I was just like. Oh Zombie, We went to booth review without going to booth review. The last two don’t count., OK, that’s. What I figured., I thought I hit break hit the clutch.. The superiors are radioing in to me right, now., 20 seconds on the nose. Cody is leading the competition, Take it., All right, Garrett’s up., Gary first tier. Honestly, I felt good in training., But it’s tough. Knowing you have to win this to get to the finale., I think I can win round 2, because two winners are going. So worst case. I just have a fun time: drifting., 3, 2. 1.. Music, JAXON GAMBLE quotANYTHINGquot, Oh nice BELL RINGS TIRES SQUEALING. He has a zombie plastered on his hood.

SINGING Look at us. We can do anything. Folks, he doesn’t care.. He just had a fun time.. Hey. Do you get any bonus points for carrying a zombie the whole way? Do you get negative points for not drifting ever Bad run.? How did you feel Jitters got to me. LAUGHING The jitters got to him.? They did. See you guys in round 2., All right, Coby you’re up brother. Coming out in kind of a low confidence level, but it’s time to shake it off, get game time. Ready. Full, send it baby Let’s go SINGING, We can do anything.. Look at us. We can do anything., We can do anything., Look at us, we can do anything., He just ran it. Over., Look at his driving now. There, it is. That’s a drift. That’s a drift.. You have to say that. And stop What Oh, Oh he broke the bumper. Oh, he broke the bumper Guys. We have car damage., Look at his smile.. What an absolute goon. A couple of things to talk. About. Number one: he broke the bumper. Thoughts. I don’t know his time, but I say, plus one second. Garret’s jitters aren’t made up.; OK, There’s people everywhere It’s, like you’re driving in a zoo.. How many drifts would you say you accomplished Two I’d say 1 and 12, but I like your honesty. Man to man. I liked it. Thanks dude., Hey see you in the next round. Cody. You have one One: competitor, remains.

Competitor, remaining. He’s, usually a pretty good competitor, so let’s see., Snug, seat. It’s, not built for husky boys I’ll. Tell you that. Score to beat. Was 20 seconds., Yeah Yeah. I’m saying he’s going to get 18. SINGING, We can do we can do. We can do anything. TIRES SQUEALING, We can do anything.. I got two there. Just going a little wide. Very wide.. He holds it. Music JAXON GAMBLE quotANYTHINGquot, Oh it’s, still up SINGING Look at us. We can do anything. He hit Panda’s hand.. Does that one even count That one doesn’t count for sure. Parking, doesn’t, count. It’s going to be close guys? How do I put it in park? We do know that you got saved on Panda., You hit his hand., You hit his arm, but it didn’t fall., But you didn’t hit him. With an official time 21 seconds. Cody Jones, moving on with 20 seconds Wow To the finale. Thank you. Let’s head to round 2 baby Let’s go. SINGING Look at us. We can do anything. Welcome to round 2. We got an open, drag strip and rubber to burn in our rental cars. One person from each race will advance to the finale. Course.. Good luck to you, my man.! Good luck! My man. Let’s do it Let’s see if we can lose anything, maybe to lose some weight on the vehicle. That’s on there pretty good. We’ll leave that one on there. Half drank water bottle, That’s a millisecond, my friend.

Guys. I know this is hard to believe, but I’ve never raced a rental., Never raced, much of anything but I’m excited to square off with Ty. I’m. Looking eye to eye with him right now.. I, like my chances. Safety features. Don’T need them., Disable them. Traction control, don’t want it., Eco No.. This is not economical. What you’re about to see. This is pure sport. SINGING Dare to dream, show ’em what they won’t believe. We can do. We do we do 3. 2. 1.. Oh no.! He got smoked off the line. It’s, not even close on the start. Oh I’m, blowing him out of the water. Oh I’m tapping brakes. I’m tapping brakes LAUGHS, Brake tap, Brake tap LAUGHS In drag racing. A second is insanity. Absolute Cory. Doneso. See you next battle. Brother. GROANS, I don’t know what that noob was doing. Ty. Yes, Welcome to the finale.. Thank you, Gar. SINGING. Look at us. We can do anything. It’s, always been a dream of mine to race, an Expedition, and here I am. Has it No absolutely not. Let’s have some fun.. This might be the most fun thing. I’Ve ever done., A rental car race, It’s like a dream, come true.. Who gets to do that? Coby? The loser? They take all the rental cars back and drop us off at the departure lane. That is brutal. Yeah. Eat my tailpipe brother SINGING. Look at us. We can do anything. 3, 2. 1.. Oh no, Oh dude.

