Welcome back to channel welcome back to the rc vlog. My new revo is in pieces. Already have the engine pulled out. I have the transmission pulled out transmissions all over here um after that last video, where i told you guys about getting an engine started yeah i got the engine started just fine, but i was trying to get a tune on it and i noticed the transmission wasn’t. Shifting it was like i felt like it was locked in second gear. I kept going up and down the up down the street and it just it had no bottom and it seemed like it was getting up in speed. So it looked like it felt like it was getting locked in second gear, so i started going back and forth and then i noticed the transmission just completely gave out it just kind of winded up and just kept spinning. It was like the transmission was just giving so like what is going on. I looked down and it looks like the clutch. Shoes are just completely roasted so now i’m, here with transmission and oil pieces, and i figured out all the problems, the first problem. The reason why it sounded like transmission was giving out is because the clutch the slipper clutch was giving out really really bad. They were like completely glazed over the slipper plate was completely glazed over it’s like super slippery um, basically i’m, just gon na flip this over and then i flip the the clutch shoes over, and that should be fine on that.

That should fix that problem. But then the big problem, the big problem – is this right here you see that so this little disc, this little silver disc in the middle here. This is your second gear clutch and basically what happens is when it spins spinning like this. A little arm opens up and grabs this gear and that’s your second gear so base what’s supposed to happen is it’s supposed to stay closed at a certain rpm and then open up and grab it well. The fact that i’m grabbing this gear, with my hand, by turning with my hand, just goes to prove that the clutch is blown yeah. It shouldn’t just open up like that. It should stay closed, a spring should keep it closed and then, whenever it turns so fast, it opens and grabs that second gear. So the second gear clutch is broken. I think i have one in stock i’m, not sure if i do or not, but yeah major problems. I don’t know to make matters worse. This is the second time i recorded the video because the first time i recorded the video the mic wasn’t hooked up. It wasn’t working it’s, just not my time right now, guys i’m gon na take a break and come back to this and get this working. But so far the new revo has been a nightmare. I actually had a clutch assembly, i don’t know. Why would i have a primary clutch assembly, which is the clutch the second gear clutch it’s part number 5’0.

I actually had one in my stock so see this is what’s supposed to happen, see i can spin it and it’s not gripping anything. It’S. Just staying closed. This one sucks it was gripping something so i’m gon na put all this back together. I don’t i’m running out of daylight, but i’m gon na put all this back together and probably start it up tomorrow, but yeah. This is this good news: we’re, making progress we’re, making progress all right, guys. I’M back, so i i just had to stop i’d stop wrenching on stuff uh. This is actually a good pointer if you’re ever in this situation, where you feel like everything is just going wrong with you and you’re wrenching like things are just breaking, and you know as soon as you open transmission, something else is gon na, be wrong, just step Away and take a break i’m, a big believer in the whole power of positive thinking, and you can do it negatively also so yesterday it was like everything was going wrong. Again i had my transmission, my slipper clutch go out. My transmission go out. My camera go out and i got i caught myself like as i’m taking stuff apart like i know, this is gon na be broken and by thinking that it’s gon na be broken, so take a little break. It’S the next morning, getting some coffee. I did wrench on it last night late last night. I just put everything back together.

I didn’t investigate anymore. I just put it all back together that way. We can do some some stuff today, so we’re gon na go back check. It out check out what’s going on and then i’ll give you all heads up on what i’m gon na do next with this revo. That is turning into quite an interesting situation. Let me get my coffin go back there several days later. Ah, god lee they’re cutting wood over there anyways guys. Sorry, when i got home that day when i went to starbucks, it was mother’s day weekend and i didn’t know that mother’s day weekend started on a saturday. Apparently, does i got a nice long list of honeydews but we’re back we’re back in the garage and we’re here to talk about the revo that is causing me all different types of pain? So if you don’t know what i’m talking about, i just rebuilt this revo. I keep calling it a new revo it’s, a brand new, no, but it has all new parts on it and yeah the two speed trans. The two speed is blown the slipper clutch was given out. It had all different types of issues. I need to get a tune on it, but you know what i’m kind of sick and tired of it, and that is the beauty of having several rc cars is i’m. Just going to put it aside, i have the head wrapped, because i wanted to do some heat cycles on it, because it was acting like the engine wasn’t broken in all the way yet, and that makes sense because the engine looked brand new.

When i pulled it apart, so we’re gon na sit on it for a little bit, we’re, not gon na bust it out until i don’t know whenever i want to ever want to but i’m going to show you else i’m going to show you guys something else. That’S really cool, so i close the garage because they’re like they’re, making a mailbox out there and cutting bricks or something i don’t know if they’re cutting every brick known to man but jeez, sorry about that guys. Oh, this is heavy. I got a bunch of kits in the mail guys i don’t know how many kits i have in this order, but i got a bunch of kits and here they are bad. Acting i’m, not an actor, so don’t be hating, but i got something in the mail and i got it in my new private mailbox. So if you want to send me stuff to review or look at or open up on the air just go ahead and send them over, and i will i will look at them, but this is from 307 scale hobbies. Follow me on instagram super cool guy. His instagram is awesome, go check out his instagram it’s. I believe it’s 307 scoot, so let’s see what we got in here. Oh my god, i got a whole bunch of kits let’s see i got an e revo kit. I got a revo 33 kit. Oh look at this revo. 33 kit.

Oh look! I got an x max, see i told you i was going to get x maxx guys. I finally got my x maxx. Oh i got more. He knows i like to but sounds like there’s a bee in here. He knows i like to buy stuff in two, so he bought. He gave me two x maxes that was nice to him, to give me two x maxes to throw this away and of course i got me, some techno kits got the techno mt 410. The techno eb 48 2.0 got the techno eb 410, the techno et410 and, of course, my race, radio, the m12s. I got a bunch of kids guys, oh man, that is so awesome. Big shout out to 307 skittle hobbies thanks a lot for hooking it up. This is freaking awesome. I got some stickers in here, um yeah, i got kits freaking sweet anyways. I hope you liked this video guys. I know it was kind of it. Didn’T really have a lot of closure, but we did get a. We did get to open up a whole bunch of kids. Didn’T really have a lot of closure, but i promise this thing will get going again. I just got ta. I got it’s got ta respark like i’m, not feeling it right. Now. I just wan na go drive i’ve been working on this thing for so long. I just wan na go drive and have fun so i’m, putting on the shelf a little bit and i’m gon na bust out actually i’m, not gon na spoil it make sure you watch the next vlog.

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