So i got this radio controlled rock bouncer a little while ago. The trouble is, it was quite disappointing, so we tried to make it better and failed miserably. So this is the motor that came out of it. The trouble is, it was way way way too fast. It made the car completely unstable and if you wanted to go slow with it and try and crawl it a little bit, you couldnt it would just cough and splutter and stutter and not really go anywhere. So we upgraded it to a hobby wing axe system and it still sucks whoa its got a delay when you rock bouncing you need instant power to be there when you need it and it hasnt. I want to give it a little blip to jump up there and it doesnt look, look at the delay and then suddenly the load of power comes on. It takes ages for the power to come off, no, no, definitely not usable, so it made it completely unusable. It took a long time for the photo to come in and then, when you let off, it took ages for the threshold to come off. So if you wanted to pop it up onto something you couldnt, so here we have the castle member x. Now the mamba x is going to make it crawl a lot better than the stock motor, but also give it a load, more power. So im hoping its going to be a lot more controlled when youre going slow and also when you really go for it.

Its going to be a lot faster, this system here can take 3s. The system that came out of it can take 4s. This can take 6s and the more s lipos. You have the more power its got check this out guys. Hopefully this is going to have horsepower and control, so were gon na stick it in and then see if its any good, also check out these tyres, so jason from redfin models kindly donated these check that out guys that just looks nasty. A few of you guys have been asking for an update on the monster truck more on that a bit later. All right lets get it all fitted, but first a couple of words from todays sponsor squarespace, so squarespace allows you to build your very own websites, online stores, blogs, company portfolios and much much more. You dont need any experience, so no html, no coding, none of that stuff. Just simple, drag and drop so heres a little website that ive built recently bear in mind im a novice so starting out youll have a few templates to choose from and all these sections here are easily edited. You click on there. Everything is super easy to adjust. You can add and remove photos. So, if i want to add more, all i got to do is grab it from here, drag it into there and its automatically going to upload it boom. Look how easy that was so head over to squarespace.

com to start your free trial and see how easy it is to build your very own website and then, when youre ready to launch just head over to forward, slash kevin talbert and youll save 10. For your first purchase of a website or a domain right, thats enough waffle lets get it all fitted and then well take it out for a while Music. But the motor that came out of it has actually got a much bigger shaft than the motor that were going to put in it. Ive got this little piece of tube here that a test steve gave me cut a piece off drilled, a hole in it and there we go. We have an adapter, you can buy adapters, but i want to crack on with it now. Next weve got a solder on the battery connector, so these connectors do come with a cover that you can put over there, but i dont use them because when youre bashing, these can snap really easily so its better just to heat shrink it. So the castle mamba x system is a censored system, which means it comes with a sensor lead and that plugs into the speed controller and then into the back of the motor. Basically, the sensor lid tells the speed controller the position of the motor it makes it super smooth and super controllable, especially when youre going slow on the sensorless system. It just relies on the main wires here and the speed controllers got to try and figure out what to do so.

Sometimes when you first accelerate its going to stutter when youre trying to crawl and go slow, thats, no good. And yes, i know its a rock bouncer youre gon na tell me yes kev its not supposed to go slow, but i want to go slow with it as well. You know when we take it onto a crawler track. You cant go flat out and theres, not really any good for that. So i want it to be good at both crawling and for bashing. So next weve got to calibrate the speed controller to the radio and it tells you how to do it here: im not going to bother filming it because its boring. So now we can put it all back together again and then we can take it out for a rip. Oh no look to put these four link bars on here. The bodys got to come off so im gon na. Do that off camera and then get you back on in a minute boom there we go all back together again lets quickly get these brand new tires onto these rims and then well take out for a rip. Oh, my god, guys just check out how evil these things look anyway, lets chuck a battery into the crawler, see how fast it goes on a freestyle, lipo and then were going to chuck in a 6 cell lipo. So thats going to be double the power. Oh, they see how well it can crawl look at that.

We can go nice and slow and full power. Oh oh thats! What felt about oh, is it gon na survive the death drop Music? Oh yes – and it survives all right lets, get it out in the real world and then were going to try it out on a 6s lipo and try out those nasty tires and see what happens actually im too impatient. I want to see what it can do on success now. Success baby, oh my god, Music jesus, all right lets, get it outside thats way too fast to try out inside. So we are back at arc facebook. Last time we came here, it didnt do too well because we had the wrong speed controller in it. But now we got the castle member x in there tony has got a trial, heres tonys one so were gon na start off in this trial. Here last time we could get rounded, but it kind of struggled and afterwards were going to hit this one here and it goes all the way from there all the way to over there. So this is tony. The boss, man and hes cheating, hes cheating, weve, got a ftx ravine weve got a crawler weve got my rock bouncer weve got a whats. This one called that he doesnt know whatever. That is. Oh look over here. Weve got a six for six youre gon na win dan, i dont know everybody ready, ready, yep, everyones, ready got in tone shows how its done.

Where would the rock bounce i keep up when hes on the cars? That is the question and we are calling better. Now look, we are falling. We have got some crawling ability, but weve also got the power bouncing which we will demonstrate in a minute. Well, these guys are making it over there pretty good, totally leading the way oh hes already stuck. Can the rift make it through? Oh straight over its crawling pretty good: here we go if you i dont, know, and the six by six six by six making easy work of it. Oh, and what we got here. Whats this car trx for sport, gun and tony show us how its done. Oh look at that straight over and hes recording, pretty good as well. Look at that made easy work for that ive. Seen for some videos, yes were fully modified now i know you have two cats. Oh yes, we got two cats so far. Oh, look at that straight. Over tonys got the articulation, but has he got the power Music all right there? He goes easy working 15 year old, axial theyre still doing it hes a scale rig so hes struggling a little bit alright, so we can crawl over it. Slowly bouncing it oh look at that straight over with the bouncing oh and the 6×6 is going tonys off the ravines off lets see if we can call it first, if we cant call it then well bounce it.

