So some of the bigger faster stuff is occasionally going to take a little bit of a back seat, although i’m trying to get out there and film as much as possible, however, closer to home i’m, getting quite into these small crawlers at the minute. On the end. Here we have the hobby plus 124 scale. Four wheel drive crawler working headlights on that cracking little car just for around about 90 bucks. Here we have the 116 scale, rgt crawler, very, very competent. Indeed, this was only one. This was only beating up the climb ramp by the tx4 by just one degree on there, so that is very competent indeed just around about 140, but the bargain of the day that we’re going to be taking a look at today is the easy rc patreon 118 Scale rock crawler quite a bit to like about this completely ready to run. Does a p12 a very nice scale look got a little bit of a hint of toyota in there for sure. It also comes with working headlights. Just like these two permanent four wheel drive with lock diffs on there, and this comes with two batteries, so you should get plenty of runtime out of it and it also has internal bead lock, wheels i’ll, put a link to all three of these cars below the Video we’re going to test this outside at the end of the video and we’re, also going to put it on the climb board to see just how steeper slope the patreon crawler gets up and as ever, if you like what you see today, don’t forget to subscribe.

So let’s have a closer look at it then take it outside to test it. So what do we get for our money? Basic instruction manual, one usb charger one battery here, but it comes with two so i’m guessing we’ve got one in the car miniature wheel, spanner our transmitter on off, throttle brake, reverse, steering, steering, trim and throttle trim as well i’m assuming 4a batteries in the bottom and We’Re off and running anyway, i think it’s time we took a look at the patreon crawler. However, i did think it would be good to set it side by side against the rgt one 16th scale crawler. So you can see the difference in size, there’s to say it’s about another twenty dollars more than a patreon. Crawler is, however, this is far more hobby grade than this crawler is here, as i will explain in just okay. Well, it does have working headlights. It’S got a super scale. Look to it. The body is quite detailed. We’Ve got the snorkel mirrors wipers set led headlights on the top there luggage rack, as i did mention it’s got internal bead lock wheels on here. This could be quite a little good project. Car i’m thinking, if you prepare to put a bit of time into modifying it in most detail, even down to the ladder rack and the spare wheel on the back of the car and i’ll, get those lights fired up in a minute. But moving down the underside we’ve got a chassis mounted servo there’s, a safe four wheel, drive lock, diffs both front and rear all plastic at this price point, and that includes the ladder chassis run down.

The center we’ve got our motor tucked away in there and you can see our shocks and springs there, but they’re likely to be only friction ones. At this price point and if you’re wondering where all of the radio gear and how the electrics are, everything appears to be well tucked away behind the mud guards and the chassis guards underneath and you’re wondering how on earth did you get the battery in richie? So was i anyway, those electrics with a little bit of wiggling and jiggling. We get access to all of the electrics that’s, the top of our servo on here, our combined esc and receiver board here. You’Re thinking well, that’s exposed richie yeah, but you’ve got all this plastic. Protecting the underneath so you’re not going to be getting any water ingress in a hurry unless you go submerge with this thing, um getting into that compartment on there and that’s the other 7.4 volt battery 380 milliamps in there anyway time to get all the batteries sorted Out on the car and let’s test, this thing on the climb board then test it outside i’d. Also point out at this stage the car does come. Hopefully you can see it through there. Hopefully, you can sit through the side window there with a fully detailed scale. Interior both front and rear, so it’s only got the scale. Look of a toyota on the outside you’ve also got a fully detailed interior as well so it’s, quite a nice looking thing, but will it be any good on the climb board? Okay time for the climb board test, i’ve tried 45 degrees, wasn’t liking that so i dropped it down to 43 now so it’s.

How we get on, and here we’re going to inch up there on that. I think, but that’s on its absolute limit lifting the inside wheel up there that is going to get up there on 43 degrees anyway time to test it in the real world. But i would point out a drag break on. It is pretty good welcome to the outdoor test of the patreon crawler with its working lights. Well, the patreon crawler’s got working lights all round which come on when you reverse indicators, when you turn, which is pretty neat both at the rear and at the front. Not only the indicators work, but you also get working headlights, but only when the car’s moving forwards. Quite neat at this price point: okay, well, i’ve been testing it out on the looser surface. Well, it’s got good articulation along this over the bumps. It doesn’t particularly like the wet loose surface, yet it’s, making fairly short work of the rocks along the wall. Although that could be a bridge too far. Is that gon na be yeah? I can see what it’s catching on. Can i get it round yep, so more competent than it looks, however, on this looser stuff with it being wet and the tar’s been wet, it was not particularly liking this earlier on, and it digs itself in well with smaller diameter tires in a wet don’t seem To like this kind of looser terrain on here, but then typically this isn’t, the kind of stuff that you’ll be taking the crawler over well it’s doing better over this than i thought it might.

It is quite lightweight which probably gives that battery life battery a really long life and the articulation on the thing is not bad. I would say, is it odd question, though? Is it hobby grade or not? I think it’s a good first rc crawler but and it’s not doing badly at all over this doing better than i thought it would do. But let me know your thoughts in the comment section well in terms of this descending capability. Going down about a 35 degree. Slope here, without too much worry at all, slow it down slightly by nut of him we’ll fill shocks on there pretty good turning radius, though, and on full speed, actually motors up there without any problem, he says. So what do we think of the easy rc patreon? 118 scale crawler, i would say hand on her it’s, not what people are necessarily going to say hobby grade, however, but would say it punched above its weight, 43 degrees up. The climb board was not too bad at all outside in real world terrain. It doesn’t do too badly at all sure when the toes were wet. It didn’t, like those loose wood chips didn’t like crawling over that at all, be quite honest on that, but over rocks boulders and things like that. The turrets seem to grip quite well and the fact it’s got a very nice scale. Look and working lights, plus internal bead, lock wheels indicate somebody has put a bit of thought into the design of this car it’s very lightweight, indeed uh.

Well, it doesn’t have oil dampers in there it’s, just like a friction damper on there. The handling of the thing, the handling of the thing, is better than i thought, but to come back to the hobby grade thing i would say for spending an extra 30 more. You can get this rgt crawler from banggood as well, and this thing will go up like 50 degrees. Very, very impressed with this indeed also comes with working headlights, and this is most definitely a hobby grade. Car anyway, i’ll put a link to both of them below the video. I would say this is good starter, rc crawler, but if you want in more of a hobby grade, one to start out with then go for this rgt one anyway. I hope you like that. Like to keep these reviews as honest as possible, now today’s video did feature slower cars in it, but tomorrow’s, oh, i think we’re going to be going quite a bit faster, well thumbs up.