Look at your face. This is my face. Okay, we got these that’s yours right, that’s me little ones, invisible, clear shells for rc cars, yes and we’re, going to hydro dip them. Yes, we hydro dipped. No, no! Have we watched one minute of youtube, video and bought stuff and now we’re doing it. I’Ve watched a million hydro, dip videos, it’s just water and spray paint yeah, and then you have to like kind of twirl the water around from this spray paint and then take it out. We have our in house hydro, dipping jedi with us ryden we’re gon na. Do mine and then over on alex’s channel he’s gon na do his it’s at the top of the info, make sure you click it and get him to 1 000 subscribers that’s his first milestone whoa. How many do you have right now? Three, he has two he’s. Two, maybe three subscribers so go subscribe and you’ll find you’ll, see the second half of this video on his channel, but we’re gon na do mine. First, a red, white and blue would be cool, it would be cool, but i was thinking aqua, but now that i said that i kind of want to listen to my child. No, you know what i’m gon na do red white and black okay, i wan na. Do red white and black cause that’s me that’s, like lily literally my outfit look at it it’s a hint of yellow.

Maybe i didn’t ask you to be in this video. We love swimming here and we want them in every video dude. This is huge. We got ta hydrate, my child, you got him. Is it easy to get paint off of the concrete? No did we do it outside? It would be the easiest way for sure. Are you kidding me that is an adorable little toad i’ve, never seen a toad that small it’s, a small buddy here, get him to safety, so we’re, not stepping on him on accident. This is the just soup brought us this. Is he messing with us? Look at this: oh jeez, that’s, terrible whatever we want a lot of water, so you have the regular max. I have the x maxx it’s, just the biggest it’s, so big. I could like tow him on a skateboard and he and he would it’d, be like a car okay. So the thing with this is that we’re, actually gon na, have to fully use this we’re gon na have to install some things on it. It needs more water. Look at this that’s crazy. We could have gotten a bigger tub. I’M gon na put it in like this way. I’Ll go like that. You know swirl it around tight and then i guess i’ll try to go like this we’re, probably gon na screw. This up. I’M. Glad you’re going first, it is nice, you guys see the polished product over on. You have a smaller shell too, which should be a little bit way better than mine.

All paint goes in where the water Music lower the can. Why are you doing this? To me? Is this a lot um? I think you’re gon na need a lot for your ex max, because it’s gon na take up a lot so keep going look at those waves. This is gon na look cool that goes in now, whoa that is trippy it’s, like a it’s like marble. Look that looks, awesome there’s a lot of black in there. You might have to use white again. Do you think that they canceled out that easy yeah? I think it’s a little bit more yeah like that’s good there’s, my colors, that is you hey. You know what this also is, what the newspaper what’s black and white and red all over sunburnt penguin, no it’s a it’s, a skunk with diaper rash. All right! Let’S! Do this so i’m, just gon na put it in and it’s barely big enough ready. You can put your thing in there: Music, oh whoa! It acts like a syringe yeah like it like sucks it in it’s, really weird so, okay, yes, oh my gosh that’s awesome. Take it out that looks awesome. I mean i kind of like i don’t mind the clear look: either maybe hit a second coat on it. We could the top and the hood look incredible. Maybe you just dip the back and the sides dry yeah that’s right is that gon na be i don’t know, but you can just leave it like that.

The hood and top look incredible. I mean this is amazing. Yeah imagine someone else spelled revive on it. I mean i don’t mind seeing like it’s almost like one of those old game boys, so you can like see inside all the workings like. Maybe we just let it dry and see what it looks like sure. So will you do we’ll, do yours next and let this dry? Okay, all right, i think it’s dry enough. The thing is, is we don’t actually have the stuff to mount this to the car? Just yet so, hopefully it’ll look cool, if not we’ll just play with the x max for a second okay. So here is the x maxx and, as you see, see these pieces and like like this, that actually no it’s part of the car it’s all underneath this part. This piece are what you would need and these to really clip it on so we’ll see. Hopefully we don’t break the the piece of art that we have just made, but it’s pretty easy. So i mean, if you guys like what you just saw. This is super easy for you to do and get a big tub get spray paint and do it. I highly suggest wearing gloves and masks, so you don’t get the fumes and the paint all over your hands, but um i’ve never done it and i didn’t do it amazing, but i didn’t do it as bad as i thought i could have done.

If that makes sense, it’s still wet. This canyon went right, yeah 100. So this is what it would look like. We’Ll put this back on and actually have fun for a second, but this is what it would look like and dude that looks cool like i like how you can see inside and everything and the inside matches this, except for the blue over there right, yeah, that’s Cool i, like it, we’ll uh, get the mountings on this and in a future, rc video we’ll we’ll show it to you final, but this is awesome. We’Ve been talking about doing this for a while uh, and i know what alex’s looks like at this point and you’re gon na want to watch that video. I kid you not don’t ever have this on and be touching this when you’re not meant meaning to, because that happens me all the time. Does it happen to you not as much as not with you? I just picked the thing up. Oh i’ve! Never done that! No, oh god, oh my god, jeez dude you’re, just blasting this thing you want to go easy into it and then floor it that was better yes, Music, oh no nope you’re still still solid. My defense, i did do that good. That bench is just usually not there. That would have been really good. Should we move the bench and i’ll land, it sure still hit the bench Music dude. He just straight drove it into the wall.

I did a backflip, but i did the two things i did do the wall ride. I did. I did do that and it’s okay right surprisingly. Yes, you always know the second video is going to be different than when i was cautious. You can tell you’ve let loose yeah it’s fun and when you break them it’s, usually now that i say this i’m screwed next time i break it, but it’s, usually like 30 bucks to fix it. I don’t want to spend 30 bucks, but you know if it makes another youtube video and we have more fun awesome. So there we go there’s. My hydro dipping make sure right. Now you go over to alex b playing that’s uh. My my dude, alex building he’s, been with me in this youtube adventure for a long time i’m, not even touching it uh he’s been with me on this journey for a very long time, and he launched a new channel where he right now is just mainly playing With rc cars, but you never know what he’s going to play with uh go support. Him go subscribe to him. Anyone who does that! Thank you so much and also you’re, going to get to see the continuation of this day and hydrated his car. It was a lot of fun so guys i will see you very soon with another video go, uh have fun yourself somehow go outside and do something fun i don’t know be safe.

Make your own rc car make your own safe, make a safe today to keep all your jewels and your buried treasure. Oh, you can make safe out of legos no don’t make it or do hit the subscribe button. If you want to see more, did i say that for me, but not for you well subscribe to somebody and then they do 10 layers of legos so it’s hard to get through. I would never crack a lego case. Safe dynamite. Might do it Music, hey! You want a hat there, you go if you’re handcuffed, then you need a hat.