, Dude it’s over! He got dequeued. Garrett’s in the finale.. Oh my Dude. He was early by like a second Hold. On. We’ve got to ask the pros.. Ok in real drag racing. If a car goes off before the green light, what happens? He’S done. He’s done. It’s over Garrett? Congratulations! Welcome to the finale You’re in the finale brother. Did I go early? Yes Guys we did it, We did it. We did it brother. What is wrong with you, Wow dude., Welcome to the finale bro Welcome, bro. Finale, bros. I’m back. Podium. I’m back. Finale bro. The biggest win here is that you have to take back every rental car.. Oh no! I did it for you: boys. Oh let’s, head to a derby basher Let’s go Good afternoon, Bristol Motor Speedway How’s everybody doing out there. Are you ready for some chaos at the coliseum From Frisco, Texas, Dude, Perfect? We are live here in Bristol. It’s. Finally, time. You’ve got Codes. You’ve got Gar. You’ve got Ty. It’s time for the demo derby. We invited 15000 of our friends to join.. Here we go CHEERING It’s demolition, derby, finale, time., Cody, Ty and Gar are driving to keep their cars alive., But look out for the other two attack cars who are there to wreak havoc. Last car standing wins.. This is my battle. I’m. Getting it done. Let’s go It’s demo day. I got 15000 people watching. I’m, incredibly nervous., But we got to do this.

. I can literally feel their hearts pounding from the stage. Let’s. Get it now baby Garrett. Are you ready As ready as I’ll be. Tyler Let’s? Go team team team Cody: This is insane. I just realized what we’re doing. 3 2 1 derby SINGING. We can do anything.. Oh, I got no brakes. Sorry, Garrett, YELLING ENGINES, RUMBLING, Get me out of here. Hey YELLING, Hey get out of here, YELLING That had to hurt YELLING I’ve got to get out of here. Gar Come on Garrett. Cheering! Oh look out baby A huge hit from Cody YELLING I’m. Taking you in brother, Look out: YELLING, Hey No driver’s side door! Hey Watch yourself, You watch yourself, I’m, not done with you. I’M. Almost free I’m, almost free I’m free Ohh, I think I’m done. I can’t go. Garrett is out His score. Is horrible, See you Gar Only two remain baby I’m, somehow still alive right now.. I feel like the crowd’s really on my side.. Let me hear it if you are Team Cody CHEERING. Let me hear it if you are Team. Tt, 3. 2. 1 Go ENGINES RUMBLING, Oh my Lanta, Surely he’s not about to do that. Oh yeah, baby Tyler is in trouble, Get him Get him. Oh, my goodness, Whoa a near miss Holy guacamole. This is incredible. Let me hear you YELLING. No, Both of them are done. I’M dead, I’m dead, No way We’re both dead. I got nothing. You’Re done, brother.

! No way. You’re done too brother.. I can’t even get it to start. What a climactic finish. How do we solve a tie? You know the good thing about having an audience. Is you basically have a built in referee that can decide the winner by crowd, noise. That’s. True That’s, true Tonight’s crowd in Bristol will decide the winner.. If you think Cody is the winner cheer CHEERING We get it. We get it. You like, Cody, OK, simmer down.. If you think Tyler is the winner cheer now CHEERING Boo. What does the booth say? Cody Cody Cody After official booth review, Cody Jones is the winner Yay CHEERING An unbelievable performance. Let’S hear it for him one more time That was a valiant effort by TT.. I love you Bristol Tennessee. Yes, I love you Bristol, What’s up guys, Thanks for watching., Huge thanks to our friends at General, Tire for sponsoring today’s, video and providing all the tires for our battle. Today. From muscle cars to mud trucks and everything in between General Tire has a tire for what you drive. Click the link in the description or go to GeneralTire.comdp for an insane prize package, including wheels tires and signed. Dp gear. With General Tire anywhere is possible.. Come on Codes congrats on the victory.! Thank you. Buddy. Click down here to subscribe.. Do it Click over here for the last video.? Do it Signing off for now., See ya Pounding noggin.