So when i do so when you’re buying this ic card on flipkart, i found this in flipkart. If you wan na, buy this make sure to check this video before you buy it all right. Okay, so so always make sure to charge it’s rechargeable it’s rechargeable so make sure to charge it with the apple charger, but do not charge it with this samsung. I don’t know what charges this is. This is really old. So when you charge charge this like this and when you’re on the switch, you will get lighter red light, so that’s how you know that it’s, starting so let’s, get into the review. Let me review this one, this remote control. So this is my first time getting a rc car and when i got it, i was checking some youtube videos how to control this thing. I didn’t know what to do with this, because it’s, like i didn’t, know how to turn. I think i know how to make it make it go forward and backward so let’s review this okay, so let’s start from this trigger thingy. It looks like a gun. So when you do like this and you press the trigger, it goes forward like this, and when you push the trigger like this, it goes backward and when you want to turn right, i guess right. You need to make this wheel thingy go forward when you want to make it go backward, i mean make it turn left.

You need to move this wheel, thingy backwards, and if you wanted to forward right or forward left, you need to press the trigger and forward right forward left and you do backward right. Backward left push the trigger button right backward left, mr on it beeps four times. Beep beep beep, beep and that’s it. It needs three double a batteries to make this remote control work and this remove the one car so let’s start the time start with the tires. The tires are squishy and they are large. It looks like a lego thingy here. Um, i think you can’t see it yeah. Now you can see it. I guess the lego thingy and this red rail kind of thing. I don’t know why it’s far but it’s cool on this plane. Here, you can do like this um. This is pretty fast and these are these plate label plates here i don’t know why i mean they’re, pretty cool rock claw crawl, you can see in them and it has a rechargeable battery which i’ll show you in the last this turning wheel. I don’t know why. Music, this is not extraordinary, but – and this is a mechanical thing – something mechanical confusing, it turns, and it has this mode left and right. I don’t know why what it does tell me in the comments down below the battery. Oh okay, Music, oh this is taking oh um. Did i get it yeah so yeah? I have this attached here and charges like this here in the town.

You can attach this to here i’m, not going to take this out because it takes not that much. But a teeny teensy time i mean don’t even take time, but to take it out. It takes a little time Music like this, like that, oh my gosh yeah, everything i got um whatever, and then i got this car. I think i got this car in flipkart. This i mean this broke. I got this like one year ago, this broke and this was used and dusty. So i know it was used because here it was like it was like pressed in like this, and the screw was not there when it was delivered, and this one this doesn’t even have the turn right or turn left like this forward backward. And this not even button, you can just tap on it and say bp, so i’m done, and i forgot to tell you that it has a light and it can run on oh Music, how it goes let’s get this car. You can’t see right now, because i need to lower the camera i’m sure you can see now so power backward turn right turn left. So sorry, if the camera falls down, let’s put this over here: Music. Okay, make sure to like subscribe and hit the notification bell.