Oh, look at that straight over next were going to have a race and see whos is the fastest. Here we got the contenders, ready, ready, go. Oh, we fell over our wheels off our wheels off. So luckily, ian has a spare wheel. Nut and weve got these tyres to try out so were going to bunk these on there and then were going to see how it does on trial number two. There we go hi, we got them all fitted, all right. We are back and we have to keep up with tony go on and tony show us how its done nice. The rift is definitely geared higher, but can it do it maybe not run up easy yeah there you go Music, you make some advan ready said he go were gone. Oh there we go. We go from racing back to crawling. They can do it all ready for backflip. Maybe not! Oh guys. We have an issue, listen, ah yeah theyre, giving it a cuddle. I think you fixed it right its got a bit warm. Can you do a backflip? Oh, oh, nearly! Ah nailed it guys. This things doing well now, but we need a better servo saver. Look at that. The armor free s1 hasnt got the power so now weve put it onto success, check it out guys, hopefully its not gon na blow the tyres off weve got some drag racing. People over there, so were gon na see how fast it is compared to them.

So first weve got a gps on there. Lets see how fast it goes and then were gon na have a race, oh, no guys its completely uncontrollable at that speed, Music 41 mile an hour lets see if we can get it to go to 50.. Oh, oh! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh whoa, whoa, oh tumblewamble, oh wheels! Yes, uh 42.! So now were about to have a drag race. Weve got proper, drag. Racer weve got my bouncer weve got the harvey. We got clayton. Are you ready? Are you ready, of course, ready steady? Go, oh rock bounces fell over almost ah standing back. Flip attempt no im scared, but we need footage of holding it flat out hes up for doing it flat out and the dads up for holding it. Hes got that sorry: ive got kids, i dont need them anymore. It hasnt blown wheres, the pizza, its pizza or anyone. Oh, this one looks familiar: where did you get that one from thatll be from red finger? Ive, crashed this car before sorry, Music, skatepark time, Music. Applause, thank you, Music. Oh, we saved it Music. It takes it. Look at look its still going. How could he take it? If you hit your, it hurts yeah Laughter. Anybody else want to go. Anybody else want to go: no its softcore, oh guys, it stinks in there the motors getting warm and look at the lipo, but we got away fixing it snowflake morning.

Look away Laughter so when lipos are fully discharged or even if theres not much in there. Theyre very unlikely to actually catch fire when theyre fully charged theyre in a vulnerable state, and if you hit him with a hammer or anything like that, theres a high chance theres going to be a fire. Let me show you: blowing up live pose its not so that you go along and copy it its there. So you can see how dangerous these things can be if you dont treat them properly now inside. The motor did stink so lets plug it in and make sure that it still works. Oh guys, i think we killed it another expensive video, so the speed controller is rated for success live pose. The motor is not, i think, its rated only for 3s, and usually you can put more in them, but if you let them get too hot like this one did you smell it? It was hot, then theyre gon na die, so if youre gon na do it to yours, do it at your own risk? Also look here: we bent the sway bar, but no big deal. Weve got a trill heavy duty, one to put on it. This armor servo saver is way too weak for this rig, so trill hobby are actually going to design one and make one and send it to me once theyve got one ready with that centered motor system. It definitely made it crawl, a lot easier, but its still relatively highly geared.

So when youre really trying to do technical crawls its difficult. But there is a solution. Axial make a two speed gear conversion, so you can shift it from first to second gear. On the controller, and then with that low speed, crawler gear, then this thing is really gon na crawl. Well, so were gon na have another video coming out really soon. I think we have to find a different motor put. The spray bars on weve also got some alloy wheels coming the two speed conversion and see if we can build the worlds best, radio control crawler, they can go slow and also go fast. A few of you guys have been asking for an update on the monster truck at the moment. Im just mounting the seat were still waiting for the engine and transmission weve got a big block, chevy v8 supercharged going in there. We have a problem with these wheels. The hub here is too big to fit inside the wheel, so i think im going to get this modified im going to get this taken out were going to move it over. Have it flush thats, going to give us more room to get it over the hub and its also going to make the truck a little bit wider then were also going to weld on a ring on here, so that weve got a little bit more stiffness on This inner bead, because when you land big jumps, you can bend it and we found a problem with the sway bars because, when ive made, these axle housings a lot wider than normal, usually thats, where the sway bar goes on the narrow axles.

That would mean that this sway bar is actually sitting straight. But if you look at mine, look at that angle so that rod end on the top here, and especially the one at the bottom – is already maxed out fully. So once that axle articulates thats going to snap off or bend or do something bad, so weve got these brackets here and i think were just going to weld that onto there. I dont really want to grind into this nice powder coating. But what can you do? No idea what these brackets are for pei, who built most of the parts on this truck. They said to me that theyre for mounting the seat – and i cant figure out where they go, so if anybody knows where they go, let me know in the comments people said about the torque settings. Why am i not using a torque wrench for doing anything up on these monster trucks? Usually everything you do up ft you? Do it up a lot tighter than you would normally with a torque wrench thats? How monster jam? Do it so its good enough for them? Its good enough for me, weve got to weld up some straps to hold the fuel tank in weve got to fit the steering column. All the hydraulics weve got to put the pedals in front dry. Shaft still got to go on a lot of you guys have been asking me whens.