I am nani and welcome to the channel comments like and subscribe before, hearing everything today we make a jump in the past about at the end of the 70s, not 80s. My first very first rc car had a friend a great friend and with him we have made a lot of things with motorbikes off road everything, cars circuit. So on so we discovered that rc cars would be fun, so we bought two cars and at those times they were the the best tamiya was moving the first steps and was very expensive. So we decided to buy something italian, and what am i speaking about this is vintage head vintage pack it’s a vintage video area, one two: these are our my very first rc car. This is a spare body, golf porsche and Music, the name of the brand. The brand was sg no model, nothing, electric, very, very, very basic. We have used a lot and we had a lot of radio this one sander, the first with the wheel, not sticks, and you have to drive like this one hand here to accelerate and the other here to turn. The wheel was very good switch on off, but now i show you here we are. This is the car. The body was quite nice fighting scale and the frame here it is very, very basic steering Music. There were this steering servo saver servo servo. Here there were a ah this look at this terrible.

This is for the steering, perhaps for the speed, controller mechanic, speed controller. Then we have equipped the cars with the electronics, the first electronics one railway 550 motor plastic wheels, no diff, absolutely no diff nylon wheels. Sponge tires, this is plastic, this is the logo. I don’t know if you can see it it’s quite dirt and under we have the bumper the front axle wonderful. This is uh. We call vetronita it’s sort of fiberglass plastic for the engine. The engine you can choose. Your opinion, so you can move it rear, bumper or handle very, very basic. These are the body posts and these were the antenna, the real antenna, the body look. It was a brush painted very, very, very first steps. The other car i bought later it’s a portion like it better and feels quite the same okay. Here we are, we have something more first of all wheels with ball bearings. These were made from scratch. In my factory we had a factory mechanical factory and the chief of the maintenance was an rfc enthusiast and one day together we decided we. We need some aluminium wheels and we have made this and i love it. I love it very much first wheels with uh, bald bearings, then here we have the switch. Where is it here? We have the switch tuner moto tamiya black with a red cap and look at here. This is the one of the first electronic speed controller it.

Maybe it works, i don’t know and i don’t want to try at those times this kind of machines were very complicated and big. Look at this piece as part of the regulator of the esc. At those times the cost was a monster cost about uh, as if today you have to use uh 400 euros to buy one and they used to swamp in a in a minute. It was normal that you, you use it for 10 15 minutes. Then too, hard too cold. Something happens, Music burn out in this car we have the brass pinion little bit better, very, very basic models – and this is the body of the porsche look at here. Laughter, Music – and this was a spare body where the fruits of the loom t shirt logo very eighties, aaron vacher, as usually in deutsch and uh. This is how we have made our first very first step in rc, radio control, ward, i’m. Sorry to say this, but about 40 years ago, a little bit more 42 43 years ago from them to now a lot of fun but the radio. I have shown you before this radio. This is a sanba it’s, very good. All this was extremely expensive, so you have to decide very carefully what what to buy and when to buy. But this is the radio and you see that here we have a trim here we have a wheels that abner works very well with the sponge tire now it’s a little bit hard with a on off switch indicator of battery charge.

This was i don’t remember, but here you can adjust. Perhaps the response of the of the of the accelerator this is was just to partialize on off, so you have more or less. If i don’t remember well, it was for steering. This is the accelerator. You see a lot of, we have a lot of trims and so on, because here we have a trim here we have another trim here. We we have this stream to it was very, very all in metal here is for the quartz. This is the color of the frequency i used at those times. It was 26 27. Okay, here closing 27 all metal radio battery here inside. Let me see if i can open it um we need a tool, and here inside batteries, very great quality. Everything is heavy. Is uh unbreakable, Music, and this is the beginning in my rc career i love it. I don’t think i will never use them but uh. I hope you have enjoyed now. You know something new, perhaps comments like and subscribe to my channel. I was saying that me and my friend aldo we had a lot of fun, mainly at night after the work and Music, the parking lot. There was no tracks first times, and i remember one night in a very, very large park. We decided to be splitted because it was very easy to crash one into the other. So i went by one side and my friend by the other side, and we have made a very, very, very, very, very large circle.

We wanted to do a very a simple. Exactly a circular return back and when we arrived about here, one 100 150 meters far we crashed exactly in front one, each other. It was so much fun. We couldn’t keep on driving as we we were laughing this too mad. It was so stupid thing it’s impossible. So far, one by one side and we met exactly one – we smash it together, so we had a lot of fun and that’s why this cars are for me a piece of heart piece of heart, even if they are so bad, they are not, but we had Really a lot of fun, so this is all for my vintage video, very vintage video 40 years ago, then more than 40 years ago, this was the beginning and i’m very proud of this. I don’t think i would never make these cars work again because they are not so funny there’s a lot of work to do but there’s quite nothing. I need servos batteries and a lot of things. They are just a museum part just for museum. I hope you have enjoyed the video, even if i can’t show you the working moment and comments like and subscribe.